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  1. Hi guys. Please tell me if collimation is required for the celestron 9.25 edge HD after using the hyper star system( after putting back the secondary mirror in its place ). Or it holds its collimation.? Thanks In advance for help :)
  2. Hi everyone I am planning to buy the explorer scientific ED140 FPL53 140mm f/6.5 . But can't find enough review or image captured by it. I am planning to use it with the ZWOASI 294MC PRO and the ioptron cem60 mount. Plz can you guys tell me if this is a good setup to go with and if possible plz. Plz send me photos captured using that scope. Thanks in advance.
  3. I tried doing it manually but it made it worse. Thus need a laser one.
  4. Hello everyone. I need a little help. I have got a skywatcher 10" goto Dobsonian telescope. And now I need an collimator tool for it. Which laser collimator should I get. It a f4.5 scope. Plz suggest
  5. I am making a controller for my old celestron cg4 mount I have its original motor attached but don't know whether its bi-polar or a uni- polar. Can someone plz tell me ?. And i also need help in programming an aurdino for it. Thanks in advance Abhishek
  6. If you are on Instagram can you plz message me and tell the process of making one ? My account:- Photobook.Abhishek Plz
  7. Sorry a little correction its a celestron cg4 mount as it was given to me i didn't know exactly which mount is it until now.
  8. I have an old eq 3/2 with motor's and the thing is i have lots its controller and the motor is not working since then. So can someone help me with the coding needed for the aurdino to control the motor ? Plz help if any body can. Thanks in advance
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