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  1. Hi Sluke, Before you write off the zoom eyepiece, I would definitely try it without the 2x Barlow. It may be that with the Barlow, there is simply too much magnification. As far as eyepieces, the first ones I bought were a mix of skywatcher super plossls and Celestron omni plossls. FLO sell both these I think, and also Astro Essential super plossls, all at really good prices, a 32mm should give you a nice reasonable wide fov without going to 2” eyepieces. For a little more money BST Starguiders have a wider fov, and get really good reviews, FLO also sell these. Also check out the ‘a
  2. Hi Isaac, my wife and I are also big fans of the Pleiades, one of our absolute favourites is M44 Beehive Cluster, it is a most wonderful collection of stars, the more you look, the more you will see a myriad of different coloured stars, under low power some even look like doubles. With your scope the 25mm eyepiece should frame it nicely. I have just checked SkySafari and it rises around 18.00 hrs but it is very close to the moon at the moment, so I would recommend you wait a little while.
  3. Forgot to mention eye relief, @Louis D is right, at 8mm even though I don’t wear spectacles I find it very tight, I would say probably my personal limit.
  4. My wife and I have a Celestron 8se and having read the above SLV review by @John we decided to give them a try, (at the time FLO had a good offer on). We now have SLV’s from 9 to 25mm. I find them sharp across the entire FOV, nice and bright, show colours really well, very good eye relief and comfortable to use, and have good contrast especially when viewing the moon. As far as strange reflections go, we have not noticed anything particularly odd, but I must add, we are still very much beginners, so it is possible that we don’t know what to look for. we only have one BST Starguider and th
  5. I also have a 127 Mak, and when the time came to upgrade the diagonal, I opted for the 1.25 Skywatcher dialectric that you have listed. For the price I cannot fault it, physically it is solid and well built, visually the improvements are for me, more subtle, but better compared to the kit diagonal. The most noticeable improvement for me though, is that the image is slightly brighter, personally I find that when I use eyepieces below 15mm I start to struggle with the smaller exit pupil sizes and the accompanying image darkening, especially when viewing dso’s, for example, on a really good night
  6. Thanks again everyone for your replies. As you all seem to be happy with your prisms, I am now convinced that the prism my son has given me is the cause. To be honest prism looks old and well used, it was in a large box of spares and accessories that came with a Dobsonian he bought a while back, everything was like new except the diagonal. Once again thanks all.
  7. We bought the Se as an Ota only with a 1.25 visual back, glad you mentioned the Mak though as I haven’t tried it with this yet.
  8. You’re right, stock does seem to be very thin on the ground. The annoying thing is that I could have bought one at the beginning of the lockdown, but although I am a key worker I was unsure of my income and my future health so I held off, as it turns out my income was cut for a while so with hindsight I should have bought one when I had the chance. I mainly looked at the T2/32 as we have no plans to use 2” eyepieces so 32mm vs 34mm and the lower price makes it a very attractive buy.
  9. Hi John, thanks for your reply, that’s exactly what I have read, so we would use it only with the 8se as it is f10 I assume this should be fine, and it gives the best planetary views of the three scopes we have.
  10. Hi, sorry I’ve been slow to reply, I have just spent a good hour setting up for the GRS transit and right on time it’s clouded over !! but yes it is a cheap plastic body type, and unbranded. It’s a shame as it does provide good views on targets that are not so bright. I have been looking at the Baader T2/32 as the price seems very good especially for the kit package, the Zeiss Prism is a touch out of my price range and I can’t remember when I last saw a used one for sale, although there is always the wanted section but I’m not sure if I can post there yet. Thanks for your quick reply much a
  11. Hi everyone, I will try and keep this as short as possible, so here goes. My wife and I have three telescopes, a ST 102, a 127Mak, and a 8”SCT, but only two diagonals, a Skywatcher 99% dialectric, and the standard Skywatcher kit supplied, both 1 1/4”. We are now looking to buy a new diagonal for the 8se and having read many reports and reviews, such as BillP’s over on CN, we have decided on a prism diagonal such as a Takahashi, or Baader T2. In the meantime we have been loaned a well used, unbranded non amici prism. I must say Jupiter’s cloud bands do seem to be better than the dia
  12. Hi Philip, like you I also have a Skymax 127 and also a Celestron 8se. Having quickly learned how narrow the fov these scopes produce I decided to buy a ST102. The views of open clusters are stunning, stars being nice and sharp and the colours, in such as the beehive cluster are wonderful. I would be very interested to know how an ed doublet compares to an a achro on low power wide field views, as I am really visual only with the odd iPhone on the eyepiece photo. I would not use it for high power lunar or planetary work, or for that matter, astro photography as it is obviously not
  13. I also have a 127 Skywatcher Mak (on the az GoTo mount). The first eyepiece I bought was a Skywatcher 32mm super plossl, as @johninderby says, it gives a nice wide fov, but I personally didn’t like the long eye relief, I was struggling with kidney beaning and black-outs, so having read a review on here, I then bought a Vixen 30mm npl which has a twist up eyecup and I find this to be much more comfortable to use. Most people say at f12 a Mak is quite forgiving on eyepieces, so on this basis, I then purchased a mix of inexpensive Skywatcher super plossl and Celestron omni plossl eyepieces and
  14. Hi Simon. My wife and I have had a Symax 127 for a year or so now and have found it to be a cracking little scope. Saturn and Jupiter along with their larger moons are no problem with medium to high-medium power, as far as the GRS and Cassini division go, with patience, we have only seen these a few times when the seeing has been very good. We have also seen Uranus and Neptune, although small in the eyepiece, there is a definite hint of colour. We can never agree on the colours (blues and greens seem to be reversed for us) The brighter Messier objects are also no problem for this scope
  15. I recently purchased a Celestron 8se, and was in the same situation as you with regards to an affordable eyepiece upgrade. I don’t know how to paste a link but @John has done a very good review of three Vixen slv eyepieces on here, just do a quick search. At the time FLO had these on offer so having read the review I purchased a couple. I now have slv’s from 25 to 9mm with Vixen npl’s and LV’s to fill in the gaps. These may not be the best eyepieces on the market but I do find them a good affordable upgrade, I am very happy with them and they even work well in a f5.9 ST102.
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