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  1. With a 40-60 day wait time for the tube rings I think I might just put that telescope back in the loft for a few more months
  2. I haven’t tried yet but I have a new BST eyepiece and smart phone adapter. I’m not home until the weekend so hopefully you find your answer before then. If not I’ll check.
  3. I have found an old telescope of mine in my parents loft, however the mount is missing. What do I need to attach this to my current mount? (Celestron AVX) links to FLO would be great, I currently have some other things in my basket.
  4. Hi Richard, I am also in Faringdon area There is a Faringdon Astronomy Facebook page, not sure if they have any meets though. I had hoped to go Swindon Astro society but I had a busy winter last year and everytime they had a meet I was busy. I might also look into Abingdon.
  5. They have the RPi V2 Camera option in the FOV calculator http://astronomy.tools/calculators/field_of_view/ which is what inspired me a little, although getting hold of a HQ camera looks to be equally as hard!
  6. I am wondering if anyone has used the Raspberry Pi High Quality camera as a planetary camera through KStars on Astroberry for RPi and if it is any good/works? I had planned to get the ZWO224MC Colour or ZWO224MC Colour however they seem to be hard to get hold of so I’m exploring other options. I’ve looked on AstroBuySell but they just seem to be sold as soon as they are listed. Any experience with HQ or V2 camera is appreciated, especially through Astroberry/KStars. https://www.raspberrypi.org/products/raspberry-pi-high-quality-camera/ https://www.raspberrypi.org/products/camera-module-v2/ Current set up: C6 SCT XLT, Celestron AVX. RPi 4 with Astroberry (once I have set it up)
  7. I’ll be DM’ing you for help you know that right? Haha. Thanks again. My plan was to buy the star sense and a ZWO camera. If I only need that camera then that will work in my favour for sure. Can the camera be put on the main scope to plate solve? I don’t have a guide scope thats all.
  8. So I spent the rest of the evening researching Raspberry Pi and wow I think this might just be a game changer!! I had been trying to workout how I was going to lead all the wires into the house so my old laptop won’t die in the cold during winter. Problem solved. Ordered one last night and really looking forward to experimenting and giving Astroberry a go. I can’t decide if I am being a lazy observer or going for convenience to increase observing time. I’ll go with the later.. I think I will invest. Thanks for your help. Really good to know. Looking forward to RPi and using ASi120/224 depending on how sucessful pay day is!
  9. I definitely am thinking more towards the ASI224. Ive seen the word ‘guiding’ floating around a lot, not 100% sure what that is...yet, but I have a feeling if I decide to progress into more imaging I will soon learn it and this camera can be used to help with it? Do you need to have a laptop connected all the time to the camera? Sounds like you have a great set up using Raspberry it seems to be quite popular
  10. I see you have the star sense also, I’m looking to buy that also. Is it worth it?
  11. Hi all, I would like to progress into the world of planetary imaging. The main targets would be the bigger planets, the moon and if possible some bright DSO (M57 being my top achievable DSO on the list with the set up I have). Current set up: C6 XLT, Celestron AVX. Computer: MacBook Pro, however in have recently installed windows using boot camp. I have been looking at the ZWO ASI120 and ASI224 both colour as I’m only just starting out and don’t want to get to lost with monochrome. I've read about the 2.0 usb on the 120 playing up so ideally I would look for 3.0 USB. I have looked at the modded webcam option but I’m not that technical, nor have lots of spare time and when you add up the cost I may as well invest. Then if I do progress I can sell it to another beginner like me to upgrade. I am looking for suggestions, my approx budget is £150-200.
  12. I follow someone on Instagram who does iPhone Astrophotography. He created a guide on how to photograph the moon and planets with your phone. It’s really informative https://canadianastronomy.wordpress.com/2013/03/04/smartphone-astrophotography-how-to-photograph-the-moon-planets-with-your-phone/ I use my phone currently using an adapter on my eyepiece. Just been using it to see the sunspot, not a great photo but you can see the spot.
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