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Geoff Barnes

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  1. Geoff Barnes

    Has anything changed on SGL? Tablet slow!

    I must say I do find the forum is very slow on my android laptop, sometimes when I'm typing a post I have to wait about half a minute for the text to catch up. Typing this currently on my iPad and all is fine.
  2. +1. I've never used a dual speed focuser but the stock standard single speed suits me fine.
  3. I've just had a very enjoyable couple of hours with the 12" Dob, on a perfectly clear, mild evening though a tad breezy at times. I always find on windy nights that the turbulent air leads to some very variable seeing, though during calmer spells the seeing is superb. Anyhow, using the Baader 8-24mm zoom had a good look at Jupiter, Saturn and Mars (good details on all three at 8mm, 185x). Also the Lyra constellation, did a star test on Vega and eventually got the scope collimated pretty well using Gary Seronik's technique. Good views of the Ring Nebula, the Double Double and Albireo all at 8mm (185x). Went back to Saturn which is currently in Sagittarius and had beautiful views of the Butterfly, Ptolemy and Sagittarius clusters. Must get a filter to see the nebulae. The breeze had died by this stage and the seeing of Saturn was superb, Cassini clearly there, the shadow cast on the rings by the planet also, and definite banding on the disc. Was so thrilled I called out to my wife to have a peek. With a strategically placed small stepladder (she is quite short) I guided her to the eyepiece and showed her where to focus in case it needed adjustment. After a few "oh wow's" and "oh yeah's" she returned indoors and I placed my eye back against the eyepiece. Crikey! Saturn was just a fuzzy blob! Now I wear quite strong glasses for daily use, but not for telescope viewing, I prefer to go without. Wifey doesn't wear specs at all and the difference in focus at the eyepiece was astounding! I had thought there would be a slight difference but never dreamed it would be so vast. It does make me wonder just how differently we all see things, be it colour, contrast, sharpness etc. No wonder we all choose such a variety of different eyepieces and scopes to suit our individual needs. Nevertheless, a great evening's viewing at last!
  4. Okay, a challenge eh? How about Planet 9 then? (and I don't mean Pluto!) That should keep you busy for a while!.
  5. Geoff Barnes

    Cloudy Nights

    That seems like a good way to pass the time Cyril! The photos at the end are quite amazing, it's an exquisite piece of engineering!.....http://www.my-time-machines.net/astro_05-18a.htm
  6. Geoff Barnes

    The Universe in a box....

    Great stuff Stu! Good idea to have those red lights on the top to warn low flying aircraft!
  7. I've been giving this subject a bit of thought for the last few hours and I've come to the conclusion, that (for me) it boils down to one overriding consideration, and that is - Why do I have a telescope? Why indeed! The answer is very simple, I want to be amazed at seeing all the magnificent sights that are up there in the heavens. I want to immerse myself in their beauty and majesty, to see unimaginable, otherworldly things that transport me to another place and time. (Hope that doesn't sound too pompous!). Whether "Object X" is 2 degrees west of "Object "Y", or "Object "A" happens to be 5 degrees north of "Object B" is of absolutely no interest to me, my GO-TO scope knows exactly where they are and takes me there in seconds, and once there the tracking function keeps them in the centre of the EP (okay with a tiny bit of adjustment to begin with sometimes), and I can relax without any nudging required and concentrate on them dead centre in view for as long as I like, just enjoying taking it all in while the scope does all the work. Lazy? Maybe, but in time I will naturally learn to read the sky this way anyway without really trying. As I said before, I want to spend my time enjoying the sights as much as possible for as long as possible and my GO-TO allows me to do that so well, and I can always turn it off and use it manually too if I like. (Did that make sense?).
  8. Geoff Barnes

    Mount Stops Slewing

    By golly this brings back bad memories for me! I too had the dreaded "Both Axes - No Response" with my 12" Dob GO-TO, weeks and weeks of frustration, until the Skywatcher technician suggested the AZ Power cable was not fully inserted into its sockets. I thought it was connected as it hit a definite "stop" in the socket, but no, it had to be quite forcefully pushed until it clicks and locks into place. I did that and tralaaaa! It works perfectly now every time! Give it a go and make sure the cable clicks in and locks. If it's not that then I'm afraid I can't suggest anything else.
  9. Geoff Barnes

    Welcome back, old friend

    I've noticed from my vantage point Downunder that you're a bit of an early bird Demonperformer, usually the first one online. Im also looking forward to viewing Orion, I've not seen it through my 12 inch Dob yet. So much to look forward to.
  10. Ha ha! I don't think David Bowie knew what planet he was on half the time let alone how to pronounce his name ! Of course Bowie was his stage name so he had no family terms of reference to rely on.
  11. Well Al himself pronounces it Nay-gler in the video, so you would presume he knows how to say his own name.
  12. Geoff Barnes

    Wi-Fi Adapter Problem - Update.

    .....and after all the frustration and wasted time and effort all it was, the AZ cable just needed to be forcefully pushed into its sockets harder until it clicks! When you push it in it hits a definite stop and you think it's home, but no, you have to push harder. Connected and worked perfectly straight away!!! Such a relief, I don't know whether to laugh or cry! (Edit, The more I read on this and other forums about this problem the more convinced I am that many others using GO-TO scopes are having the same issue and don't realise the solution is simply to push the AZ Power cable in harder until it clicks, need to get the message out there somehow).
  13. Geoff Barnes

    What did the postman bring?

    You little beauty! I never ever thought I would have one of these, the EQ6-R Pro arrived today! Just one problem..... I didn't order it!!! Tasco have sent back my Dob Go-To base unit in one box, and to my surprise they sent a second box (addressed to me). Upon opening said box there it was, a shiny new EQ6-R Pro mount. Very nice I'm sure, but of absolutely no use to me at all. Some poor soul somewhere is wondering why they haven't received their order, well that's cos I've got it! Tried to phone Tasco at 12.35pm only to be informed they close at 12 noon on Fridays! I will just have to wait until Monday now to get anything done about it, someone has made a big boob!
  14. Geoff Barnes

    Surfs Up in South Wales

    Surf's up so high here in Oz it's falling from the sky! Oh well I got a couple of good sessions in this week so mustn't grumble!
  15. Geoff Barnes

    collimating a telescope

    Hi Glenn and welcome to the forum. We do have a few American posters on here but we are a UK based forum, so our US geography knowledge is probably lacking. Are you a member of your US Astronomy Forum https://www.cloudynights.com/index . They would be better able to assist you I feel. Do continue to post on here though, we love to hear reports wherever they come from!

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