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  1. Nice - good shout. How do you attach it to the scope or do you just balance it / hold it in place.
  2. I have taken my first flat frames and used the old t-shirt over the scope and point at the sky method and given the results from my first attempt at calibrating my lights using the flats it is clearly something I need to do every session now. But given the need to have the flats taken at the same rotation as the lights some form of light box seems to be the way forward. Seen you can buy some pretty nice bespoke astro ones ones but they're quite pricey. What diy options / non-astro specific solutions are out there? Cheers all
  3. Possible daft question; is it covered when not in use and do you use any form if dehumidifier? It won’t like being left outdoors for long periods of time if it is getting damp all the time.
  4. As per the above you need to connect the camera to the computer using a USB cable and then yes, APT does have a couple of focusing aids - one where you just see what the camera is seeing and it displays the FMHW value and you aim to get this number as low as possible. You centre a little window over a star in the image and adjust the focusser until this is the loweest number and the 'Peak' the highest number. It also has a rather nifty Bahnitov mask aid where you put the mask on the scope, move the cross hair over a star and hit calc. It then shows you how close to perfect focus you are. Both work very well and are pretty easy to get the hang of.
  5. As a word of caution I’d avoid cheap ftdi cables from the likes of Ali Express. They often use conned chips and when a driver update is released they often stop working. Buy a decent cable from a reputable astro dealer and you have far few issues in the future. Not often I recommend a ‘branded’ solution over a value alternative but having been then and done it with cables to hook up my ham gear it’s well worth it
  6. Well I nearly buggered that right up and glad I went and checked. Mount was at limits so had to perform my first meridian flip. That’s quite a dance the mount performs! Just about got to it in time and think I can finish off the blue channel before Orion gets lost behind the houses. Will have to keep an eye on that going forward!
  7. Nothing a bit of major surgery couldn’t fix . I do need to sort my filter wheel though. If that connected and stayed connected first time every time that would be a good chunk of time saved.
  8. @carastro @Gina yep I guess. Just have to ride it out. When I stop and think about it tonight is only my 6th or 7th imaging session. I just get frustrated when it doesn’t work because I know I can get everything set up so much better. My results have been disappointing as well but only because I know what can be achieved. I’ll admit I didn’t realise just how difficult imaging is until I tried started. I am trying to make use of the clear nights more though whereas earlier in the year illness stopped me from doing much.
  9. Grr. Beautiful night here and wasted 2 hours with stuff just not working. Intermittent filter wheel disconnection, not being able to find focus, software crashes etc. Finally set the sequence going - trying to grab at least 90 mins on M42 - be a good test off how far I’ve come in a year. At least I’m inside in the warm now whilst it does its thing...
  10. I lose him much earlier than that . However I’m keen to give M42 a go as it’s all I managed last year when I first started AP so I want to see how far I’ve progressed.
  11. Met Office showing promise until at least 2030-2100. CO shows cloud. Scope outside cooling in the hope the met are right. If they are I’ll at least be able to start on this year’s M42 or even the HH.
  12. Thanks all to who responded on this one. Thought I’d post a quick update - bit embarrassing really but I was missing out a step. It turns out that just bind plate solving an image without putting a target in the first box of Pointcraft don’t quite work. To help others who may have a similar issue the workflow that seems to have best success is: 1/ Use APT’s Goto function to skew to a target and then take a frame. At this stage the targeting is likely to be out 2/ Then go into Pointcraft, look up the target again and do a normal plate solve (not a blind plate solve) on the image you have just taken. 3/ Press Sync and Pointcraft will populate all the fields in the middle box. 4/ Then use Goto++ to perform its auto routine and you then be about bob on
  13. Very impressive for a short single sub. That camera looks like it has potential
  14. Give up. Subs to date are no good and I’m up with the boy tomorrow so will be an early start. I’ve took a punt though and am leaving the mount set up as tomorrow night has potential and I’ve nailed PA using SharpCap for the first time
  15. Well I’ve set a sequence going however I’m not convinced the cloud isn’t going to bigger [removed word] things up but seeing as I had it set up thought I might as well. Always intended to try and improve my M81 data but then saw Orion was nice and clear and was going to try M42 to see how I’ve improved since I started this whole AP malarkey in Feb. Then thought the clouds had cleared enough for M81 and now I’m not sure. Perhaps should have gone for M42. Ah well, will see what I end up with
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