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  1. Hi All, I've been waiting ages for these to come into stock with various suppliers and mine finally arrived on Friday. I got mine from Harrison Telescopes (Great service. Very prompt. Ordered it, got it the next day via Fedex). It's such a gorgeous piece of kit, from the overall build to the lovely green livery that matches my scopes mount. (Yes my scopes are now colour matched !). In your hand it feels solid and is so beautifully engineered in all the right places. Right down to the nylon tipped screws in the guide scope- Lovely touch. I've yet to set it up on the Esprit 100 but I can't wait to connect it up and start playing. Was reading through a detailed thread about its ability to be used as a small travel scope. I had a play around and managed to get focus (just) on a terrestrial target with the accompanying spacer ring but couldn't get anywhere near with the standard Skywatcher diagonal. Not an issue for me as it is to be used as a guide scope and no, I'm not going to start sawing bits off. For now I'll be trying to master the dark art of auto guiding and I'll be using my QHYIII 290C for guiding along with PHD2 on my laptop. Anyway, we all enjoy a good unboxing so here goes ! Thanks for looking. Jarvo
  2. Evening everyone. The Owl Nebula is one of my favourite objects and is one of the first to be imaged by my new telescope. 45 x 60"s of Data @ ISO800 stacked in DSS. Olympus DSLR Esprit 100 ED Telescope OIII filter I love the fact it actually looks like an owl and I'm chuffed you can seen the resemblence in this unguided image over a brief 45 minutes. My trusty little Olympus has a neat Noise Reduction feature on it which I used. It takes a bit longer in the field but I don't need to have darks. (I know we are meant to use dark frames but they never process well in DSS for me.) I took me loads of attempts in DSS to get something I was happy with. In the end I got rid of the Dark Frames and ended up with a 5% Star detection rate. Think I'm going to continue to add data to this (I saw a post earlier with data gathered over a 2 year period on M51. Inspiration indeed). Thanks for looking Jarvo
  3. Loving the colour. Never tire of seeing this object. Fantastic work. Jarvo
  4. That Galaxy’s brilliant. They’re all good. If I could manage any of them I’d be chuffed too. Well done. Jarvo
  5. Evening everyone. I am looking for advice or recommendations from everyone for a high magnification eyepiece for my Esprit 100ED . I'd prefer Televue (Slave to the green and black) and either a Nagler, Delos or Ethos. The focal length being 550mm means there is not much scope (Ha! - I'm here all week folks) when it comes to the focal length of the eyepiece. Theoretical magnifications is approx 150x so we are looking at 3.5 mm max but I'm wondering if anyone has experience with a 3.5mm or if a 4.5mm or 5mm works better on the Esprit in the real world and not on paper. And yes I know its billed as an astrograph but I am having a lot of fun with it visually. (Beehive was awesome in it last night!) All views and recommendations warmly received. Many thanks Steve
  6. Ok so I’ve done two things now. Added the additional counterweight tit eg EQ5 and balanced it and the telescope. I did a 3 star alight in the late afternoon using Vega first followed by Deneb and finally Capella. They all seemed to be pointing in the general area of where the Stars should be. I then went back to Vega and the scope looked to be pointed back in the same direction. I’ll need to do another alignment in the night. Wondering if the additional counterweight may be the answer. Jarvo
  7. Guys what a fabulous set of responses. Thank you so much. Vlaiv - I’ll be using a QHY111 290C coupled with the Skywatcher 50mm guidescope I’ll be buying (when stock is available). I’ll be using a laptop and PHD guiding software. Right that’s the auto guiding sorted just need to fix the Goto issues Thanks again Steve
  8. Agree with what the Guys are saying. It’s barely bigger than Uranus at the moment so unless yours scopes a biggy you won’t see much. If you increase the magnification you should see a disk but at the expense of any detail. Jarvo
  9. Thanks for the prompt reply. I’ll feedback. Wish me luck
  10. Ok so I’m back on with my mount issues tonight and am seeking help from you lovely folk. My question is this. Can I auto guide with an EQ 5 pro mount with the go to conversation kit fitted? There is an auto guide port on the SynScan hand controller. The mount tracks well for short exposures (no more than a minute) but for longer exposures and to do justice to the Esprit I’m going to want to auto guide. Or do I scrap it all and get a mount with an auto guide port. Thanks in advance for any advice Folks Jarvo
  11. Been unable to look into this recently but wondering if it is worthwhile reinstalling the firmware on the handset? Steve
  12. Hi James. Apologies for the delay coming back to you on this but I’d like to resurrect this and replicate you test this weekend. Think im being a bit dim here but how do I do the 3 star alignment during the day without the stars ? Steve
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