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  1. Bought a new motherboard for £95 on Ebay from a reputable seller, delivered quickly too. Replaced board and all is well again, phew! If this happens again I'll be looking into buying another brand mount. The wiring and placement of the motherboard was an eye opener. Wiring was haphazard and chaffing and motherboard has no surge protection and exposed (to a degree) to the elements when you take the polarscope cap off at front. For now I am happy, but of course wary of it happening again.
  2. No problem and thanks for the help! Will most likely buy a new board but could see about sending you on the faulty one, you might be able to find a solution
  3. If we are going with pins ABCDE, then pin D also beeps, a brown cable.. Not sure if it helps but the colours for the connector in photo above are below: A= Black B= Red C= Yellow D= Brown E = White
  4. Just so am following you, you want me to do a continuity test between the two physical pins marked A and B in the photo? Just double checking!
  5. Hi all, have given up on it. A full day spent troubleshooting. Now looking at where I can buy a new board but Flo sadly doesn't stock. While I'm at it and out of sheer paranoia I am going to replace the current psu setup with a Pegasus Power Mini with decent AC power supply, will be able to check all the wiring and such when changing to the Pegasus. If it blows again its going in the skip
  6. No it didn't blow, did it one by one and no fuse blew this time. However the mount still doesn't power up and mount power LED doesnt come on. The LED strangely does come on when I plug in the EQMOD cable into the hand controller port, but the mount still doesn't power up or respond. Must be some power coming from the pc via the EQMOD cable. I am all out of ideas now and resigned to buying a new board, can't believe the part cost £120, shocking. That would get me a quite a high-end motherboard for my PC!
  7. Thanks for all the help folks, think I am ready for throwing in the towel with this one and buy a new board. Is there any kind of protection that can be fitted to the mount switch to stop the board from blowing again in the future? More to the point why doesn't it have any protection built in now, not exactly a cheap item.
  8. I followed the wires from the power switch on the mount and they appear to be connected to the two pins on the connector in photo (red box). I then put the multimeter on them for ohms and the number started to rise.
  9. With the board out now, can anyone point me to a guide on what I can test with a multimeter? We have had a lot of rain recently in the UK and the mount may have been in out in it for a few minutes as I have dashed out to get it when clouded over. Maybe II have just lucked out this time and possible some water got in but it was everything is all dry and no sign of any damage. May just need to buy a new board
  10. Here is a close up of what might be a hole - not sure if that is actually damage? Also a few photos of what I think may be an ever so slight burn indicator but my eye sight isn't that great to tell! What is that component for that I have marked that may have slight burn damage?
  11. Took out the circuit board and 'appears' to be on damage or smell
  12. Going to look at it today, I have a digital multimeter, I am not the most clued up with electronics so if anyone could provide some pointers on what/where I should test for in terms of continuity etc. that would be great! Gutted about possibly having to spend over £100 for a simple circuit board that looks like it costs a few quid to make.
  13. Hello, I have had my HEQ5 Pro for 2 years with no issues. Tonight I went to power it up , and when I turned on the 12V 10A power supply I noticed the red power light was already glowing even though the mount switch was in the off position. I started trouble shooting as below: 1) Disconnected EQMOD cable from mount and the power light went out (with power switch in off position); 2) Switched power on at mount switch and power led didn't come on and no noise from mount, not found on PC via EQMOD console; 3) Reconnected the EQMOD cable to the mount and the power LED came on, this was with the power cable disconnected and mount power switch in off position - clearly this isn't right; 4) Checked the fuse in the mounts 12v cigarette lighter style cable and it was blown, replaced it, switched on and it blew the new fuse, tried the cigarette light cable that came with the mount and that fuse blew too; 5) The 12V PSU is powering everything else ok including camera and dew heaters and outputting a steady 13v; 6) Tried two mains 12V DC adapter 5A and 3A and using them the mount power light flickers a little intermittently when switched on, most of the time it didn't come on at all and mount made no noise (it usually clicks and makes a quiet whining noise when powered up); 7) The connector barrel on mount looks fine and not loose. After reading around the culprit may be the motherboard, maybe someone else has read about some of symptoms above and can maybe provide some pointers to what might be wrong. ta! Derek
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