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  1. Managed 5 hours of SHO data on the Rosette. Nebula, again no glitches when collecting the data with APT (always worries me with a new camera!). That will prob be it now until next year under UK skies. Still need to experiment with flats/dark flats, its possible the flats are over compensating with the vignetting. I may invest in a decent flats field panel, anyone use a smaller sized one of these for as refractor? https://www.365astronomy.com/lacerta-flatfield-box-flatfield-panel-for-8-200mm-newtonian-telescopes-mark-ii.html
  2. Yes, I could save time by reducing the exposure time by adjusting the panel brightness per filter, but for convenience I use same brightness setting/tshirt layers for all LRGB filters, same for the SHO filters.
  3. I aimed for an ADU of 30k using the flats-aid tool built into APT. The exposure values the tool gave me are below and were used with a light panel (varying brightness and layers of t-shirt): LRGB L=7.5s, R=20s, G=16.5s, and B=22.75s SHO S=16.25s, H=12.5s, and OIII=8.25s
  4. What ADU value are folks using for their flats? I am also getting some vignetting in lights/flats but I have only used the camera under a full moon so far, which may have something to do with it.
  5. There a are a few tips I have picked up along the way, first one is here for applying selective colour in Photoshop: http://bf-astro.com/hubblep.htm. The other is here is you use Pixinsight (for reducing green and bringing out the cyan/gold): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v6GHqYyyHg8&ab_channel=Chuck'sAstrophotography I am a big fan of quick wins/fixes, barely have any time for astro so what time I do have needs to be spent wisely and not wading through massive tutorials
  6. Hard to believe, but two clear nights in a row in UK, of course with an obligatory full moon I managed another 4 hours, this time on the soul nebula. Always struggle with processing this target. Safe to say, aside from some minor glitches (setting up, before starting an image plan) the camera seems to be able to do a full image run in APT without any issues. probably be next year again before we get another clear night in the UK, will buy whatever new camera is available at the time for the occasion
  7. First light with Heart Nebula, 4 hours of SHO with 80mm TS scope and flattener. The full moon did not help at all but at least I got to image something and check guiding etc. (camera is seriously heavy!). I need to adjust the back focus, currently at 55mm. Though setup is getting stripped down again to fit a 115mm apo sometime next week. Happy with the results so far and look forward to trying more targets without the moon. Some images attached. Roughly processed image in Photoshop and stacked and stretched Ha image.
  8. No, not had this with APT. I did get a full run last night of 4 hours with no issues though. imaged heart nebula under the full moon. There are minor bugs in APT like if I disconnect camera to go into settings the cooling values are not recognised and need to close the cooling window. Also histogram in APT does not play well at all with the camera images, keeps changing and never gets it right unless I manually set it. I am getting 50mb fits images from camera, I am not 100% sure if the heart nebula images are binned 1x1 as when I opened the ascom settings today is was set at 2x2. Can anyone c
  9. Only just getting first light with the 268m tonight! I am having some issues with getting all white images intermittently using APT with latest beta drivers. It can happen at any exposure length. Not sure if it's a driver or APT issue. I may consider switching to NINA if it carries on as the dev of NINA seems very reactive with QHY drivers.
  10. Thanks for all the info folks. Great video link Vlaiv! The scope is 1.5kg heavier than my current TS 80mm. I suspect I will be pushing nearly 9kg total on my HEQ5. Likely need to start looking at a mount upgrade too, any suggestions?
  11. I have the 80mm triplet too and happy with it, just wondering how much of a difference the glass will actually make for the 115mm, esp to my eyeballs.
  12. Just sent him a message, good price and nice to deal with
  13. Thanks Pierre! The Altair variant of the scope is likely identical, also hugely inflated cost too so a no go, happy to buy from a trusted EU dealer at a better price. I did see the glass was FPL51, but is it really that big of a deal in this price range? Saying this as with many things its subjective and my tolerance for outlying niggles is actually quite high
  14. Hello, I have been using a TS Optics Photoline 80mm triplet for over a year now and considering upgrading to a 115mm, specifically this one - does anyone have any thoughts this scope? I am impressed with the build quality and optics of my current TS scope so have similar expectations for the 115mm. It will be used with a QHY 268M and reducer. Hoping to use my current TS Optics 0.79 reducer if possible I currently have an HEQ5 Pro with belt mod but will also likely upgrade this as well to an EQ6 or something similar and if anyone has recommendations on that front to I am all ears! Of cour
  15. All well so far! Moving onto flats. For my 294MM I was using an ADU value of 24000 for flats, what are you using for yours?
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