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  1. Hi Hamey. I had the same problem you essentially have two options 1) get in touch with your stockist and get replacement rings almost certainly via OVL. I did this and they swapped the with minimum fuss and the new ones are fine. Alternatively you can line the existing rings with adhesive Velcro. I’d go with the first option. You’ve spent a lot of dosh on your scope. Let’s know how you get on.
  2. Jarvo

    First Deep Sky M42

    Both are really good. Second one shows how much data is hidden beneath the surface. Nice work
  3. Jarvo

    First attempt at M42 with AZ goto, mak127

    Like that. Love the colours in the second image. Well done.
  4. Hi again. So I wondered what would happen if I just processed the darks and the nebula filtered lights. The results are below and clearly seem to show light pollution was the problem . Nebula filter seems a good pollution filter as well. Thanks again Guys !
  5. Guys thanks for the feedback. Just been looking at the RAW data on the camera and the lights are just as light but the ones taken through the nebula filter are darker so it does look like Light Pollution is most likely culprit. Next question will be can I remove LP in post processing. I’ll do a bit of digging. Off to the filter shop! Thanks again Steve
  6. Hi all. Need your lovely help please. Below is the first stacked image with the new Esprit 100ED (only the second light since I took delivery of it). I've got some imaging issues to resolve. Main one is the background colour - I can't get a perfect black - when I change the levels its too grainy. I've got some subtle detail in there which give me encouragement with regards to the potential for the scope. Some technical detail for your consideration: 39 frames - 36 mins in total (mostly ISO800 /60") plus 5 darks. 10 were taken through an Televue nebula filter, the rest unfiltered. Olympus DSLR. Stacked (only) in DSS. Levels / Curves / Colours tweaked in GIMP. Wondering if it's light pollution? Leeds is getting gradually worse. Would an LPR filter help? Other things to resolve include stars a bloated and the tracking was a little bit out but I can work through these as part of the learning curve. Any feedback will be gladly welcome. Thanks for looking and helping. Steve
  7. Jarvo

    M31 LRGB

    That’s amazing Mike. Love the detail. One for my list if the clouds ever clear. What kit you using for that level of detail? Jarvo
  8. Jarvo

    Tis the season !

    Hi all. Took the opportunity to install these bad boys in the Observatory today. Finally gives me some decent ambient lighting. Looks like I should be ready for the show ! Thanks for looking. Jarvo
  9. Jarvo

    Synscan GoTo issues

    Thanks James. I’ll come back to you Steve
  10. Jarvo

    Synscan GoTo issues

    Hi James - answers below If your polar alignment is WAY off, and there is a delay between doing a star alignment and using the GOTO the targets could have moved. Polar alignment is pretty goo - go a polar finder scope in the EQ5 What is the focal length of your scope? If it is over 1000mm, and/or you are using a high power eye piece, then it isn't uncommon for the target to be out of the field of view. It has been a Mak i.e. 1400mm .Aligned with an illuminated Reticle. I see what you are saying but no the scope doesn't even point in the right area of the sky How accurately are you doing your star alignment? Are you using a high power eye piece to really centre the target stars and ending with an up and right move on the key pad to do the final centering? Are you 100% sure you are centring on the stars the handset is suggesting? Yep and yep How bady off is the GOTO accuracy? as I say its not even pointing in the right direction - sometimes its starts aiming at the floor Have you turned on the advanced filter on the handset for alignment stars? I would do that and I would only ever do a three star alignment.- Haven't come across the advanced filter option on the handset - will take a look Are your clutches tight? Yep - Scope tracks perfectly Is the balance on the kit as good as you can get it? Yep What scope is it? Is there mirror flop? It the Mak 150mm from Skywatcher Are you adding any kit to the set up after you have done a star alignment?nope Daft question, but are you using the same scope to do your alignment and to use your GOTO? No such thing as a daft question but yes same scope. Jar
  11. Iwols - just been outside to measure - its 72 cms with the 2" diagonal installed. Its so lovely and compact Do I sense a letter being penned to Santa ? Jarvo
  12. Jarvo

    Synscan GoTo issues

    Goto David
  13. Hi All, has anyone ever purchased the Synscan EQ5 conversion kit. I purchased one last December and its never worked from day one correctly. It tracks perfectly and I'm convinced mechanically its sound. Theres no issue with the setting up , tried one, two and three star alignment, polar accuracy is ok. Wondering if theres a glaringly obvious fix someone knows about because sometimes the scope is pointing to the floor Thanks for looking. Jarvo
  14. Indeed I did iwols. Just updated the thread

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