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  1. Message sent! Please can you post pictures of the mount too?
  2. Hi all, it's been just over a week since I took the attached photo via my 5 year old daughters telescope using my Samsung S8+ smartphone. The telescope was a Christmas gift and is a Smyths Toys TM0090P 50mm. We used a H4mm eyepiece. I was blown away that something so simple could be so amazing! This has led to a week of spending every spare minute reading beginner articles online, enquiring on telescopes for sale, purchasing a pair of Celestron 12x60 binoculars and downloading various apps and software to help me learn the skies! Last Sunday night I ventured out into the garden with binoculars and a laptop and once again I'm amazed by what I saw - and what is out of sight of the naked eye! For me the Eastern and Southern Sky are best for viewing - the North is somewhat obscured unfortunately with light pollution from the pesky street lights. I have been using Sky Map on my phone and Stellarium on the laptop. I have found both useful when used in conjunction with each other. I started viewing Venus first, using it's brightness as a reference point and then worked east from there. Absolutely amazing! Lessons learned from my first session - wear gloves... and I tried using Observation Manager to record my notes but I will revert to pad and paper in the future. I'm sure this application will be great to use in the long term but I don't want to spend more time searching it's database for objects than actually looking at the sky!
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