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  1. Amazing!!!! Fantastic result, you should be proud.
  2. Having owned and modded PST's since 2007, they are part of the family. Bang per buck they do well. Never had any issues/ concerns with the plastic eyepiece screw. I would recommend you get a Vegemite (in the US????) lid, or a Peanut butter (probably easier in the US ) lid, drill a central hole 11mm diameter and slip it over the PST focus knob; gives much better and precise control. Enjoy!
  3. Hmmmm I. Must be missing something here... I use an ASI 1600 camera for solar....regularly take 1000 frames (up to a 3Gb SER file), the frames are said to be 12 bit files....when they are summed the final result is still a 12 bit file - not a 48 bit file??????
  4. I think you and others who are more active in AP are in a better position to verify the capabilities. I’m of the opinion that if your needs can be met in PS then PSP will also do the job. A quick run through the demo version will confirm or otherwise........
  5. Mark, I believe it would meet your needs.... Download the demo version and try it out.
  6. Looking at the contents listing.....Secchi and his solar work appears to be mentioned but nothing (???) on Sir William Huggins???
  7. As an alternative the highly capable PaintShopPro comes in 32 and 64 bit.......certainly come a long way from its sketching beginnings. https://www.paintshoppro.com/en/ Does 99% of all the stuff PS does for a fraction of the cost!
  8. I use a SW AZ3 mount fitted with an adaptor plate which has the 1/4” camera bolt to connect to the PST body. If the mount doesn’t have such a fixing bolt then a small dovetail would be required to fit the saddle. A double stacked PST will show much more surface detail, the single stack is good for observing proms.
  9. My bad..any tracking error will widen the spectrum. This can be used to advantage to widen the height of the recorded spectrum.
  10. Understood. If you orientate the grating, the drift can be used to widen the spectrum......
  11. For visual it would be of limited use.... If you consider imaging - lunar/ planets the optimum focal ratio is x5 the pixel size in micron. For a typical small CMOS with say 3micron pixels, this infers f15, a x2 barlow on the f10 C8 is almost overkill. The x5 barlow would be of more use on a f4 or f5 scope. Just my 2c.
  12. The weather this year has been counterproductive in spectroscopy..... What mount did you have in mind?
  13. Steve, Yes an Alt/Az can work very well. I had my 12" Lx200 on an alt/az for a while the issue I found for long exposures was guiding. The Meade allowed PHD guiding, and ideally you need to guide on the target star in the centre of the field.
  14. Richard, Sounds good.... I've sent you an email. Ken
  15. These lasers are classified as "Dangerous weapons" here in Victoria, Australia and as such require Police clearance and an annual permit to use. The permit cost about $70 a year.....
  16. To be honest the easiest way is a small strip of Gaffa tape over the bubble tube - and ignore it. Don’t worry too much it’s not critical......
  17. Hmmmm Not the same mount, but I use the NEQ6Pro.. For the past ten years I've successfully powered it from a couple of Gel Cell batteries and a car voltage converter 12v to 15v at 120watt. No issue no drama it just works 100% I would NOT recommend increasing the voltage beyond the Skywatchers recommended 15v.
  18. Not dedicated to the Hyperion..... I use it for solar imaging with various cameras - the T thread adaptor is ideal.
  19. FWHM values should not be different until you start to saturate and over expose the star image. All unsaturated star images have the same FWHM.
  20. The Canon 1300D appears to have 4.3 micron pixels http://www.everyothershot.com/pixel-pitch-canon-dslrs/
  21. Marty, Welcome to SGL. Good to have you on board.
  22. The UK would call this a 3/16" UNF .....
  23. I was hoping to find a suitable nosepiece on Astroboot - no success.... Anyone have a 2" to M50 male adaptor. Needed for yet another PST Mod. If you can help, let me know. Ken
  24. I notice that Synscan V4 has the option of camera control (See Sect 11.4 of the manual). If your mount ( a newer AltAz or EQ8 version) has the SNAP port the camera cable can be routed from the SNAP port and controlled by the hand controller. Using an older mount (HEQ5 or NEQ6 etc) the camera can be wired to the hand controller and used that way...... Has anyone used this feature?? If so which actual cable and connections were used.
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