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  1. All sky plate solver (free) does plate solve and GOTO....
  2. AstroArt I think, is like Maxim or PixInsight etc., primarily an image processing package. I know it does filter and exposure control, plate solve and can control guiding . John has developed his Observation Manager software for AstroArt to handle the scripts necessary for full observatory control. https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/AA5ObsMgr/info?showJoinPopup=true
  3. Fieldsy, I think you're getting confused about PHD2 - which is only a program to assist in guiding - after you have centred the telescope on the target object. No more, no less. You need another program to control the mount and direct the scope to the target. I use CdC with the EQMod interface. This (after having PA the mount and putting it in the Park position) allows you to click on a target and then click to get the mount to GOTO the target....once you are ready then you interface with PHD2 for sustained guiding. HTH
  4. +1 for AstroArt. I use it to control all my cameras, preprocessing (darks flats etc) and stacking as well as post processing. Highly underated - punches well above it's weight.
  5. Could be you're seeing the secondary offset.... I know you think the Cheshire is correct, but I'd trust the camera. What do the images look like through the telescope??
  6. John, There are no exemptions for Astro clubs etc. down here in Victoria.
  7. You need a Synscan handcontroller..... Alternative is to install EQMod on a PC and use that to control the mount.
  8. Just to add.... Here in Victoria, Australia you need a police permit to have and use a laser pointer. It cost me $ 180 to renew for three years. As you know, they can be dangerous, take care.
  9. Just a question..... will Musk be considering reusing the modules, to further reduce costs.
  10. Alex, Looks like Newton Rings.... These are caused by interference between the CCD chip and the coverplate. The narrowband Ha wavelength makes them more obvious. Usual answer is to slightly tilt the camera. I use a ZWO T2 tilter with my ASI 174.
  11. Coronado don’t seem to sell the SMIII external etalon as a separate part.....
  12. If the X wires are in good focus ( distant object) during the day they should still be in focus at night - independent of the illuminator.
  13. Mark, A blinking red light normally indicates that the mount is not getting sufficient power and the voltage has dropped. Your mount needs a minimum of 2-3A at 12V. It could be flat batteries or incorrect power adaptor.
  14. I’ve upgraded the focusers on all my ED80 refractors.... the three screws holding the focuser to the tube were just chromeplated M4 Philip screws. They came out easily and were replaced with SS M4 screws.
  15. Frank, the free version V2.9 allows PA alignment as well.
  16. If you want a direct change over, look for one which has a 96mm diameter fitment.
  17. Blob of BlueTac on the wire???
  18. Hmmmm. I thought it did. Extract from PHD2 Advanced settings: 'Use Declination Compensation' - if PHD2 can get pointing information from the mount via an ASCOM connection ('Mount' or 'Aux'), it will automatically adjust the RA guide rate based on the current declination. By connecting an "aux" mount it should get the info? That's what it seems to say in the PHD2 Help file......
  19. Micheal, Yes. I have to use the "Aux" mount connection with the Lodestar guider.
  20. David, I generally agree... but when the target is at high dec, it's easier (read=better orthogonal result) to use a prior "good" calibration.
  21. Have you seen the same effect using FireCapture???
  22. I re-use a calibration obtained near the equator.....and use the ST4 cable ....no issues.
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