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  1. Hi, just a basic question, but interested to hear and reviews or advice. I was looking at going with either a Saxon HEq5 Pro vs Saxon AZ-EQ6 GT mount. The telescope to be going onto it would be the Sky Rover ULT 115 ED Glass Triplet 115mm APO Refractor Telescope Plus also possibly the addition of a Canon SLR camera. Would both mounts be perfectly capable and well suited of this setup, or is one going to be better suited more than the other? I have done a bit of researching around on the two, the Saxon HEq5 Pro seams popular and is gear driven bu the Saxon AZ-EQ6 GT is belt driven but no so much review information on it. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks. Peter.
  2. I have just been through this exact process with my Skywatcher Explorer 250P, so exactly the same, mine was a bit worse as i took the secondary completely out. Have you got a empty film canister? I found this made it easier for myself. I used the Cheshire get the secondary square to the focuser first, should end up looking like a nice round circle dead centre when looking through the Cheshire. Then tighten up the centre screw, using the film canister, drill a small hole in the cap and cut the bottom off, then looking through the small hole in the canister cap, adjust the 3 screws until you can see the primary mirror clips in the secondary mirror, keep adjusting until all mirror clips are viewed nice and even. Then put the cheesier back in and adjust the primary screws until the centre mark in the primary lines up with the centre of the Cheshire cross. Should then spot on. At least this is what i did in the end and worked spot on for myself.
  3. Thanks for the reply, I was looking to get a full set, 28, 18, 9, 6.5 4.5 mm and possibly the 3.5 mm wide angle I was told that they would be extremely good in the refractor i was looking at.
  4. Thanks for the replies, appreciated. Yes the Saxon Cielo HD rage is the same range as the Celestron X-Cel line. I was mainly interested to hear what they compare to the Tele Vue eyepieces in the Refractor. I don't really want to get a lesser quality eyepiece for the Refractor if my Tele Vue eyepieces are better performers.
  5. Hi, sorry for yet another post question, I am also looking to move into a dedicated imaging, planetary scope. I was hoping to find out some information regaring the Saxon Cielo HD 1.25" ED Eyepieces I am looking at the Sky Rover ULT 115 ED Glass Triplet 115mm APO Refractor Telescope The current eyepieces that i have are: Tele Vue Delos 10mm Baader Hyperion 5mm Wide angle eyepiece What i am hoping to find out is, how do my two eye pieces compare the the Saxon eyepieces in this telescope. I realise this might be a broad question, but i am trying to find out if i go with this telescope, am i better of with my eye pieces or will it perform better with the Saxon eyepieces. Any advice or information would be appreciated. Thanks.
  6. A lot of good information here. I realise they are a big unit and anything near Zenith is going to require something to stand on. Moving them in and out isn't a issue as i have a trolley system already setup complete with feet to get it level, so don't have to lift it anywhere. I might have to keep an eye out in the for sale sections for a bit to see what comes up. Haven't really seen much here in Australia apart from Skywatcher brands, but mainly going to be used for nebulae and deep sky viewing. Good information to think about though. Appreciated.
  7. Thanks for the replies, Just thought i would ask the question as i wasn't too sure what else was out there. Just looking to move up into a larger version and was looking to see if there was a different option. Sounds like to get premium mirrors that size is quiet a leap in price wise and not that much more of a gain for the huge price change. Appreciated. Thanks.
  8. Hi Geoff, Yes got the GoTo issues sorted out, was the bottom motor unit that was faulty right from the factory. Took months to sort out, but had some very good views with it for sure, had a few colimation issues also from factory, but all sorted now.
  9. Hi, I am guessing this may have many different opinions and reviews, but would still like to ask the question to see what everyone's thoughts on this would be. I am looking to upgrade from my 10 inch Skywatcher Dobsonian GoTo mount to a 16 inch Dobsonian Mainly looking to keep with the Dobsonians as i have read many times that they give better optical views or planetary objects and deep space as well, Please correct me if i am wrong here. So what i have been told is that Skywatcher Dobsonians don't have the best optics in them, kind of built to a price, is this correct? I was hoping to find out some information on what would be a good 16 inch dobsonian to move into, but at the same time i like to have the GoTo setup or something simular so that i can say view Jupiter and not have to keep bumping the scope around. With my current 10 inch GoTo, i can have it locked onto Jupiter and it will track it pretty well. So is this correct about Skywatcher optics? or just is there better options out there? I was looking to go to a Skywatcher Cassergrain 180, The started to look at the celestron c14 ( bit costly though) But think a 16 inch Dobsonian would be a better option now for planetary and deep space. Any advice or inputs would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  10. I am hoping i read your question right, \It might be a bit basic, but is what i found worked for myself. I have a 10 inch Dobsonian, For myself to get a full view of the whole moon i found the 25mm gave me the full moon in the eye piece with a little room to spare. I have found i need what they call moon filters to view the moon due to the brightness of it. But for the planets i use what is called a baader neodymium ir-cut filter, found this gave a good crisp image of Jupiter and Saturn. It is not the cheapest filter, but one i managed to pick up at a good price a good while ago. Eye piece for planets i found 10 mm was good, if seeing is great you can go with a barlow. I like the Tele Vue Delos eyepieces, but they are not the cheapest, see how you go with the two supplied eye pieces first.
  11. Hi, sorry for jumping in on the back of this thread, I hope it is ok. What upgrades would you recommend for the 180? I have seen a video where they mention swapping that 90 degree view finder out for a better one ( sorry can't think of the correct name for it right now ) And also another option was to swap out the eyepiece holder for a fine tune adjustment version ( again can't think if what they are called ) Would appreciate any replies on what people think is worth upgrading or just leave as it is. What mount would you recommend for it also if used for both visual and imaging EQ6 ? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks.
  12. The shorter focal length looks more user friendly, but looking at more of something you don't have to design and build like in the last photo. I guess it is finding a happy spot in between how tall you want the Dobsonians, i think around 16 inches would be getting near the limit without needing a ladder.
  13. Thanks for relies, pretty well answers most of my long questions. It was appreciated. Thanks.
  14. Just out of curiosity, was the image that you got from this 120 Ed refractor much smaller that that from the Dobsonian, or are the image sizes all about the same size regardless of the size of the telescope, So roughly, the image size from the 120 Ed refractor is about the same size you see though the 10 inch or 16 inch dobsonian?
  15. Sorry for my last post, kind of got some answers while i was typing this one out. I am looking to move to a 16 inch Dobsonian for the more DSO, but then also wanted just a dedicated planetary scope aswell. Good to know that a lot of replies are suggesting that my current 10 inch Dobsonian might be better than what i was looking to more over to in regards to planetary viewing.
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