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  1. Definitely worth the wait Emil. Beautiful image. Noddy
  2. ...(exhales and shakes head in amazement....no words) Noddy
  3. The colours on this are beautiful. Cracking image R1k! Noddy
  4. When I opened this the ball on the pool table stopped rolling and the needle slid off the vinyl,, Noddy
  5. Nearly...well actually I did swear when I saw this. Just WOW. Noddy
  6. I’ve been frustrated for over 20 years not being in a position to viably to do what I wanted with this hobby. I took the plunge last year to buy some decent kit...then the frustration really started. I have many nights where I bang my head against the virtual wall (it’s all the rage), but when it’s right, it’s great. I try to learn from my mistakes but mainly I try to learn from all the great advice on here. Everyones ‘journey’ () is different but the rewards are amazing. I try to remind myself every day’s a school day. I use others on here as inspiration for the time when stuff goes wrong. I
  7. Lovely part of the world! Welcome. Noddy
  8. Aye, pretty much what they ☝said. Already chomping at the bit to have another crack at this target this winter. Your rendition has made me even...’chompier’...? Noddy
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