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  1. You can request another trial license online, even with the same email address and you will probably get another 45 days to play around with it for free. I did this on 2 occasions and it went through fine. By the way, that final process above looks lovely well done!
  2. Yes I have the same camera and get the exact same amp glow. It also shows up in bias frames.. In any case it does calibrate right out when lights are integrated with darks and bias frames.
  3. It is recommended not to do any post-processing within DSS simply to use it for stacking (I assume that when you mentioned "Turn the saturation all the way up, move the histogram to the left." you did this inside DSS itself). When you say " The pictures are loaded as Gray 16-bit. That must be it. How to fix this? Have I accidentaly got only black and white trough APT? " - again I assume this is what you see inside DSS in the window which show all of the frames which you are stacking, and in one of the columns to the right hand side. This is totally normal / expected as the images have not been Debayered yet. The one setting you need to be sure you get right in DSS : in the RAW/FITS settings of DSS if you are capturing images as FITS files, then choose the 'FITS Files' tab and choose the correct Debayer pattern (for Canon cameras I think it is 'RGGB').
  4. I would have thought so too, but the histogram looked OK with the 10 minute subs. Maybe I'm wrong on that though and the light frames have soaked in too much LP.. I can upload a single light frame if anyone wants to have a look to see if the LP is gone too far.
  5. Thanks Nigel, yes I figured that the lack of flats wasn't going to help. I have been struggling to get successful flats - I had a session on the Horsehead Nebula a few weeks back and took 20 flats with an artificial light source, but when I performed the stacking process the result looked worse when I included those flats to when I just stacked without any flats. It turns out that I still have the camera attached to the scope since the night I imaged the Soul Nebula (and I think the focus is still the same position), so just now I had another crack at getting some fresh flats for use with the Soul Nebula lights etc. I have 20 flats now .. but again I'm not sure that they are of any use, when I stretch the images I can't really see anything that would sort out the vignetting and dust bunnies. I use Ekos / Indi for image capture on a Raspberry Pi 3 (https://www.indilib.org/). Here is one of the flats I just captured (22MB). Flat_001.fits
  6. This is my second attempt at the soul nebula. Details are as follows: Scope: Skywatcher ED80 DS Pro at 510mm, F/6.4 Camera: ASI294MC Pro Filter: IDAS LPS P2 (1.25") 10 x 10minute lights, 20 darks, 30 bias, no flats Seeing on the night was excellent, I live in a suburban area probably around Bortle 6/7 I am really struggling to get much signal from the soul nebula, and was wondering if it is just my processing skills or if the data I have just doen't have much in it. I realise 100 minutes worth of lights is not a lot, but still would expect to get more out of it than I have managed. I have uploaded the stacked TIFF, it is around 138MB (I used 'drizzle' during stacking, but resampled back down to the original width x height of the camera): Download TIFF: https://we.tl/t-VsykYH19jL
  7. Hi Tom, OK in that case my apologies but I was mistaken on the size and the filter you have is not the size I am looking for. Best of luck with the sale
  8. Hi Tommohawk, pardon my ignorance but is 31mm the outermost diameter? I checked my IDAS LP P2 filter and the outer seems to measure 31mm, and there is a threading which is narrower than this. Do you know if this is effectively the same as your Ha filter? My LP filter image:
  9. @hornedreaper33 I used a very useful YouTube tutorial by David Aldrich for this, the first YouTube link in my M42 post here:
  10. Hi that is a really generous offer, but I feel I must pay you something! will pm you now
  11. Hi thanks for the reply, I hadn't thought too much about bandwidth.. Do you know how does the 12nm perform on nights with a big moon in the sky?
  12. Hi I am looking for a 2nd hand H-Alpha filter in the 1.25" size. I own an ZWO Optics ASI294MC Pro which is a colour sensor but would like to try adding some H-Alpha to images, and also open up the ability to image on nights with a pesky moon out!
  13. Wonderful Emil, thanks for sharing! Unfortunately I was clouded out on the night
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