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  1. You need to spend more time in the bathroom Louis!
  2. Not the moon, but my favourite image of the sun by far.....
  3. Is there still a man in the moon, or was I mislead as a child?
  4. Silly I know, but every time I watch that rotating mosaic I expect that big boulder to fly off into space, perhaps it will one day?
  5. A dark red spot in the centre of the Great Red Spot, is that a new development? I've not noticed that before.
  6. Better quality glass on the left if you ask me!
  7. I tend to start all my viewing sessions with the 12 inch Dob using the Baader zoom on 24mm and zoom in on planets to 8mm which gives a good detailed and sharp view. I then swap it for the Baader Morpheus 6.5mm which is my favourite for high power sharp and detailed views of planets (conditions allowing of course). Great large eye lens and comfortable eye relief, it is a great eyepiece. However, like most of us I'm sure I just want to tease out that little bit extra all the time, just get a bit closer to the planet if I can. So I'm currently looking, like you Neil, for something like the Vixen 4mm SLV or BST 3.5mm maybe. The TV 3-6mm zoom would be ideal, but out of financial reach at the moment - get one one day......
  8. Neil for Prime Minister!
  9. Hello Jack, We need to know what exactly you have been observing before we can give any helpful advice. Let us know and we'll be right back to help you.
  10. I think it is a shame that this thread has got a bit derailed into a bit of a "haves and have nots" as far as NV goes. The OP simply queried whether NV should have its own separate thread. The way I look at it is that NV simply allows the observer to see things that would otherwise be invisible. Well so do filters such as HB and O111, which many (if not most) of us use to see those invisible treasures out there. I've never heard anyone calling for a separate thread for filter users, and yet the principle is exactly the same, using a device to see things that would otherwise be invisible to the naked eye. For this reason I'm quite happy to see NV included in the current section, though if the mods decide to create its own section you won't hear me complain at all. ☺
  11. Hi Bob, I'm in a similar position to you with my f4.9 12 inch Dob. I'm also after a short focal length eyepiece for high power planetary viewing, and was considering the BST 3.2mm as a possible contender. However, after consulting with our friend rwilkey who has great knowledge of these EP's he considered the 3.2mm to be the weakest of the series, though still very good. After a bit more reading I'm now considering the Vixen SLV 4mm as a better alternative, it seems to be very well regarded by many people on the forums., and is still in my price range. Have you had a look at the SLV? Regards Geoff.
  12. happy-kat means use your K25mm Jayden, that is your lowest power eyepiece and will make finding targets easier. You must realise that no telescope will make stars look any bigger, they will always be tiny points of light as they are so very far away.
  13. Actually now I think about it, no it really doesn't. Most of the time it seems quite steady, as do Rigel, Betelgeuse, Canopus and most others at high elevation. Capella on the other hand, which is way down on the northern horizon here, twinkles like a good'un.
  14. As I've mentioned a couple of times above, for me Downunder Orion and Sirius pass overhead very high in the sky during our summer (Dec-March), and with my 12 inch SW Dob I have no trouble at all seeing E & F, and the Pup I can usually see most times. This I'm sure underlines the advantage of good seeing for me as opposed to your disadvantageously low elevation of these targets. Swings and roundabouts though, you have lots of wonderful targets to view up there that I can never see down here!
  15. Here's a link to Michael's report on the same EP......
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