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  1. Thanks for the comments and suggestions, Im probably going to have a go at the meteor camera that I have had some info sent through on. IF I do go down this route Ill post as I go along
  2. The indestructible link was one that Ive seen before that had got me thinking about doing this, Ive asked the same question to a meteor tracking group who have given me a parts list for a diy meteor camera with links to converting it to an allsky camera. Which I think if I mashed it up with the indestructible instructions might work. Probably looking for the widest field of view Had a pi supplier suggesting the noir camera with a pi zero w and a mobile phone fisheye lense thanks Ian
  3. I was looking to add a camera to my weather station and google took me to lots of places but some of them from a time before pi! I suddenly came accross allsky and meteor cameras and went thats better I need to make one of those. But my budget is ridiculously small and I have none of the equipment available, Less than £100 and preferably closer to £50 but can be updated as funds become available What I believe I need is the following A pi with wifi - is a zero w ok or do I need a 3 Software - Git hub I expect Camera - pinoir, something lowlight that plugs into a usb port. the ZWO cameras are out of my price range for now Anything else? Does anyone one have any recent experience of this type of set up or similar for the price range as a lot of stuff im finding is over 4 years old and with some of the metor camera stuff Im finding requires a real pc. Or am I being unrealistic Thanks Ian
  4. Thanks for that, I do have access to a Nikon D3100 but its my wifes work camera so Im not going to be able to mod it which is why I asked about the finepix and cash is just none existent for any new purchases
  5. Fine Pix F30, 6.3 megapixel , iso 100 to 1600 Does video as well!
  6. I have an ancient Fuji Finepix digital camera and have in the past taken some good shots of the moon through the eyepiece of my 8" Newtonian. My question is if I was to buy a mount for it would I be able to take Deep sky shots? Thanks Ian
  7. Did I mention that was 1 minute of imaging after an hour and a half of trying to get it in the web cam, dont know what the problem is there as in each all attempts tonight jupiterwas dead center in a 4mm eye piece and it looked amazing! Was just about to hit capture for a 3rd attempt to have jupiter dissapear,stuck my head out of the dome to discover the clouds had rolled in!!!!
  8. jupiter 1.bmp 12 months later and this is attempt number 2!
  9. Im having a similar problem with sharpcap2 and a phillips sp900, But I try and focus the telescope with the web camera in it still doesnt find Jupiter. Ive doubled checked and put a lens back in to make sure jupiter hasnt moved out of the field of view but its still there! Trying to work out if its something to do with a new laptop. Or is there a basic setting that Ive missed
  10. Also another question is imaging through the basic lunt 35 can I use my phillips web cam or do I need to borrow a DSLR Thanks
  11. Starting to save the pennies for this, emailed a couple of dealers and Im amazed at the responses, Some didn't answer the question asked others said look at the website and one answered the question, plus also would keep me on their list incase the prices came down. Problem now is Im starting to run out of things to sell on ebay so every penny for this is a prisoner and finding that a new basic lunt 35 is £360 in the States just hurts, ok Shipping is £45(The highest that they charge) then you have 4% import duty and 20% VAT on top which still only brings it to £520 which is a minimum of £70 cheaper than purchasing for the cheapest UK dealer I could find!! So the next question is! Do you pay import and duty / vat on Second hand items that are imported?
  12. Was going to post else where but thought I will ask here. Doing searches you ens up on US Websites and it seams to be a case on the UK websites due to taxes etc the $ is replaced with a £ Any one had experience of buying a Scope from the states? Ian
  13. Starting to think about this seriously now, but when your starting point in the hobby bank is £0, £700 is a long way off, even flogging things on ebay so far has only netted me around £400 and I have nothing else I want to sell at the moment , Plus until 14 days have passed Im always worried about items coming back! Which reminds me of some Ham Radio stuff lurking in the shack but that wont get a lot! Well I have to just sit tight. Ian
  14. OK I know the general answer to this question is search the web, but the reason Im asking it is on Stargazing live Prof Cox said a HA scope start around £500. I nearly fell off my seat as I thought £750 or more likely £1K was the answer. So in short what Im asking is can you get one for £500 and if not what are the chances of one being available in a sale at that price. Or does one hit the second hand market and if so again idea on cost and where to purchase plus what are the risks on a second hand unit? thanks Ian
  15. Update a year or so down the line,. Couple of minor issues that have crept up 1) the rear facing wooden wall swelled and buckled during the summer, So may require a rebuild next year 2) Still getting some water ingress from where the water is pooling on the flat section but still think its nothing that cant be fixed with out some sealant 3) had a m8 lock nut on the shutter fail in high wind which resulted in the shutter being removed (Before it blew away) for a couple of days while the wind dropped so that the repair could be carried out 4) Daughter born so have been banished from going to the dome on a night. Jobs still to do 1) Improve landscaping around the dome 2) Just use the dome more
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