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  1. I started off with a "free" Mirador Japan 7x50 acquired in a box of "junk" from a friend who passed away. Cleaned them up, pointed them at the moon and was hooked!! Bought a 10x50 Olympus DPS1 and a Celestron Skymaster 15x70, an Amazon basics tripod with pistol grip head, and a long Giottos 3290B monopod. The 10x50s get the most use.
  2. 1 more recommendation for the Olympus DPS1 10x50. Great bit of kit, very hand holdable, and a long warranty. If you wanted to mount them for more stability, these are good value... https://www.amazon.co.uk/AmazonBasics-177-cm-Pistol-Grip-Tripod/dp/B01LQX0P8Q/ref=mp_s_a_1_7?keywords=amazon+basics+tripod&qid=1565942935&s=gateway&sprefix=amazon+basics+tri&sr=8-7 Andy
  3. It's still available, just under 24 quid online - here's the ISBN. ISBN-10: 9780521793902
  4. I did have some doubts about the existence of a dark site in a city
  5. I would like to look up from a dark site. I've been limited to back garden viewing, from the bottom end of Little Stoke. I've chosen the binocular route for now to learn my way around the sky. I did see a website just after I started that said Troopers Hill over in St George was a dark site but I've just not had the time to check it out.
  6. Clear patches permitting it's on my list. Got out again last night but tried out the Skymasters - still very happy with that purchase. M31 didn't give up any more real detail but appeared as a more oval patch of light than through the 10x50s. While scanning around from my sunbed last night, I did stumble across the Coathanger. Most enjoyable. If I get out tonight with favourable skies I'll try the bins mounted. Andy
  7. Mind blown - I was that shot away I didn't even think to fetch the 15x70s for (hopefully) a better look. Being new to this I've not seen proper darkness yet. I can honestly say that this is the first winter I've actually looked forward to. Andy
  8. I noticed a few fairly large gaps in the clouds on Wednesday night so I got the 10x50s out for a quick look around. Starting with Jupiter, I seem to have got into the habit of checking focus with that one but it was just in the area of a large orange street light!! Moved to Saturn, just visible past a tree but a nice pale yellow colour and slightly oval shaped. From there I got on the sunbed for a scan around Cygnus but visibility wasn't great due to high cloud.... The night before I spotted the w shape of Cassiopeia clearing the line of houses, went from Shedar to Mirach, both a lovely orange colour, only to find a band of cloud right between them. This time though, the cloud was across Mirach so I scanned up and saw the next star up which I now know to be Mu Andromedae. Still clear, then just a faint roundish patch of light. Almost missed it.... can't be... M31, my first view of another galaxy!! It did look a bit like a torch being shone through a heavy dark sheet, and I've read enough on here not to expect to see some bright spirally thing After 5 minutes of staring almost in disbelief, I put Mu Andromedae right at the bottom of the FOV. This patch of light was just past half way up and a touch off to the left. A quick check on Sky Safari proved it to me. Light from another galaxy 2.5 million light years away.... fantastic!!
  9. The sunbed is ready, but the forecast isn't good....
  10. These arrived yesterday afternoon 2 days earlier than stated on the order review. However, despite me being home all day they were just left on the doorstep. Thankfully I found them before someone ran off with them! Anyway, I've given them a good going over as per the evaluation bit on the binocular sky site. Objectives are clean and clear with no obvious defects visible inside. Focus mechanism, hinge & right eye dioptre are all smooth. The bridge seems fine with no movement noted. IPD - good. Exit pupils - round No convergence or divergence noted. There was a small amount of pincushion distortion at the edges of the FOV. Although I normally wear glasses, I don't wear them observing so didn't check the FOV with eye cups rolled down. I didn't do the aperture test due to not having any graph paper. If I had to find any fault, it would be that the objective lens caps could be a tighter fit, and the neck strap supplied is only about 1/4 inch thick, but they'll be either monopod or tripod mounted so the neck strap will only be a safety net in case they fall off the mount. Overall, they seem to be fine and every bit the bargain I'd hoped for & £67 well spent. As I opened the box, the clouds rolled in (typical), hopefully they'll see some proper action in the next few days. Andy
  11. Ordered these on Sunday - turned up today. 67 quid delivered... well, I say delivered. Left outside the front door hoping I got to them before some light fingered geezer had 'em away would be more accurate! There may be a report on how good the clouds look later.....
  12. Yep, expected delivery is Friday.... I'll keep ya posted I was looking at a 2nd hand set for £50 an hour's drive away. £67 brand new delivered to my door with a warranty was a no brainer for me. Hopefully my Opticron bracket will fit Andy
  13. Hi all, While trawling through some sites looking for some new bins, I came across this offer. Skymaster 15x70 reduced to £67 with free delivery. I thought it would be rude not to.... https://www.amazon.co.uk/Celestron-71009-SkyMaster-15-Binocular/dp/B00008Y0VN/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?keywords=celestron+15x70+binoculars&qid=1563737799&s=gateway&sprefix=celestron+15&sr=8-3
  14. I had an enjoyable 15 minute session with Jupiter and Saturn about 1120 last night. Sky was quite cloudy but they were moving through quite quickly. Jupiter and 4 moons bright and clear through the monopod mounted 10x50s but every time cloud moved in front, Saturn was in a clear patch. It was just clearing the houses so couldn't really make out any moons, but an unmistakable oval shape. Had a great time just alternating between the 2 when the clouds permitted.
  15. I was impressed with the quality of the tripod and trigger head for the money. The monopod is great, I managed 15 minutes with it before bed as the clouds lifted long enough for a look at Jupiter with 3 moons just visible. Stellarium showed these as (I think) Ganymede and Europa on the left, and Io at top right. Couldn't make out any others but I'm happy with that through the 10x50s.
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