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  1. Guys - You are all stars - thanks for the responses very helpful. I'll post an update once I've made my decision. Thanks again ! Steve
  2. Hi All, It's been a while and somethings eating me up. I've got a 6" Mak which I love and will never part with. My dilemma is this. Jupiter's starting to sink, Saturns below the observable bottom lip of my Observatory and Mars is some way off its best. The Mak, let's be honest, ain't that good on Deep Sky stuff so I'm looking at my options. I'd love a Triplet but can't afford (won't pay) the asking price. A Dob is out because the central pillar in the observatory hampers having one. Which leaves me with a Doublet refractor. I want one that is at least the diameter of the Mak (6" / 150 mm) and the ones I'm looking at from Bresser and Explore Scientific are both short focal length refractors and in the £500-£600 category. Has anyone compared the two types of scope? There is an extra inch from not having the central spot on the Mak which I presume increases the detail / resolution but is it noticeable? I'm expecting some Chromatic Aberration. But as its going to be for Deep Sky objects, this shouldn't be too much of an issue. I think its worth the punt. I'll get some nice wide field views of some Deep sky stuff. If anyone has had a direct comparison I'd be interested to hear their views likewise any good or bad points or feedback from real users would help. Cheers all and Merry Christmas Steve
  3. Jarvo

    Titan, that would be an acceptable catch!

    I can't believe us amateurs are actually discussing teasing out detail on Titan. Shows how far the hobby has come. Cracking images by the way. Cassini should be jealous jarvo
  4. I found Venus this evening with the binoculars relatively easily but couldn't train the scope on it do to its location. Crescent was prominent. Tried to get an iPhone shot through the binos through realised I was getting a little desperate so I stopped to preserve what little dignity I had left
  5. Greetings for the day lovely forum members. Was keen to see if I could get another shot of Venus this afternoon before it gets swallowed up by the Sun later this week. Went out at 15:00 and managed to catch Venus in the 10 x 50 Binoculars after a careful sweep making sure the Sun was tucked safely behind the shed. The crescent was very prominent and a joy to see (first time I've seen the phase so skinny!). Looking at the literature around at the moment the crescent is around 2%. All stacked in the usual way via Registax and processed in Photoshop. After recording the AVIs i took some time for some traditional observing of Venus. The image was getting a bit wishy washy but still fascinating to watch. I took the liberty of snapping the eyepiece view through the i-phone as well ans the main camera so newbies and old hands alike can see the comparison - the eyepiece used was a 6mm Japanese Orthoscopic I've have since I started this hobby many years ago. Might not get many more opportunities before inferior conjunction. Thanks for looking Jarvo
  6. Jarvo

    The moons of Jupiter!

    Simply stunning. Callisto looks lovely. Jarvo
  7. Jarvo

    3% Crescent Venus!

    Evening all, managed to nab Venus during the afternoon in both Binoculars and the Finder scope so I couldn't resist firing up the laptop. Venus is big enough now to see the crescent in the binoculars although its clearer in the day due to the lack of glare (took a peek tonight and it wasn't as clear though that may be my ageing eyes). Was doing a bit of research in one of the popular astronomy magazines and there is a tutorial on achieving a 1% crescent which will be the next challenge. Thanks for looking. Jarvo.
  8. Jarvo

    Wood Treatment

    I used Sadolin followed by yacht varnish
  9. They're awesome. Would be interesting to see what detail you can glean from the four Galilean satellites. I shall hold my breathe and wait...... Jarvo
  10. Hi Everybody, Went out this evening but Venus had gone to far over into the trees and below the line of the observatory. I Won't waste anyones time publishing the results coz they ain't pretty. That said I did run some AVIs on the 2nd and have now got round to processing them. Time is running out for some decent shots but I'm going to persevere in the daytime to see how much of a skinny crescent I can achieve. Usual set up of the 6"Mak with a trusty old Apo Barlow from Astro Engineering (think my 2.5 x TV Powermate is a tad too much as I always seem to get sharper results with the APO Barlow.) Stacked in Registax 5.1 (Where else ?) and tweaked ever so slightly in Photoshop. Thanks for looking. p.s isn't it nice to have slightly warmer evenings to perform our craft? Jarvo
  11. Hi All. Was nice to get out tonight. Had a brief view of Venus before it got too low. Then turned my attention to the main event. Whilst looking at the Moon I thought I'd try a quick shot with the iPhone. Good conditions enabled me to use a 13mm Nagler with an apo 2 x Barlow giving about 276 x magnification. It was a bit fiddly aligning everything and holding everything still and it won't replace the DBK set up but with a bit of effort and the right adapter who knows? Thanks for looking. Jarvo
  12. My it seems ages since I posted anything on our favorite forum. Inspired by the recent images of Venus on here I'd thought I'd have a go. The Sun was still up but safely tucked behind the shed. I don't think my 150mm aperture will ever reveal any detail but i remain hopeful. it was good to get back out with the the scope today after a long absence. Thanks for looking jarvo
  13. Hi all. Been a while since I posted something so I thought I would show you my latest addition to my humble observatory. In the immortal words of Sean Bean "winter is coming" so I've added a small heater bar in the recessed area. It's not a big heater but will warm my hands when I'm out this winter. Of course whilst I write this the weather forecaster is forecasting the first snowfall of the season so I'll apologise now for any affect my new addition has on your viewing over the next few weeks. Thanks for looking. Jarvo
  14. Greetings all, So everything finally came together the night before last. The seeing was virtually spot on from my Leeds location. I'd done my homework on my DBK Camera with the best combination of Codecs and cool logic made me choose my 2 x Astro Engineering apochromatic barlow and not go with my treasured 2.5 x Televue powermate. The focusing was as perfect as I could get it (until I manage to set up remote focusing on the Mak) and the 'scope is already cooled down as its in the observatory. The scope I was using was my 150mm Skywatcher Maksutov-Cassegrain with the DBKAU21AU04.AS and an IR Filter. Europas transit and its shadow were just moving across the face of Jupiter , the Great Red Spot was so clear but i am really please that I got a big old white spot plus some smaller features in the North / south zones. I took a few images, the best is below. What I want to do is have a go at stitching the images together in an animation. Does anyone recommend some software out there they have used and would suggest? Edit: Thanks for the PIPP recommendation Guys. I've had a quick play about and come up with the results below. I realize there is a lot of quality images out there but I'm really pleased with this as its the first time I've got details like this with this camera. Anyway, thanks for taking to time to read this. As ever, feedback welcome and happy to share any tips with anyone going on the journey. Steve

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