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Geoff Barnes

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    From Southampton, now Melbourne Australia
  1. Geoff Barnes

    What did the postman bring?

    Guan Sheng- 830 = 10 inch f5 Newtonian.???
  2. Geoff Barnes


    Thanks Mark, certainly food for thought. I look forward to Stu's findings with the Lunt in due course.
  3. Geoff Barnes


    Nice! I really fancy trying one of those in my 12 inch Dob, though the Myriads are a lot cheaper, but are they as good???.....
  4. Geoff Barnes

    They all look the same.

    Nice story Paul. Might be wise to forewarn her that she's not going to see Hubble type views through your scope, so she's not too disappointed.
  5. Geoff Barnes

    What did the postman bring?

    It's here! Courtesy of FLO, I can't wait to put this one on the 12 inch Dob and point it at Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.
  6. Geoff Barnes

    MARS - It's official, the duststorm is CLEARING

    All I can do is give you the link to the Oz Forum Ice In Space where it was posted....http://www.iceinspace.com.au/forum/showthread.php?p=1384625#post1384625 Click on the image to enlarge, hope it works. (Edit; It works for me).
  7. Geoff Barnes

    MARS - It's official, the duststorm is CLEARING

    Image taken today from Sydney showing substantially more detail.....
  8. Geoff Barnes


    Great stuff Wayne! I love it when the posters enthusiasm leaps right off the page at you! Yes, definitely would've been meteorites falling to earth not comets, but that's a lot in one session, is there a meteor storm going on at the moment?
  9. Geoff Barnes


    ... and I will be Downunder straining my neck to look almost vertically at Mars!
  10. I was out half an hour after sunset this evening and clearly saw Venus and the Moon but where is Mercury? I know where it should have been, the sky was very clear to the horizon, looked through my binoculars but couldn't see it at all, very odd.
  11. Geoff Barnes

    How Do You Move Your Big Dob?

    Good grief! Do you ever still suffer from aperture fever???
  12. Since becoming the owner of a 12 inch Dob I've been experimenting with various methods of moving the thing around (they're heavy!). First of all my wife and I simply carried the whole unit outside using the sturdy handles on either side of the base. It is a goto model and I couldn't be bothered with unplugging all the cables each time, so kept it all together. This was fairly okay but still a bit of a struggle and there was always the risk of one of us stumbling, so I bought a large sack truck with an extended base. With a bit of padding between the scope and the truck it was a lot easier than carrying it but I wasn't really happy about tipping the scope over each time and the risk of losing the whole load over any bumps. So now I've ended up with a great solution. I bought a heavy duty Dolly Board (furniture mover platform thingy). It has 5 elasticised rubber castors and a non slip rubber topping and could take 3 times the weight of the Dob. I've added a thick foam rubber gymnastic mat to the top for added cushioning and grip and it works like a dream. Really easy to push around, it runs smoothly even over uneven ground, no more lifting, tipping or carrying, I leave it undercover outside with a scope cloak over it ready for action (if only the winter weather would let me!).
  13. That's a clever way of doing it Tim, instantly gives you a clear idea of your favorite EP's. As you can imagine, with a new 12 inch Dob and new ES 82 degree eyepiece (with a Baader zoom arriving any day) I am getting desperate to get some viewing done!
  14. Geoff Barnes

    What's your dream telescope/equipment?

    I'm happy to say my new Skywatcher 12 inch Go-To Dob is more than I ever dreamed I would be able to own. Due to our awful winter weather I have scarcely had a chance to use it, but my one decent session revealed truly wonderful views of the Moon, Jupiter and Omega Centauri.
  15. Geoff Barnes

    Do I need another eyepiece

    I tend to forgo the make up, but I will admit to doing a lot of my viewing in my pyjamas, dressing gown and slippers!

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