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  1. I'm in selby north Yorkshire. I think the nearest club is York. I have emailed them, but their email no longer works:( Whilst I align my large telescope mirrors I've used my travelscope. Not a bad attempt given I've never done this. Struggled with tremor quite a bit.
  2. I have now watched lots of YouTube tutorials on how to collimate. Wish me luck this said, its so overcast where I am, it's been hard to see the moon with the naked eye
  3. Hey, I too am from selby north Yorkshire and a telescope noob. How are you getting on with your scope. I've struggled understand how to collimate, so its been a slow start, but I've just watched a step by step guide in how to adjust and align my mirrors:)
  4. Lol. Unbelievably, I do not drink. I like collecting certain bottles of alcohol. None will ever be opened much to the annoyance of my sister. I hope it stays that way when my son becomes a teenager.
  5. I took the 20 and 10 eye pieces out today to just look through them at the moon. They couldn't focus on the moon either. I wasnt looking through a window. The view finder slides on, then is screwed in place. It has a little wheel on the side. Through one of the eye piece when I take it out, I can see the edge of the glass, not sure of this is ok? Sadly I can still see nothing.
  6. I've no idea why it was white when I was looking at a black sky. I am very confused. I bought this really for my little boy and I'm worried if I dont get this sorted it will forever ruin his interest, which will be mortifying:(
  7. Still.nothimg tonight despite trying to focus on the moon. Here are the pics of inside my telescope and the view finder. I'm most about to give up.
  8. Thanks for baring with me. When the whee is turned the eye nozel does move in and out. I will take a pic inside and upload tomorrow
  9. This is the wheel I'm turning. This is all I see. Its day time right now. If I wave my hand in front it's very faint but I can see a shadow pass
  10. It does. I've taken the eye piece out and put it back in having turned it fully 360. As I did this a black shadow like an eclipse was visible, so I rotated it until this disappeared then secured with the screws again.
  11. I have a celestron astromaster 130eq. When I look through the eye piece, all I see is a bright which circle of light. Please note, the moon wasnt out last night. All lights were off in the house. It was pitch black outside. I moved the eye piece to try and home in on anything but it will not. The viewing focal is fixed, doesn't move and is held in place by screws. This isn't a case of blurred items, this is the scope not focusing on anything. I've taken the eye piece out and when I look in the scope my eyes central. I've looked through the eye piece while it's not in the scope and I can see in the distance, all be it very blurred. The caps are all off, theres nothing in the tube that should be there. Any ideas? I've tried day and night
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