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  1. All joking aside, Heather has definitely exaggerated the work I did (which was mainly me saying "yes, that's a good idea") *and* my technical knowledge, while taking little credit for all the effort she put into it! It is a great list that Don compiled and it's nice to share it with everyone here.
  2. Please let us know if you spot any errors that Heather might have made!
  3. Love it Heather, will you make me one?
  4. Just checking, does it come with the mount? Only asking 'cos it's not in the picture. Thanks... Nevermind, I actually read the title of the Ad this time!
  5. Managed to get out for an hour these last two nights, and found a couple of things on the list, and some not on it. Fristly, two nights ago, I found Nova Cass 2021, easy enough to find with the directions on here. Just a faint star really but nice to have seen it! I had a look for a few nebulae, like the Crab and Little Dumbbell, but my skies weren't dark enough. I did get to see C39, the Eskimo Nebula. It was a faint circular smudge, like an out of focus star (but it wasn't that though!). Last night I started with ISS, as my phone beeped an alert as I was starting. It was low,
  6. Excellent, thanks for the update Zermelo, I appreciate it. Hope it works a bit smoother for you over time.
  7. It was clear for a little while last night, so I got out for about 40 minutes. There were some clouds moving around, but between them was really sharp and clear, not like my previous night when it was hazy. First thing first, I had a look at the moon, the terminator line was a great place to focus on. Was blown away by the clarity and detail with the new scope and the BSTs. The 8mm showed so much sharp detail. Even my daughter's reaction was 'What the hell, it's so close!' For the craic my wife took a pic with her smartphone, and it's not too bad for what it is. Some quick searching on a
  8. Thanks Heather! Great to get out again. I've had a look at the next 25 in the Winter Marathon and most of them are still visible (in terms of their position in the sky etc.) so I should be ok to try that list out once the skies clear again...
  9. First Light for my Exploter 150P. The forecast promised clear skies last night so at around 9:30 or so I got my new setup out the back garden and left it to cool a bit. It was kind of hazy clear skies, but I hoped it would improve. When I got out half an hour later or so, it hadn't really. It wasn't cloudy as such, but it definitely wasn't great seeing. But I couldn't resist finally trying out my new setup. First thoughts were the tripod/mount is very steady, a big improvement on my previous one. It took a little while to get used to the new locations of the slow motion controls
  10. Yeah, there's definitely a chance it will still arrive, especially with how things are at the moment! I just got a little impatient and decided to look into other options. If it does arrive, and it fits, it'll quickly replace the one I cobbled together. But if it doesn't arrive there's no way I'm accepting a reimbursement, it's not your fault it didn't make it through the post! I'm really looking forward to trying it out, I think it's a great size and like you say, perfect for a one scope setup. I've been so anxious to try it out that I even had the OTA under my arm looking at
  11. Not quite from the postman, but the final part in my mid-life crisis upgrade! After getting a second hand Meade Field Tripod, then an almost brand new Skywatcher AZ5 Mount (thanks @Dean Hale) I also splashed out on a new Skywatcher 150P OTA, luckily finding it in a shop in Austria that still had pre-price rise prices. All that was missing was a 3/8 bolt to connect the AZ5 mount to the Meade Tripod. @wookie1965 very kindly donated me one that might do that job, but after over 2 weeks it still hasn't arrived, so I fear that's lost in the post. A few days ago I started working on plan B
  12. Welcome to SGL! I started with the StarQuest 130p, it's a great scope! I just upgraded to a 150P explorer, but that was more to do with a mid life crisis/retail therapy then any issues with the scope. I got lots of great advice on here (and still do!). I upgraded to BSTs, I eventually went with a 25mm, 12mm and 8mm. I had looked at other ones (like the 5mm), but I decided that would be a little overkill. For example, with the 5mm and the 130P, you'd get 130x magnification. However, another good upgrade is a Barlow lens, as that effectively doubles the options for each eye piece. A
  13. Yep, I found it helpful to check the primary first. Like I said, it seemed to work for me, and hopefully a star test will confirm that.
  14. Thanks for all the replies everyone, I appreciate it. I do believe I have a collimated telescope. I went with the Gary Seronik guide (thanks @Tiny Clanger!) as I found it very easy to follow. My Cheshire has a collimation cap built in, but when you unscrew it (so you can use it as just a cap, without the whole Cheshire tube) it's too big for the focuser tube. So I attached it to a tube from my Barlow (after removing the Barlow lens of course) and that worked perfectly. The next issue was I was finding it hard to spot the hole in the cap in the refection, so I decided to make it easi
  15. That said, I love Edinburgh, so maybe I'll just bring it to you!
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