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Geoff Barnes

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    From Southampton, now Melbourne Australia
  1. Geoff Barnes

    Dobsonian Base

    No I never stand on the dolly board. I just stand next to it, it only raises the scope by about 4 inches and I'm quite tall so can reach the eyepiece quite comfortably. My wife needs a small stepladder for viewing high objects but that' works okay as well.
  2. Geoff Barnes

    Dobsonian Base

    Hi Richard Here's a thread i started back in July on how to move and mount your big Dobsonian. I'm still using mine like this and is really successful.
  3. Geoff Barnes

    Astro cake!

    Many happy returns Jon, what a fab cake! What I'd give to be only 40 again!
  4. Geoff Barnes

    What did the postman bring?

    My thanks to FLO for the prompt delivery of my first foray into the world of Filters. The major planets are moving out of sight from my viewing spot at home, as are some of the best globular clusters and doubles, so I thought it was time to start exploring some of the "invisibles" up there in the cosmos. I did a fair bit of reading up on old SGL threads to garner an idea of which filters to start with, and it boiled down to either a UHC or an O111. Whilst the O111 would seem to be favourable for The Veil and a couple of others, it appears the UHC might be a better all rounder on a wider selection of targets, (debatable I know). Anyway, I've plumped for an Astronomik UHC to start with and we'll see how we go from there. Naturally the weather is not in cooperative mood now or for the foreseeable future after weeks of clear skies here, so I tried the filter out in daylight with my phone camera. Rather nice I think in a slightly psychedelic kind of way..... I can't wait to use it with the 12 inch Dob and hopefully see some incredible nebulae etc. in the near future!
  5. I've just found this little steel clip in the bottom of my Baader Morpheus EP box, and I can't find any reference to it in the included manual. Anyone know what it's for?
  6. Yep, agree with John, my Synscan handset has been retired back into it's box. Much prefer the WiFi adapter. I can only presume the handset is still supplied for people who don't have access to a mobile device.
  7. Geoff Barnes

    William Optics eyepieces - any good?

    Knew you wouldn't be disappointed! Just wait until you use the 10 inch Dob, you'll be blown away!
  8. Geoff Barnes

    Controlling the old with the new!

    Yes, I've found using the SW WiFi dongle with both my smartphone and tablet to be streets ahead of the supplied handset, so much easier, responsive and reliable. My original handset is back in its box probably never to be used again. Just a simple effective device that really works.
  9. Geoff Barnes

    William Optics eyepieces - any good?

    I recommend you just go ahead and buy the 6.5mm John, and if you're not absolutely smitten I'll buy it off you and pay postage to Oz and buy myself a binoviewer!
  10. Geoff Barnes

    William Optics eyepieces - any good?

    Seeing is believing heliumstar! Once you've looked through one you just know.....
  11. Geoff Barnes

    William Optics eyepieces - any good?

    Agree with BilllP above, the Baader Morpheus 6.5mm is a stunning EP with very generous eye relief, I don't think you will find better at such a reasonable price. I also have the ES 4.7mm but much prefer the image through the Morpheus.
  12. Geoff Barnes

    Ross Telescope Advice?

    Hello Ann I've just Googled "Ross London Telescopes " and it came up with a wealth of information about them. Hope this helps.
  13. Geoff Barnes

    Pushing the Limits

    Hi MarsG76, you couldn't see it and neither could I, according to our friend John I was seeing the Encke Minima not the division. The Encke Division requires quite a bit more magnification and/or aperture it seems. Pleased to spot the Minima nevertheless, quite a satisfying feat with a 12 inch Dob!
  14. Geoff Barnes

    View from the office...

    Ah yes, but they've cleverly cropped out the view to the right....
  15. Geoff Barnes

    Isle of Skye.

    Was there in 2015, one of my favorite places! My 12 inch Dob would be awesome there. You'll need a lot of luck for clear skies though! Clear skies!

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