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  1. ok - thank you for all your help and advice - the learning curve is steepening all he time but that is the fun. take care now in these strange times and thank you
  2. hahaha - and there i was thinking - wow - genius level . Zermelo - thank you for taking the time to do that for me - most appreciated. Out of interest how do you carry and/or store our telescopes?
  3. thats really helpful - thank you for doing this for me - much appreciated. out of interest - how did you know/work this out? I've been searching on the internet but couldn't find anything.
  4. Thank you to everyone who offered me advice on a new telescope purchase. At the end of all the research and discussions I have gone for now with the discovery p150i wifi - it best suits my starting needs - taking into account what people said about my competing needs I am now thinking about what to store it in so that it is safe in my car and on our motorhome travels - what do people use - soft bags or aluminium cases? I'm a newbie to all of this so am testing the waters so to speak - having made a lot of my outdoor gear over the years - i did wonder about making a carry bag.
  5. thank you everyone for all your comments - i think I am still leaning towards the star discovery 150i wifi as a starter scope for now but take on board the getting of a new pair of binoculars and some good books - I've started with turn left at orion - fascinating stuff. thank you everyone for all your help - most appreciated.
  6. horses for courses I guess - at a later date that may be so for me - but i also need to take into account that my wife will be with me as well. initially I think the goto approach will be best and then as and when i can alter things as my knowledge grows. the idea of having a dual decoder as well - was i thought to allow me to sort of move across to finding things myself but i think i may have got myself very confused.
  7. thanks everyone - feeling slightly confused and overwhelmed so i need to simplify this considerably - i think that the astrophotography goes for now and i focus on the visual. As long as I can get the scope in and out of the motorhome ok then that will be fine. i'd be happy seeing the moon, planets and some dso's, nebulae and galaxies mixtures . i understand that spending money on upgrading eyepieces would be sensible and a decent barlow lens. I know it makes sense to get some form of power pack as well. As to which scope and mount, I'm no further forward in my thinking - as a complete b
  8. thanks all of you - your advice is really helpful - interestingly other combinations have popped up on other forums and in discussions with members of various astronomical societies and specialist retailers - which does leave me confused more. I'm thinking that the astrophotography takes a back seat for a while and that I aim for a decent visual experience first. I am sort of looking at repeat recommendations on this forum - which is very helpful. Thanks for all your help - appreciated.
  9. Hi everyone - have been researching about telescopes for a beginner new to astronomy. Have done reading, consulted various forums and local astronomy societies and am now sort of stuck and would appreciate further help. i'm looking for a beginner telescope that will give a good visual experience and the prospect of attaching my canon 800D dslr for some moon, planet shots. I'd also like to be able to see some DSO as well with the same scope - nebulae etc. I want it to be fairly portable as it will be accompanying me on motorhome trips as well as in the car to different sites. I would prefer it
  10. Hello. I'm Steve and I am just starting to dip my toes into astronomy, having recently retired. I am about to enrol on an online GCSE astronomy course and also with some free online OU units. I am looking to buy my first telescope and have a budget of around £550 and that is to include any accessory upgrades that might be required. Initially I will be into visual but at a later stage moving into imaging as well. I am interested in both planetary and DSO as well. I would like to get a telescope that is good for beginners but one that would grow with me as I progress a little. I have
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