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  1. Hi Steve, If you platesolve the Prefix will usually be the object you've centered on i.e M42 then TS for the time and filter duration etc. So you end up with a name like: M101_Light_Red_30_secs_2020-03-16T20-36-04_028.fits If you are note platesolving or want to alter the name you can just manually type in 'Moon' or whatever and the rest is still added to that I've not used the Script facility, but the manual says: Script: Specify an optional script to be executed after each capture is complete. The full path of the script must be specified and it must executable. To denote success, the script must return zero as this would allow the sequence to continue. If a non-zero value is returned by the script, the sequence is aborted. So you can rename, move or even process each frame after its taken, must try that out Good Luck
  2. Hi Steve, The Astroberry desktop has 4 virtual screens, are you sure you were not viewing on the 'alternate' desktops as they all look the same? I've done similar things myself, it can appear very odd!
  3. Are these any good? https://www.wdscomponents.com/en-gb/stainless-steel-304-set-screw-with-nylon-tip-wds-762/c-525/p-33596/v-33662
  4. Here is my poor effort, white light, Baader film and Sol Cont. filter ED80 + ZWO 178MC
  5. Nice, I thought for a minute they were going to put a motorway through Heybridge!
  6. Launch coverage coming up shortly from 12:00 BST on Nasa TV https://youtu.be/21X5lGlDOfg Window opens at 12:50 BST Fingers crossed!
  7. Hi Gina, For the wind direction indicator, have you seen the AS5600 chips? "AS5600 Absolute Value Encoder PWM I2C Port Precision 12Bit" On Ebay for about £3, you just hover a magnet over them, and it will read out the angle to 12bits, you can easily drop 8 of those bits! Data sheet here: https://ams.com/documents/20143/36005/AS5600_DS000365_5-00.pdf Might be simpler than all those reed switches and resistors!
  8. Interesting regarding the earlier mention of AliExpress mounts, they seem to come in 2.5", 4" and 6" varieties.
  9. Hi Nick, See this FAQ from ZWO, your issue is number 7 I believe: https://astronomy-imaging-camera.com/manuals/Trouble Shooting.pdf All drivers etc. are here: https://astronomy-imaging-camera.com/software-drivers
  10. I cant comment on the 120mini, I had the old 120 usb2 but I upgraded to the 178 and very happy with that. I'm sure someone will come along shortly to advise on the mini.
  11. If it is one of the 'old' 120 cameras they had a very non compliant usb interface. There is a 'compatible' driver but its a kludge. Its pretty old so I would buy a new one, I have several upto date ZWO's and they work fine on a raspberry pi, so I have no doubt it will be fine on your new computer! Good luck!
  12. Hi, Living the wrong side of the local hill I had to drive about 10 miles to get a clear NE view, but no problem in the 7x50's. Very nice view, I could not decide if its 2 tails or 1 broad one.
  13. Hi, I notice ZWO are now listing a new planetary camera designated ASI462MC Cant see it on FLO yet but interested if it this will be a big upgrade on the 224/290 ? https://astronomy-imaging-camera.com/product/asi462mccolor Any thoughts?
  14. From the description its the DRV8225 setting, you must get that reading, Try this video:
  15. Don't remove the circlip, that is retaining the shaft in the gearbox. As your motor has a gearbox you wont probably feel the initial movement and because of the gearbox it will be hard to turn manually. If its making a noise like it wants to move, check your wiring to the motor, each phase should measure low resistance, so about 20ohms. The wire colours are often not a good guide! Then check your power supply make sure it can deliver a good couple of amps otherwise the motor will just stall. And finally check the setting on the DRV8825 that the coils get enough current. Good luck...
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