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  1. In excellent condition, longer required as selling visual setup. This is the version with the 2" adapter, details here. Selling for £75 delivered. D.
  2. Slowly parting with my visual setup, with the below eyepieces for sale, both come in original boxes and in excellent condition: Explore Scientific 82º Series Eyepiece - 8.8mm - £90 delivered. Explore Scientific 68º Series Eyepiece- 16mm - £75 delivered. Based in Sheffield if prefer pickup. D.
  3. The price difference is £369 for the ZWO variant and £349 for the QHY variant. This is a huge difference in price that I hope would be unpicked by folks far more knowledgeable than me in this space.
  4. Why would their version be substantially cheaper? I don't tend to consider Altair products when in the market for something to be honest.
  5. @ollypenrice, I am stuck in an infinite loop atm between going mono and something like the QHY268C / ZWO 2600MC Pro, the cost for both would be roughly the same i.e. new 294MM / 1600MM with filters etc. I don't know what it will take to bend me into a decision.
  6. The QHY268C looks like a great camera, I would only spend that sort of money from a well established and reputable UK dealer who could help directly if any issues were to arise. I am tempted by it.
  7. I use the OVL flattener. A QHY such as this: https://www.modernastronomy.com/shop/cameras/cooled-ccd/qhy-cooled-ccd-cameras/qhy268c-photo/ ?
  8. Hi all, I am in one of those familiar astro quandaries, once again on making decisions on buying kit. I have owned the ZWO 294 MC Pro for nearly two years and very happy with it, all the more so with using narrowband filters with it., one of my recent images is below.. At this point I am trying to decide on whether to stay with OSC and perhaps buy the ZWO ASI 2600MC-PRO here, or make the jump to mono with either the ZWO 1600MM package here or build a mono setup around the recently announced 294 MM. My scope is a TS Optics Photoline 80mm triplet and with 294 MC large pixels my images are generally softer as on the edge of under-sampling territory with this combination. I also live in a Bortle 6 area in the UK in south Yorkshire, imaging time is therefore limited due to the pesky weather. I know this question is discussed a lot but given each person's upgrade scenario is different I would love some feedback to consider based on my own. Thanks!
  9. I have a ZWO 294MC and in a quandary over an upgrade path. I love the ease of use with OSC under UK cloud-first skies but also know that mono will get much better results, but our UK skies are so unforgiving with the time available.. My personal time is also limited and convenience much be a factor for consideration. At the minute I could go with the ZWO 2600 OSC or for roughly same price get the 1600mm with NB filters etc. I don't like these kinds of decisions BTW, thank you all who contributed to this thread, a very interesting read.
  10. As the titles suggests, I have been using the ZWO 294MC Pro for around 18 months and happy with results and everything I have learned along the way. Now ready for the next level of quality and proper narrowband imaging. I like the look of the ZWO 1600MM but notice this camera has been around since 2016, have looked around and cannot see anything newer in terms of quality.price range? Is there any news on a replacement for 1600MM with newer mono sensor at similar price point? Ta!
  11. Hello all, I am looking for a camera rotator adaptor for my ZWO 294MC Pro. I want to place it as close to the camera as I can so its not holding much of the image train weight (see photo). Does anyone have any experience with the below adaptors: https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/language/en/info/p12074_TS-Optics-Rotation-Adapter--Filter-Holder-and-Quick-Coupling---M48-to-T2-thread.html https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p5547_TS-Optics-T2-Thread-360--Rotation-and-Quick-Changer---5-5mm-short.html The first link looks a bit more robust with the 3 screws, both have self-centring inserts. thanks!
  12. Bought a new motherboard for £95 on Ebay from a reputable seller, delivered quickly too. Replaced board and all is well again, phew! If this happens again I'll be looking into buying another brand mount. The wiring and placement of the motherboard was an eye opener. Wiring was haphazard and chaffing and motherboard has no surge protection and exposed (to a degree) to the elements when you take the polarscope cap off at front. For now I am happy, but of course wary of it happening again.
  13. No problem and thanks for the help! Will most likely buy a new board but could see about sending you on the faulty one, you might be able to find a solution
  14. If we are going with pins ABCDE, then pin D also beeps, a brown cable.. Not sure if it helps but the colours for the connector in photo above are below: A= Black B= Red C= Yellow D= Brown E = White
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