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  1. I agree - we are all part of SW quality control department!
  2. Sorry - I was following your old thread with interest, but this seems to be saying even with the new TS secondary you’ve not made any progress and hence you want to move it on? Did you also try out the mirror edge baffle?
  3. Well the good news is that taken together, some or all of your suggestions have worked, and I am just about to end my session for tonight after 25x300 seconds captures of M101. ClearOutside predicts 27% cloud cover in the next hour..... Many thanks for sorting out my issues!
  4. Many thanks for the ideas - I have made the various suggested changes in the custom settings, and am indoor testing at the moment, although it may not misbehave until under tonight’s clear sky! After that it will be digging deeper into the Indi side as necessary and then the Windows APT camera interface.
  5. Thanks, I had already tried a version of your ‘cure’ - however your description is better detailed - I’ll give it a try!
  6. Yes - you and @R26 oldtimer are quite right - and it was set to ‘auto’ on my camera!
  7. As far as I know, there is no 'long exposure NR' on the EOS 550D (bought in 2009, before the feature came into common use perhaps).
  8. A couple of nights ago, my camera started playing up. After successfully recording five exposures of 300 seconds, at the end of the next imaging period of 300 seconds, the captured image was not downloaded to the RPi4 with the Indi driver indicating that there was an 'unknown error', and the camera display showing the number of remaining exposures on the SD card continuing to flash. When eventually, after various steps of attempting to get it to carry on working, I went to turn off the power the screen showed an animated rotating image saying Recording...Remaining Images :1. Since then I have tried various cures including changing power supply from mains adapter to battery and back, updating the camera firmware to the latest version, and changing SD cards, even though the images are not normally saved to the SD card. Has anyone encountered this before, and any good ideas for solving the issue? One final 'cure' remains for me to test, to attempt to drain down the internal power source which maintains the date and time and camera optional settings. I have removed the main battery, but I haven't a clue how long I will need to leave it to drain down, or if this may be any help at all! By the way, the camera seems to function quite normally when used in standard camera modes (P, AV, T, Auto etc) with shortish exposure times up to half a minute.
  9. Thanks for the explanation about the sampling issues. As you can see in my ‘signature’ I have the three ‘scopes these days, including a SkyMax150 pro which has a very different focal length specified as 1800mm. Actually the focal length can reach over 20% more when you adjust the primary mirror to include a Crayford focuser and camera backfocus, so I have a radical option if the FOV of the others loses interest! The ED80 is effectively 510mm with the FR and the 150p 675mm with the CC. At the moment I am using the Newt for galaxies where the 30% longer focal length means a bigger image of the target, but I also benefit from the f4.5 versus f6.35 of the ED80/FR. For the equivalent light capture, the Newt requires slightly less than half of the exposure time, which is great at this time of year.
  10. Hi Ruzeen, Could you spell out in a bit more detail what you mention above on the sampling issue? I am presently using my astromodified Canon EOS 550D with my SW 80ED with 0.85x FR/corrector and my SW 150p Newtonian with the SW Coma Corrector which has a 0.9x FR effect. After reflecting for a while on moving to a dedicated cooled astro camera I settled on the ASI533, but in my case rather than the ASI294, for AP and also some EAA in streetlamp influenced skies. Any thoughts? Ed
  11. Yes - but since making the change to Astroberry 2.0.0, Radek has based it on the Raspbian Buster linux distribution (rather than Ubuntu MATE), and the astroberry.io site he manages is a 'repo', so updating and upgrading is a total doddle!
  12. For test (simulation - cloudy times) purposes would it be possible to allow a folder of already saved images to be stacked, either at maximum rate, or perhaps a specified rate e.g. one every 30 seconds? I found with the Windows 10 version I could feed a capture folder with one fits file at a time and watch the ALS actions, but couldn’t do so on my RPi4 which is obviously very busy when ALS is executing (presumably because all cpus/threads are active with ALS in the present version). I normally control my RPi4 for capture guiding etc. from my laptop running VNC viewer over the RPi4 (Astroberry) wifi hotspot. I suppose I could use something like SyncThing on both machines to copy over captured images and then run ALS on the laptop which would have spare processing capacity. Am I missing any obvious alternative? Thanks
  13. Personally I have put aside the microSD card which I duplicated onto the SSD, and replaced it with another (smaller) microSD card as the daily workhorse in the RPi. It has the same contents in the cmdline.txt file in the boot partition (which you can edit under Win10 of course) as the ‘master’ microSD card. I suppose I have accepted that microSD cards are ‘temporary’ and that one day I may need to revisit the backup card and make a fresh SSD copy. Over the last six months I have got quite proficient at handling the RPi at this user level and accept that inevitably I will be updating software when new features are added or new ideas come along. Don’t forget RaspberryPi.org suggest that some day booting from SSD directly may become an option!
  14. The RPi has taken several strides in performance improvement since the model B+ was launched! https://www.raspberrypi.org/blog/price-cut-raspberry-pi-model-b-now-only-25/
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