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  1. Anyone got any ideas on the launch date? Are we talking weeks or months?
  2. Can it collimate a hyperstar configuration? Anyone tried putting the "focuser" mirror on the back of the HyperStar lens?
  3. Just saw this in an email http://m.gooutdoors.co.uk/vango-turini-200-touring-tent-p290272 A tent with a built in motorcycle garage - I was interested as a biker but then thought - you could easily get a decent mount and scope in there. £175 Thought I'd share in case anyone is thinking it might be handy for a star party.
  4. Yes. If you want photoshop, don't want to 'steal' it, and don't fancy paying £500 upwards up front, then yes it's worth it. Plus with renting it you can have it on multiple (2 I think) computers (mac and pc) for the same cost, and it you get the updated versions included. It is, of course up to everyone to make their own value decisions, but since I do subscribe myself, I must think its worth it.
  5. They're offering it again. https://creative.adobe.com/plans/offer/photoshop+lightroom?trackingid=KKLQK
  6. I've always aimed for classy rather than cool, as miley herself has proved, 'cool' is fleeting. There - that's 2 lessons we can learn from Miley Cyrus in one day. :-D
  7. It's like Miley Cyrus once said (before she went all Britney): "There's always gonna be another mountain I'm always gonna wanna make it moveAlways gonna be an uphill battleSometimes I'm gonna have to loseAin't about how fast I get thereAin't about what's waitin' on the other sideIt's the climb"
  8. There is an app for iPhone called iss visibility which really helps work out when it's best to go looking for iss in your area.
  9. I suspect it doesn't. I've just had a quick play and it did some nice things on the press of an "auto" button, but there was no granular control (that I found yet) such as levels or curves. The advantage of this offer is only against the normal price of full photoshop which is roughly double, and Lightroom is freebie extra sweetener. In the end I think most people come to the conclusion that getting a full copy of photoshop is inevitable, it's just how you buy or source it that becomes the question. This way is about £100 a year, which is a lot cheaper than buying outright, and lets you play on 2 computers at a time (good if you're on both Mac and PC like me).
  10. It's the full version, and from memory you can install on as many machines as you like but only have it active on 2 at any given time. Dunno about stacking, it's not really astro software so I doubt it but no doubt someone on here will know if it's possible. I tend to use nebulosity to stack then ps for curves levels etc.
  11. I happen to use the monthly subscription single app 'creative cloud' subscription to buy my photoshop, and I happened to notice they suddenly started charging me (my company) VAT. That led me to looking at their site and seeing this offer https://creative.adobe.com/plans/offer/photoshop+lightroom which ends on the 8th december, where you get both Photoshop CC (latest version) and Lightbox for £8.78 per month (you have to commit to the year). About half of what I was paying. I then went onto the online customer services chat and (eventually) a very friendly guy said he would cancel my existing subscription with no charge so I could take the offer. Very nice of him So if any of you are not subscribing and think that under £9 a month is worth it, then click the link. If you are already subscribing, just call or click their Customer services team and ask nicely ;-) Doesn't make up for the disappointment of Ison burning up, but it does save £100 so that you can spend it on other astro gear ;-) Cheers Dan
  12. Quick bump while there is still time to go.
  13. I'm doing some work with the Satellite Applications Catapult, and they are running an evening event in London next week - 20th November. It's aimed at people in the IT industry who might want to know more about working with Space Tech and Satellites. Beer and pizza provided. You can read more at this link http://www.meetup.com/CitizenInventor/events/142338652/ I've attached a leaflet with lots of details too. Space for you.pdf Should be a great evening.
  14. I've ordered some too as it goes. My old ones were end if life after about 15 years, and they're the kind of tool you just want in the house ready for when you need them. Hope they work for you. :-)
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