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  1. I'm pretty certain that it is the low altitude and poor seeing conditions that are causing the problems for all you poor folk up north. I wouldn't say it was easy, but I rarely failed to spot the pup whenever I tried last year with my 12 inch Dob, with Sirius being quite high in the sky down here. Apart from the glare of Sirius I found the diffraction spikes to be my main obstacle to overcome.
  2. Ah well Will, look on the bright side, now you can start to use the services of FLO, the best astro supplier bar none!
  3. For Sale my Vixen SLV 4mm Eyepiece. In as new condition with all original packaging. £70 Including International Postage. (Also advertised elsewhere).
  4. For Sale, my TV Nagler 3-6mm Zoom Eyepiece. As new condition with all original packaging and contents. £275 Including International Shipping. (Also advertised elsewhere).
  5. There's not been an awful lot of interesting things to see lately in my limited northerly view here, which is just as well, given we've been shrouded in terrible smoke from the bushfires in eastern Victoria. You look out the window and you'd be forgiven for thinking it is just thick mist and fog, but as soon as you step outside the smell of the smoke really hits you. At least we're getting good rains now and the forecast is for a major rain event early next week so fingers crossed things should improve dramatically soon, and Orion is gradually moving into prime position too!
  6. Hi @Barry-W-Fenner John is In Australia but you can get your solar film from our sponsor FLO here.... https://www.firstlightoptics.com/solar-filters/baader-astrosolar-safety-film-nd-50.html.
  7. Yes, doesn't it need a minus symbol before the longitude figures?
  8. Agree @F15Rules I'm one of the lucky ones and have avoided taking the long and expensive route. I don't have very deep pockets and have tended to buy the cheaper, well regarded eyepieces such as my SW Planteary 4mm and 5mm. They have been absolute bargains and have reassuringly held their own against my Vixen SLV 4mm, ES 4.7mm and my TV 3-6mm zoom, both of which I bought purely to compare with my SW's. My favorites are my Baader Morpheus 6.5mm and Hyperion 8-24mm zoom which I find so comfortable to use, and I won't consider spending more than the Morpheus range again. I will sell my ES, TV and Vixen Ep's to recoup some funds, the Morpheus 4.5mm is the only one now that I really covet.
  9. @bluesilver The Lumicon filters are mainly available from the USA suppliers, but many don't ship to Australia. You could try https://www.astroshop.eu/ as an alternative, they ship worldwide. Alas, good though it is, my Astronomik 0lll filter shows the Veil fainter than your image on the left @John Too low on our light polluted horizon from here - very frustrating.
  10. I'd be happy with that. That's how mine looks and then I just finalise with a defocused star test to confirm and everything looks nice and sharp.
  11. My first thought was that the moon is nearly full so there will be few if any shadows to give a detailed view. Better to view it in a week or so when the shadows along the terminator edge will be strong again.
  12. With Jupiter being so high in the sky here I was able to see Io disappear and reappear at least on two separate occasions last autumn here. Took about 3 hours as I recall.
  13. I completely agree with the above, once I got my secondary mirror set perfectly with my Cheshire and locked it into place, I now only use a star test to finalise my collimation each time I set up as I know the secondary is right. It almost always needs a slight tweak of the primary screws each time to get that set perfectly, but it is a one or two minute job at most and away I go with everything looking sharp. I check the secondary with the Cheshire maybe a couple of times a year but it rarely needs adjusting again.
  14. How long have you waited for the dongle wifi signal to appear on your phone? I find quite often it can take one to two minutes to show up on my wifi connections on my Samsung phone.
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