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  1. How comfortable is comfortable? I am not an expert in Linux but am pretty comfortable, with guidance at least, doing most things on most OS's via command lines or anything else and would be happy to help if at all I can. Of course if I would be more of a hinderance I quite understand Given I am currently confined to quarters anyway I have time on my hands...
  2. Been confirmed Covid positive and feel pretty poo so no chance of doing any full imaging etc for the next few days but could not waste the stunning moon. Grabbed my Sony RX10M4 and fired off a few dozen frames and then gave Autostakkert a whirl (in the past have used Registax). Final tweaks in DxO and PS. Came out pretty nice I think - particularly considering camera was handheld...
  3. Nice - thanks for this. Been looking for a copy...
  4. You are better plate solving through the main imaging scope and camera, that way you can be sure of being on target regardless of whether the guide scope gets knocked out of alignment
  5. Thought I would try my hand at some close in lunar imaging. Not done it before so a bit of a learning curve but wanted to try out my new Pegasus FocusCube - just used the hand controller to focus, quite hard as the image was not steady on my screen at all and seeing wasn't great but for a first attempt I am happy enough. Any tips on how to sharpen up the focus would be gratefully received though. The image was a bit 'swimmy' on my computer screen so nailing it was very hard. Seeing could have been better too with some very high cloud spoiling things. Scope is a Meade 10" SCT, came
  6. Hi James Yes it works fine with EKOS and PHD2. I use it as my solving and guide cam. OACapture doesn't pick up and cameras at all. Doesn't pick up my main SX cam either and the camera option in settings is greyed out.
  7. As another alternative you could look at Kstars/EKOS instead of Stellarium. Full mount control built in and full imaging workflows as well if that's your thing.
  8. @JamesF I have run lsusb and screenshot attached showing the result. I have also made the change you suggested to the 99-altaircam.rules file which is how it shows on my installation of Astroberry. Again screenshot below of the change I made - bottom line is the one I added. Full power off and reboot of the Pi and reconnected the camera and still nothing showing up in OACapture (v1.9.0). The Camera settings tab is just greyed out. A I say Linux is not my strong point so if I've done something stupid do let me know Also apologies for the literal screenshots. New keyboard and can
  9. Yep - agree with most of what you have said; particularly trying to troubleshoot without having full knowledge of the gear etc. The problem with the above though - I can do that with my mount however it is often quite a long way off target and so I still miss, have to spend time re-framing, take another test sub etc when plate solving has it done in a matter of a minute or two to an accuracy I couldn't hope to repeat. I don't use ASCOM either rather INDI so no issues there . But yes, there are plenty of ways to skin this particular cat and one man's meat etc...
  10. The trick in my mind when looking at DSO's is to think about what you are looking at. That faint smudge is a whole other galaxy. Literally a whole galaxy; billions of stars light years across and you are seeing it with your own eye(s) from your back garden. That is pretty cool by any standards. Most DSO's are just smudges of varying shapes and sizes but, when at the eyepiece looking at them, just ponder about what they actually are and how far the photons hitting your retina have travelled, their age and their origins. To me that makes the whole thing magically :)
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