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  1. I'm very envious @John, Having purchased my Vixen SLV 2.5mm back in February (specifically to try and see the Vallis Alpes central rille and Plato craterlets), I still haven't had a clear night at the right lunar phase. I got very close a couple of nights ago but it was just one day too early. What I did manage to see though at an astonishing 600x blew me away! It really felt as if I was about to touch down on the lunar surface with incredible detail visible in rock steady seeing. It was the first time I have been able to clearly see individual mountain peaks rising above the smooth curve of the outer lunar disc. I'm really hungry now for a clear chance to see those tantalising details this month, given good seeing I think it will definitely be achievable! Fingers cossed!
  2. If I may join in the fun, I had a rare evening of clear skies recently and had a go at finding a new target for me, NGC 3918 The Blue Planetary Nebula in Centaurus. I had tried once before with my Synscan GoTo but without success, but after studying the sky chart on StarWalk 2 (it isn't listed on my basic SkySafari app for some reason) I felt confident of finding it just above Crux. Using the !2 inch Dob manually I centred the finderscope in the required area and with the Baader zoom on 24mm could see what appeared to be a pale blue star, but it was bigger, more like Neptune but fuzzy. Changing to 8mm it was an obvious small round disc, pale bluish grey and about the size of Mars. Even with the Morpheus 6.5mm no other details visible but a pretty thing nonetheless and I always get a bit of a buzz out of seeing a new target.
  3. Just so we know @LivK, is that you on the right???
  4. Yes thanks Ricochet, I copy and pasted the url but it doesn't seem to work, I'll try again.
  5. Hello Liv and welcome to the Lounge. I found this review online which sounds quite positive, a very good starter scope by the sound of it, enjoy! http://www.oasi.org.uk/Telescopes/ST80_review.php
  6. Yes quite normal Stu. I have to (usually) tweak my primary mirror setting just a little to get it perfect each time I wheel my 12 inch Dob out onto our slightly bumpy lawn. Nothing drastic just a little adjustment only takes a minute or so and it's good to go.
  7. Sorry for being off topic but I noticed you had 999 "likes" @Cosmic Geoff so I took the liberty of getting you the 1000!
  8. Unfortunately only Venus is visible in the evenings at the moment Jennifer. All the others are visible before sunrise if you want to get up really early. Later in the year Jupiter, Saturn and Mars will return to our evening skies.
  9. No you are seeing Venus properly Jennifer. Look at Dave's photos above, Venus has phases like the moon.
  10. Hi Mikey and welcome! Have a read through this thread to get some ideas about Dob storage..
  11. Sounds pretty certain that you still haven't got your finderscope aligned with the telescope. First priority is to get your target in the centre of your view through your telescooe eyepiece and then centre it in the finderscooe with the adjusting screws. Once that is done you should be able to find everything especially with a 20mm or 25mm eyepiece. Good luck Jennifer!
  12. I've just had a look at Izar on SkySafari and it won't be in good position for me until August. That's okay, nice dark winter skies then and Izar will be at its highest altitude at about 25 degrees above our northern horizon , so I'm fairly confident of splitting it with the 12 inch Dob so long as I can get a clear sky!
  13. Hi Mikey, no difference in focus on anything you look at up there, it is all basically on infinity. So once you are sharply focussed on one object everything else will be too, no matter what telescope you are using.
  14. Intriguing! If the scope is finding your second chosen star with no problem then your alignment must be okay. I have had a few instances of my Dob slewing crazily, certainly low battery power has caused it once or twice. On other occasions I found that simply redoing the alignment process rectified the problem. We will get to the bottom of this, have no worries!
  15. Very impressive Avani. Any idea what magnification those views would translate to if it was through an eyepiece?
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