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  1. I scored mine from the Rother Valley Optics second hand section. Astrobuysell is another solid option.
  2. You almost seemed to be talking yourself into keeping it at one point Nice scope. I was going to sell my 10” Meade as I didn’t get along with it for a good while after getting up but glad I didn’t. As you say a nice large aperture and long FL in something remarkably compact.
  3. Nice report. I’ll have to try the app you mention and give some of these a whirl. Nothing beats seeing the smudge of a galaxy and letting the mind try and comprehend what the eye is seeing
  4. A lot depends on what camera you’re planning to use as well. Both scopes have a reasonably long focal length and consequently a narrow field of view so with a small sensor camera targets will be limited. Weight isn’t the only consideration when looking at the mount either. A long scope requires more torque to swing it and even if a 10” newt was within the right weight range it could still tax a more moderate mount like the HEQ5 simply due to its size. The slightest breeze as well will cause vibrations and movement which will ruin an imaging session very quickly. Finally long focal lengths require precise guiding so the set up has to be just so. Is there a particular reason you want a large long focal length scope for imaging as opposed to the more common short fast refractor?
  5. As @Erquy says Neb 4 is a really nice, easy to use package and is great for image capture. I am moving over to SGPro I think but still fire yo Neb 4 even if it’s just to focus. Mots good for basic processing as well - can get pleasing results very quickly. This is the script generator I think that’s mentioned. Pixinsight is a different kettle of fish but one that I’m tackling as it gives far more control over the processing workflow. Watch this video for a crash course in Neb. Ok it’s an earlier version but it’s still applicable to Neb 4.
  6. Love my AZEQ6 now I’ve finally got to grips with it. Tracks well, is quiet and handles everything up to my Meade 10” SCT with ease. I’d strongly recommend the SynScan WiFi adapter - the handset (and this applies to all SynScan handsets) is hateful. I have also just bought the Lynx Astro usb to mount cable so I can use my pc for mount control. The WiFi dongle is what’s made the mount usable for me . Mine guides via on camera ST4 at between 0.5 & 0.8” and that is using a reasonably crude visual PA. It is a reasonably heavy mount but it’s still very manageable for setting up and taking down in the garden and I’d happily take it somewhere in the car and set it up within a short distance of where I was parked.
  7. Whilst of course it’s easy to spend other people’s money - if the Vixen will give you most pleasure and will last for years that’s the route I’d go. Buy quality, buy once.
  8. Do you know what the backfocus is? Either way for £10 it would be rude not to take it off your hands. Pm me your payment details and I’ll sort today.
  9. 600kg will be about right for a triplet of that size. Not light at all. The complete scope comes in about 1t from memory.
  10. Imo the HEQ5 with pre-fitted Rowan beltmods would be the minimum I’d look at for ‘serious’ imaging. Has a proven track record and is used successfully by a lot of people. I think the 35 would frustrate. It’s not as robust and I think you’d quickly find yourself wanting to upgrade again. For AP the mount is everything so get the best you can possibly afford.
  11. I asked a similar question here and got some useful answers also:
  12. I have the MaxVision version of this. One of my favourites EP’s - really is a pleasure to use
  13. I agree with @happy-kat - is there a particular reason for stacking the TIFF files. They’re huge, many times larger than the raw camera files and I can think of no particular advantage to working with them in the initial stages. The ususl workflow is to stack, align, combine, stretch etc the raw files and then do final editing on a single ‘master’ TIFF. Doing all the initial processing will tax all but the very highest end computers and unless there is a very specific need - a complete waste of time and hard drive space.
  14. M31 needs a particularly wide FoV and I would be cautious tailoring an AP set up around a single target. I too really want M31 in the bag and I could do it with a bit of faffing around but have compromised elsewhere in my setup for future purposes. Also , if you haven’t already get hold of a copy of Making Every Photon Count. I know everyone recommends it but with good reason. I’m on my third read through and there is just so much more to AP than I ever imagined. Good luck and don’t get too addicted
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