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  1. I have a similar setup at the moment - ASI1600 + filter wheel + ZS71. I imaged on Sunday night and took flats on Monday morning around 10am (still about freezing). My flats looked just like yours with a big dark circle in the middle. However my issue was condensation - either on the ASI1600 window or the rear of the Ha filter. I got a hairdryer to warm up the filter wheel/top of the camera, set the camera to expose for 1s continuously and watched the dark area disappear! Got perfect flats after I let it all stabilise for a few minutes. What was the temperature when you were taking your flats? John
  2. I've been revisiting NGC7822 in Ha since my filter error a few days ago. Good clear skies. Will go on until midnight, giving me about 5 hours of subs.
  3. Maybe ask your question on the PHD 2 forum together with a copy of your GiudeLog? They are usually pretty good. https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups=#!forum/open-phd-guiding John
  4. I've been imaging since about 6pm. I'd switched scopes from SCT to 71mm WO and focussed on NGC7822 to image in Ha. Set it capturing and went in for dinner. Checked 40 mins later - everything OK though stars looked a bit bloated (must be slightly misty as forecast). Watched a bit of TV. Checked again. Sky looks clear but images still a bit brighter than expected for Ha. Carry on... Another check at 8:30pm... Rats! Had left filter wheel on luminance filter! Agh!! 3 hours of good sky wasted! Just started again with Ha filter...
  5. I almost gave up in 2013 when I got my first 'serious' mount. Wanting to get into photography, I intended to buy a Skywatcher HEQ5 but fell for Meade's hyped LX80! After spending every hour of clear sky from February to August trying to get the darned thing to guide, I nearly gave up in absolute frustration. But a second-hand NEQ6 became available and I have enjoyed the hobby ever since.
  6. When I first started using PixInsight, I also had issues with star detection. I recall the key is the RANSAC tolerance /iterations values. As Harry Page says "Experiment!" These are the settings I use and haven't changed them for several years. I now tend to use the Batch Preprocessing script simply for calibration and continue manually with StarAlignment, Normalisation, Image Integration and Drizzle to complete the stack. John
  7. I too have had issues with flats using this camera. I've found that shorter flat exposure gives more consistent results. I prefer to get under 1s.
  8. Relatively clear here. Gathering Oiii on the Bubble to go with the Ha I collected a couple of weeks ago. Forecast is a bit grim for the next 7 days, so have to grab what I can tonight!
  9. It's been intermittent thin cloud here. Decided to focus on Melotte 15 in H-alpha. Here's 2h 30m. DSS Live Autostack only stretched. But I think that's me done for tonight.
  10. Packing up now. Very happy with just ove r 5 hours worth. Once again, the autostack from DSS Live, with a simple stretch.
  11. Skies looking favourable tonight here. I think I will grab more Ha on the Bubble...
  12. Thanks Steve. Actually, it's using the Meade 8" SCT with 0.63 reducer.
  13. Only managed 80 minutes on the Bubble Nebula in hydrogen-alpha before details were completely lost due to high cloud. Still, it served it's purpose - trying out high gain/short subs with the ASI1600. 2min subs, gain 200 and -25C. This is the autostack from DSS Live.Only
  14. I think you could simplify your initial pre-processing... Calibrate all subs as RGB and then extract the red channel, and stack only that. Even with 'weighting', the contributions of both B and G channels would be very small compared to R.
  15. I would say yes, keep using it. Your camera mod has extended the IR/UV range but you are probably mainly interested in the improved hydrogen-alpha response. So the filter will continue to cut the UV. John PS I am assuming this is the filter you have:
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