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  1. Thank you! The RX10M4 is an absolute beast of a camera. Sure it's only a 1" sensor however I find I get nearly as good results 90% of the time as I did with my 5D mkIII and I can actually carry it around everywhere. I am going to mount it on my AZ EQ6GT and try some deep space just for a giggle
  2. Just got round to playing with this. Experimented with the Clear Image mode my Sony RX10M4 has - gives a 2x digital enlargement so 1200mm FF equiv focal length but as a consequence is jpeg only. Single images are actually very good however this is 190 frames stacked. I have tried to bring out the colour somewhat without overdoing it so hopefully it looks OK. Stacked in Registack, run through Topaz DeNoise (more for sharpening than NR) and then into DxO PL3 for final editing. Not bad for a mere bridge camera and hand held
  3. Thanks-that is handy to know. I may just be being thick in that case. Got something to try tomorrow and will report back. A lot of things just feel a bit clumsy at the moment but it’s only how I felt when I was first getting to grips with APT.
  4. I've made good progress in getting my R Pi 4 set up with Astroberry and have got it to recognise my CCD and filter wheel however when I go to the plate solve part it gives the following message in the dialogue box: --- World Coordinate System (WCS) is enabled. CCD rotation must be set either manually in the CCD driver or by solving an image before proceeding to capture any further images, otherwise the WCS information may be invalid. --- All the action buttons are disabled and I can't see anything in the Ekos or Indi options that lets me set the rotation manually or that will let me solve an image. If I try to disable WCS, the moment I click back on the plate solve option it re-enables automatically. Am I being a bit dense here and if so how to I resolve? Thanks all
  5. To run PS you really want a minimum 16gb of ram and an SSD and then the most powerful CPU you can afford. £ for £ these days AMD’s Ryzen processors will outperform Intel as a general rule. What’s your budget?
  6. Thanks for your feedback. This is my effort at combing the two - only using PS although I am sure there's a fancy way of doing it in PI. Reasonably happy with it however the blues don't look quite right but then the underlying data isn't the best/ I have something to aim for though at least and have a baseline to improve on.
  7. Thank you for sharing the data, very kind of you - I have been trying to get as much out of my M51 data but I don't have nearly as much. I doubt I'll get anywhere close to yours but at least it gives me something to work with.
  8. This a bit better? Need to work on my star reduction
  9. Just tweaked this a little. Ran the initial TIFF version of the PixInsight file through Topaz DeNoise first then tweaked in DxO, LR and PS. Just brings the colours out a little more but not too overdone I hope
  10. Thank you - that was what I was also looking at as I saw the obvious cluster. Bet that was a bit of a faff to process - extremely well done though.
  11. Apologies if I am being thick but is the galaxy the small smudge at around 8 o’clock in the centre-ish? If so that’s extremely impressive. If not then it really is invisible to me!!
  12. Dear old grannybgoode lived in Goring by Sea. Many many holidays spent down your neck of the woods. You’ve done better than me in being able to manually locate targets. I just didn’t have the patience so quickly got a goto. I blame the heavily light polluted skies - too hard to see the stars to jump to Have finally got a basic grip on AP though - great fun when it works. Which for me is not often!
  13. Using what I've learned processing M13 here is a quick reworking of the data I captured on M51. First image is the re-work (obvs!) and the second my first attempt. Amazing how much detail you can extract once you get familiar with the software! Of course could still do with even more data - the blue in particular is lacking but I'm much happier with the second effort.
  14. So managed to squeeze one last photo in before the short summer nights and it is my best to date - quite happy with it. I also need to now revisit my data on some other targets as I learned an awful lot about processing in PixInsight doing this. M13 - the Great Globular Cluster. Data Captured 06 May 2020. Not bad for a full moon and Bortle 8 skies - gives me hope for later in the year... 5 x 300S subs for RGB and 20 x 120S subs for L. Scope TMB Optics 105/650, Camera SX-674, FW SX and Baader filters.
  15. Would love a solar scope but sadly funds do not permit at the moment. Be great to use over the summer
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