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  1. That is an option it is quite unsteady though but I’ll look into that thanks. when I say suitcase, I mean a huge gorilla storage box. I can take 2 of them
  2. Hi All, I looking to buy a portable set up that I can easily take away with me in a suitcase, but still have room for clothes. I work in Cyprus often and whenever I am there I always wish I had my telescope. I want this set up to be for imaging only. Equipment I already have that might be of use: Canon 600D, ASI224, AZGTI mount (I’m thinking this won’t work for AP as it’s not EQ). Other kit isn’t portable enough for the case. Budget approx £400. Thank you in advance
  3. Hi Mick. Thanks for your reply. Focusing with an eye piece in is really easy to achieve but near impossible when using the planetary camera . I’ve tried using an elastic band with a tooth pick similar to the clothes peg idea but it’s all one fuzzy blob
  4. Endless nights spent trying to focus and still nothing. It’s to the point where I loath getting the telescope out. I really enjoyed visual and wanted to take a picture of Jupiter with an actual planetary camera instead of holding my phone up to the eyepiece. It feels like the worst purchase I’ve made yet! Current setup: Celestron 6”SCT, AVX mount, ZWO ASI224 colour. The issue seems to be focusing. I have yet to achieve focus on any object, whether that is the moon, a star or planet. Back focus is not as issue, I can find the target and make ‘doughnuts’ either side of the object using
  5. A different cable seemed to fix the problem. It connected straight away THANK YOU so so much everyone, for your help on this.
  6. @Realtimedoctor Thanks for this, it didn't work sadly. I think it might be the cable I have got. @JamesF I going to assume it's the cables communication with the RPi that is causing the issue, although its strange that it works on my Mac. The next option is to go for a USB adapter with an FTDI chipset. Could you recommend one from Amazon at all? That would be really helpful. Again, thank you everyone. If the cable fixes it I will let everyone know incase someone else encounters this problem.
  7. Astroberry panels? I am just using Ekos to set it up. I have no idea how to use panels, i couldn't find anything on the the desktop to do it. I tried that command but it wouldn't run
  8. astroberry@astroberry:~ $ tail -20 /var/log/syslog Aug 14 17:27:19 astroberry systemd[1]: packagekit.service: Succeeded. Aug 14 17:36:45 astroberry systemd[1]: Starting Cleanup of Temporary Directories... Aug 14 17:36:45 astroberry systemd[1]: systemd-tmpfiles-clean.service: Succeeded. Aug 14 17:36:45 astroberry systemd[1]: Started Cleanup of Temporary Directories. Aug 14 17:42:20 astroberry dbus-daemon[625]: [session uid=1001 pid=625] Activating service name='org.freedesktop.secrets' requested by ':1.21' (uid=1001 pid=2242 comm="kstars ") Aug 14 17:42:20 astroberry gnome-keyring-d[2270]: coul
  9. I’ve tried the above but so such luck
  10. thank you helping me btw, I really appreciate this.
  11. I am trying to set up my Celestron AVX mount on KStars through EKOS on a RPi 4 running Astroberry however I seem to be encountering problems and I am hoping someone is able to help with a solution? I have an RS232 cable coming from the hand controller into a Serial to USB adapter into the RPi 4. I know this cable works as I have loaded up Kstars on my macbook and been able to connect and control it. However it doesn't seem to like the RPi. I get the error code shown below. If I press scan ports it comes ups with nothing, unlike on the MacBook where it picks up 2 ports. Below i
  12. I wanted to see if it was the RPi causing the problem or the mount. Turns out it is the RPi. I have installed Kstars and ran EKOS the same as I would on RPi but on my Mac. It instantly picks everything up and I am able to control the mount and see the camera. On the Mac it looks like the below and the connection is green.. However on the RPi it looks like the below, with the error in the box.
  13. Have you thought about partitioning the hard drive at all? I have a MacBook Pro (2012 version but upgraded RAM and SSD) and I have both Mac OS and Windows OS on it. You can do this using boot camp assistant on the Mac, it talks you through everything. I now use one half of the hard drive for telescope stuff (windows) which means I can use all the free processing apps to that work only on windows and the other for work type stuff (MAC). It’s worked really well for me so far, Highly recommend
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