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  1. I've used AstroArt for over ten years - to control all my cameras, image acquisition and pre processing (darks flats, stacking etc), it also does guiding, plate solving and has some good image processing capabilities. Try the free download ..... I recommend it.
  2. I don't use this feature, but AstroArt can annotate images......
  3. Your guider would give a plate scale of 3.22 arc sec/ pixel. Getting 0.4 arc sec RMS would indicate guiding within a tenth of a pixel................
  4. Sounds like your guide plate scale will be around 3.1 arc sec/ pixel. This will limit the accuracy.....
  5. What camera and guide scope are you using? https://openphdguiding.org/manual/?section=Trouble_shooting.htm
  6. The PHD2 Manual has a great Problem solving section. https://openphdguiding.org/manual/?section=Trouble_shooting.htm Just make sure the scope is well balanced and all the attachments/ holding screws are tight and PA is as good as you can get. Performance will vary with the conditions.
  7. Guiding just maintains the target (guide) star at the same position in the FOV. If the PA is not accurate you'll end up with residual field rotation around the target (guide) star.
  8. Practice, practice.... onwards and Upwards.
  9. Yes, ImPPG replaces all the Registax wavelets processing.......
  10. A bit "over cooked" but I'm sure you'll work it out......
  11. ImPPG is well worth the effort to learn. Will make a hellava difference to your images. Just follow the tutorial until you get the hang of it. Onwards and Upwards.
  12. Hmmm, a bit harsh.... I've successfully used the ST-4 connection with/ without EQMod on both my HEQ5 and NEQ6 mounts for over ten years. No issues, no drama. There are MANY happy PHD2 users around the world, many more than use EQMod. It's well supported and capable of giving good guiding. Like all the tools in your toolbox, it just needs to be used correctly.
  13. Steve, What camera were you using? Tried a T2 tilter???
  14. Merlin66

    Lunt 50

    I use the Powermate after my BF15 diagonal. It's fitted with the T thread adaptor which screws directly into the camera (or the T2 tilter if needed)
  15. Kev was saying the adaptor worked OK until recently...what would have changed???
  16. Then it sounds like an connection issue with your EQDir module???
  17. Hmmm. On my NEQ6 set up with CdC and EQMod you select "Ascom" telescope chooser, then "EQMod Ascom HEQ5/6" then press Properties to confirm the comms connection etc.
  18. Yes, 15v is a good solution. I power both my HEQ5 and the NEQ6 with car convertor 12v to 15v, 120 watt. no issues, no drama.
  19. Rodd, check out the PHD2 help page, I ‘m pretty sure as PHD2 is controlling the guide movements it also does the dither independent of the imaging software.
  20. Rodd, doesn’t PHD2 have a dithering option?
  21. AstroArt has controlled all my cameras (ATiK, Lodestar, ASI) and preprocessing, guiding and post processing for many years. Never let me down. well worth considering.
  22. Yes, if you’re using EQMod you can set up a custom park position to suit the available space. I have the C11 parked horizontal pointing due East.
  23. Louise, I installed V2.9 along side V3.1 on my Win7 PC, no issues. should work for you.
  24. Mikey, I think we all probably know that....but the original question was what were the scales, and what where were used for......
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