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  1. Let me know how you get on. I’ve also got a house in front of my one inch telescope so don’t think the extension would work for me. im waiting for Mars to rise at a civil hour.
  2. I have the same lower lip observatory problem only I have one ninth of a 9.25” sct available to use. Essentially I’ve spent £1500 on a one inch telescope. Great shots by the way. jarvo
  3. Thanks all. I’ll let you know what I go for and post a review. jarvo
  4. Getting some excellent results from that Mak.
  5. Hello fellow Stargazers. Sadly I am a reluctant solo traveller these days following the passing of my beloved Wife last year. To stay vaguely sane I had invested my time in travel before everything went South. I’ve been lucky enough to visit a few places on or South of the Equator where I have been fortunate to view the southern skies (There’s nothing better than seeing the whole of Scorpius high in the sky without any sky glow or rooftops). I have a little Celestron Travelscope which has alway punched above its weight and it will get replaced but not yet. The only thing that lets it down is the abysmal tripod that has the constitution of a butter stick on a hot day. I think you know what I’m after. Can I get some recommendations (and piccies if you can be bothered ) from you lot for a decent tripod. It must collapse down to fit into hold luggage and be stronger than butter Help and advise always warmly welcomed. Best regards, stay safe and clear skies Jarvo
  6. This is an interesting question. I have a 2.5 x power mate and a 3 element 2x apochromatic Barlow. The best results I’ve had are with the Barlow which I was surprised at because I have a complete blind devotion for all that is green and black.
  7. Or is it me? Anyway, skipped to the observatory tonight wondering whether I could see our new best friend from the comfort of my Man Cave Absolutely no chance. I ended up back at the bedroom window with the iPhone and the ProCam app. (clouds weren’t cooperating either). I can’t get enough of this Comet. Don’t know about everyone else. Loving everyone’s contributions too This this only the 3rd naked eye comet I’ve seen (Hale-Bopp best ever followed by the weird Holmes) so long may it remain. Thanks for looking. Jarvo
  8. I love this image. Not over processed Looks really natural. Less is more
  9. I does make a surprising difference to the overall balance of the set up. I am also paranoid it going to drop out of the diagonal due to the height of the new OTA. I keep checking the tightness
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