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  1. C11 Edge Weight is 13kg, plus Accessories and apply the 2/3rds rule for Astrophotgraphy... You are looking at a mount that can handle around 23kgs of weight. The CEM60 is a very good choice I think
  2. I have two questions... Is the filter swapping just a minor inconvience? Will it still have the micro lens diffraction pattern problem for bright objects?
  3. I'm assuming your mount came with a cigarette style plug? If so I would recommend placing https://www.firstlightoptics.com/power-accessories/nevada-ps-08-6a-8a-regulated-linear-power-supply.html at your nearest electricity plug indoors and run https://www.firstlightoptics.com/power-accessories/lynx-astro-silicone-power-cable-extension.html to your mount.
  4. I suspected this was the case, I think my plans to get a mono camera with filters will have to wait til I can also buy an Esprit along with it.
  5. I've been imaging with a SW ED80 for nearly a couple of years now, using a DSLR with the stock focusser with no issues. I've heard stories of the stock focuser slipping for some people with heavier imaging equipment (mono camera + filter wheel) which is something I want to upgrade to in the not too distant future. Something I am also looking at getting soon is the Sesto Senso Autofocuser, and I was wondering, do these help with the prevention of focuser slippage at all? I want to avoid focuser upgrade if at all possible because I would rather invest the money into an Esprit which is a scope I want to buy at some point.
  6. Would the dovetail bar on my 180 need to be removed if I wanted to fit your tube rings? Looks like it does and I'm not sure I want to mess around taking it apart.
  7. I would recommend setting up in daylight and point to something you know is vertical i.e. the side of a house. Line up your polar scope with it and take note where your arrow marks are pointing. Or you can mark it with a sticker or something like that.
  8. how long was the exposure of each light frame and what ISO setting? A bright moon will adversley effect the image. Perhaps if you post one of the frames to help us?
  9. Any comments on https://www.firstlightoptics.com/ovl-eyepieces/hyperflex-9-27mm-zoom.html ?
  10. I have both the SW ED80 for DSO imaging and a newly acquired Skymax 180 for planetery imaging. I am looking to possibly upgrade the focuser on the ED80 and buy a crayford focusser for the Skymax at some point. Not sure its possible... but can I kill two birds with one stone and use stock ED80 focuser on my Skymax with some kind of adapter? Sounds like a longshot but worth asking...
  11. Looking to fill a gap in my limited eye piece range for my relatively new SW Skymax 180. My current collection consists of: Explore Scientific 6.7mm (402x mag rarely useable at such high magnification?) Skywatcher 25mm that came with my ED80 (108x mag) Explore Scientific 2x Barlow So my 25mm is the only really useable eyepiece I own, giving me 108x and 216x mag options with my 2x barlow). There are some things I would like advice on: I'm thinking of getting something to fill the 300x-350x mag range... should I go for something like a 10mm eyepiece, or 20mm and use my barlow? I've read that I don't particularly need a top of the range eye piece for a scope with such a large focal length? Considering both the above, I was thinking https://www.firstlightoptics.com/baader-planetarium/bcortho-18-2954118.html. Any better candidates?
  12. This seems to be a predicament for a lot of ed80 owners such as myself. I too, have had no issues so far with a dslr on the stock focusser but I have also heard reports from others who do. When considering the expense of a feather touch/moonlight, I think i'd rather put that cost towards an Esprit.
  13. Not initially. But I did go through the setup wizard again where it took the darks. Would this have created new calibration data? Not really sure what that process involves.
  14. Would the fact that my unguided was better than my guided suggest that my polar alignment was not the problem?
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