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  1. Well folks, a stranger checking in, i enjoyed my quick visit to you on Saturday afternoon. nice to see some old acquaintances, and some new peeps that attend now, stirred something inside tbh, think i may call in next year, even stay a couple of nights work permitting, good to see my baby going strong and growing up. cheers steve.
  2. cheers to everonr for attending, if you have any images or comments about the site lesley has a face book page so please do share here https://www.facebook.com/pages/Drumroamin-Farm-Camping-Caravan-Site/215196418578381 . bookings will open next year in the new year, and looks like the event will run from the 19th of november. there may be a gathering in spring the weekend before kielder in febuary, cheers steve
  3. sorry guys the takeaway in wigtown closed last winter,
  4. hi all, clear her at the moment, but just wanted to say there has been two cancellations, so anybody who has not booked due to electric bieng unavailable, get intouch with lesley at the site.. cheers steve
  5. Thats a shame steve, would have been good to see the solar talk we missed last year due to the iffy laptop , some other time hopefully
  6. Hi all, as of the other day there was a couple of electric pitches left. Colder weather starting to move in at the end of the week, so here's hopeing for a cold snap during the camp. cheers steve
  7. I hope this aint a let down, been looking forward to this, as good if not better than panstarrs and i will be ok with it.
  8. as posted above startrails is free and easy to use
  9. dweebostar


    Hello and welcome
  10. dweebostar

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    Hello and welcome.
  11. Hi all, well august is here, so not long now, still spaces available.
  12. Hi all, used a better camera and a scope insted of a lens, much better results than 2 day's ago, less noise. i uses a cannon 20da, and a wo 66 trip. 4 seconds at iso 500. cheers steve
  13. got some better one's tonight, with better camera ,60da, and through a wo66 not a lens. will post em up later.
  14. Finaly managed to see it as low cloud has been an issue in the western horizon last few night's. taken with a 400d, iso400 200mm lens
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