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  1. Yes, i first thought that also and them thought that GSO might of been a cheaper version of the StellaLyra. But after emailing them about it, it is definitely the correct price, they are one of the better deal places we have here.
  2. Looks like a nice setup and also interesting looking at the link for the carbon truss setup version. I don't know if there is much of a differance between brands, but i see the one you linked to was a StellaLyra version, I can get GSO version of the same thing for around £770 less. Now that seams like a lot, but is the GSO brand a lot cheaper? The site is not the best to navigate through, But i just scrolled down and selected Guan Sheng Optical Then it was just not far from the top of the page if interested. http://www.andrewscom.com.au/optical-telescopes
  3. Thanks for the replies, appreciated. Yes, forgot to mention the imaging camera i would be using, apologies for that. It is the ZWO ASI224MC A C14 would be great, but i have heard a lot of mixed review in regards to that scope, it appears that it is a 50 50 ratio if you get a good one or a bad one. But always open to advice. The StellaLyra 8" f/12 M-LRS Classical Cassegrain as mentioned looks to be interesting option also.
  4. Hi, Just after some advise on what your thoughts are on the Skywatcher 180/2700 maksutov for planetary imaging? It will me mounted on a Skywatcher AZ/EQ6 mount and all driven from a laptop. I currently have a Skywatcher 16" Dobsonian with goto and also a Skywatcher Evostar 150ED I am basically just looking for a good dedicated planetary scope for imaging the planets and have read some good reports on the Skywatcher 180/2700 maksutov but there is not much talk really on them. Are they a good scope for this or would i be better looking at something else? I am using th
  5. Thanks for the replies and advise. I will be definitely looking in those books mentioned, also was told to have a look at a book called The deep-sky imaging primer second edition by Charles Bracken https://www.amazon.com/Deep-sky-Imaging-Primer-Second/dp/0999470906/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=The+Deep-sky+Imaging+Primer&qid=1610074674&s=books&sr=1-1 I have modified my DLSR ( Canon 600D ) and letter on down the track will possibly be looking at a dedicated cooled camera. But first i think it is going to be taking a look at those books. Appreciated.
  6. Hi, a bit of a broad question i know, but just looking for somewhere to get me started for now. I want to get into astrophotograhpy and with that i am interested in the DSO, so galaxies, nebular, that sort of area. So i am basically just looking for some general advise on what sort of scope to go for at the moment. I currently have at the moment the scopes i have are a Skywatcher 150ED Evostar and also a Skywatcher 16" Dobsonian I was originally planning to use the 150ED Evostar for DSO but have been advised that this isn't really the best scope for doing this with, so
  7. Hi, I was just interested to know if anyone knows of a usb plug in type gps dongle that i can use in EQMOD ? I basically am thinking about getting an accurate gps setting for the EQMOD And looking at the site section in EQMOD, there is a satellite dish ican there, if i click on it it tells me to attach a gps so that EQMOD can then input the date from that. Hope that all makes sense. Just having a few dramas that i am trying to sort out in EQMOD, and i think by doing this, it could eliminate at least one of them Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.
  8. Thanks, appreciate the replies. Makes sense now that you mentioned it that way, and didn't look at the FLO site. Might have to take a look at that site for some other information, just don't use that site as it is more costly shipping wise for myself being international. Thanks again for the replies, Appreciated.
  9. Hi, just a very basic question i am sure and no doubt a bit silly for asking, but have to ask anyway. With the ZWO Cameras, in the box you get the camera with it lens attached and also a nose piece separate, plus cables Now from what i have read and seen, it appears that you unscrew the lens that come attached to the camera and then install the nose piece. This then allows you to attach the camera to you scopes eyepiece holder. I think i have everything right so far? Now the question is, what would you generally use the lens for that comes attached to the
  10. Thanks for the advice, yet to use PhD2 yet, just been watching some youtube videos on it actually. But i take it the other option, the ZWO ASI290mm MC Mini, This gives a Imaging / guiding ratio of 1:3.87 This would be a better pick of the two for my setup?
  11. Hi, i am just about to make the move into guiding. I am hoping someone might be able to advise me if my current selection is a good match. My main scope is a Skywatcher Evostar 150ED, Focal Length 1200mm Imaging camera is a ZWO ASI224MC Guide scope is a Orion 60mm Guide scope, Focal Length 240mm The guide camera that i was looking at is a ZWO ASI120mm MC Mini Using the astronomy.tools calculator, it gives me a Imaging/ guiding ratio of 1:5 The other option was the ZWO ASI290mm MC Mini This gives a Imaging / guiding ratio of 1:3.87 I am al
  12. Ok, so i don't need their ASIStudio. But a yes and a no for ASCOM, Haven't figured out what ASCOM dose technically, but just sounds like in simple terms, a translator for programs, Kind of let s different programs all work together.
  13. HI, I have a ZWO ASI224MC Camera on the way. I plan to run it through the program called FireCapture. I am also going to be running it on Windows 10 and a Laptop. I have just been looking through the ZWO Site and it tells me i need to download their Software drivers. So do i take it i need to download what they refer to ASI Cameras V3.0.0.11 ( This is under their Native drivers ) Do I need to install their ASIStudio ( Under Software ) Do i need to install their ASCOM Platform ( under ASCOM Drivers ) I do i just only need to install the fir
  14. Sorry, got that administrator part sorted out, Yes, works like a charm now, thanks heaps. A tad weird that you have to open it that way, but it works. Appreciated.
  15. Hi, Thanks for the reply, I will give it a try, First of i will have to figure out how to run it as Administrator. I have it set as an icon on my home page screen, so i just click on that and it runs. Will look into what you mentioned, sounds like you could be onto something.
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