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  1. Hi Piero, I replaced my SW Dob springs a few months ago. I simply took one of the original ones off and went down to our local B & Q equivalent (Bunnings in Australia) and bought three of similar length but much thicker gauge steel and replaced them all. Only cost a couple of dollars each and feels much more solid, holds collimation better now too, just a mimor tweak occasionally.
  2. Frustrating down here. I bought an Astronomik OIII filter recently purely to have my first view of the Veil. I only have a small window of opportunity to see it when it emerges from behind our trees and sinks below the horizon. Its highest elevation is only 20 degrees at about 9pm so a bit lost in the light glow of the city as well. I've had a couple of goes now with a SW 32mm plossl and the OIII and have to say it has been disappointing. I can see both east and west sections but they are really faint, only just discernable as pale grey smudges, no hint of detail at all. I will keep trying, I still have a month to see it but time is running out with lighter evenings ahead.
  3. Stephen my good fellow, I've just been observing Saturn and Jupiter at 375x in great detail with my Goto, both planets perfectly centred in the EP and me not having to touch the scope, just look, concentrate and enjoy for a long, long time. If you want to keep nudging your scope every few seconds in the hope of keeping your subject in view at high powers then all power to you. Me, I love my Goto, it allows me to observe and concentrate at high power effortlessly and for as long as I desire. Each to his/her own preference.
  4. I managed to see Triton last night with Neptune just a few degrees away from the nearly full moon. I hadn't really set out to see it, I was mainly observing Jupiter and Saturn, but as they were disappearing behind the trees to the west Neptune was clearing the tree tops above my head so I thought I'd have a look. I used the Baader zoom to centre Neptune in the EP and then put in my new TV 3-6mm zoom. First on 6mm (250x) with no sign of Triton I took it right up to 3mm (500x) and there it was! Very, very faint, almost at the limit of my 12 inch SW Dob, but very definitely there just at 2o'clock to the grey/green planet and mostly with averted vision. Amazing really, as there was considerable glare from the adjacent moon, I think in a dark sky I could aee it fairly easily on a good night. Go away Moon!
  5. I took the cheap option when I bought an Optolong H Beta filter in the hope of seeing the Horsey - nope, not a hope, even in my Bortle4/5 skies and Orion well up in the sky there was not the fainterst hint of any nebulosity whatsoever. All the filters I have bought since have been either Astronomik OIII and UHC or Baader Neodymium with good results.
  6. I was doing a bit of Googling of astro images as you do, and came across an image that had been posted on this Astro Forum...https://www.popastro.com/main_spa1/?sid=98dd0a491f4ad3fb9c783c45718311e0. Does anyone on SGL ever visit this site? It's forum doesn't seem to be all that active and certainly doesn't rival SGL in any way. It got me wondering how many other astro sites and forums there are out there. SGL would easily be the biggest (and best) in the UK.
  7. Steve, have you right clicked on the original photo to explore its properties and origin? I've tried from my end but nothing comes up. Even opening in a new window the page is blank. Encrypted I suspect.
  8. Cleaning a primary mirror is relatively easy if you just follow some simple common sense rules. Have a look at Steve Kirk's article on cleaning his 12 inch mirror, it's very well done and simple to follow.... .https://www.sjkastro.com/cleaning-12-dobsonian-mirror/
  9. Hi Fraunhoffer, Have you considered sitting your Dob on a dolly board like this, it works really well for me. You just wheel it about until you find a level spot with a spirit level on the base.....
  10. I'm in total agreement with this Greymouser. I've been doing a lot of EP comparisons recently, with my relatively cheap SW Planetary EPs and more high end ones like Vixen SLV, Baader Morpheus and Televue 3-6mm Zoom. The Baader is my favorite, but if there are any advantages in the quality of views through the others my eyes are not capable of seeing them, no matter how hard I try.
  11. My last.purchase for a while, maybe. I've read good reports about this filter, I know Stu uses one a lot. I want to use it primarily on Jupiter which is fairly dazzling high in our skies, hoping it will make it easier to see surface details. Also going to use it on Saturn to try and tease out as much detail as I can. Hilariously, it honestly took me a good five minutes to work out how to open the case. I'm used to lifting a lid on filter cases, tbis one has a sliding drawer that you pull out the front. How dim am I.???
  12. Yes it's all a bit strange down here isn't it Robby! Have you taken any kit with you for observing? Some of the globs and nebulas will blow you away!
  13. Ready for action! Pointing due north, perfectly level, battery on charge and the best clear sky we've had for weeks. I shall enjoy this evening!
  14. Well according to my SW Synscan database I've got 42,900 objects to discover, I think that'll see me out!
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