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  1. How did you take this??like how long did you keep the lens open for and how many pictures??
  2. HI guys I have got a skywatcher 130 telescope and I want to get the best out of it like see clusters, galaxys ect.. has anyone got advise to give me more equipment I can use
  3. holy sugar there brilliant there some money been spent there have you any picture's of what you have took with them ??
  4. Has anyone got any pictures of there set up ??
  5. When does this start with brian cox??
  6. I have that tripod that you have got Slynxx but I think its not to stable enough I think its the same anyway.
  7. Hi I live in Longridge Preston PR3 and I am looking for star parties or events round the forest of bowland places like that do you know anywhere

    my Email Ashylad79@hotmail.co.uk

  8. Hi Dave I have a sky-watcher 130 telescope I can use the tripod from that really stable one Its just setting it up like Slynxx said plus theres no clear nights here at the minute.
  9. Hi I have just got A Star Adventurer has anyone got any good Advise for me ??
  10. Hi Guys i was thinking about getting the Sky Watcher Sky Adventurer has anyone got any advice??


    1. Cornelius Varley

      Cornelius Varley

      Please ask your questions in the main forum possibly here so it will get answered by a larger group of people.

      SGL mods team

    2. toilandtrouble123


      Get it and love it!!! It's on my wishlist! 

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