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  1. That is fascinating, Barry, but I am a bit worried about what the impressionable folk might make of it ! ("Airliner and airport terminal buildings seen on Moon !" , "Ryan Air announces Mars airport opens ... " ) I am in no way a structural engineer, igneous petrologist or someone who knows anything about growing plagioclase feldspar crystals, but with a little bit of distant and vaguely remembered geological education, my initial thought was that looks too ...organised for igneous petrology to explain away. Columnar basalt is a pretty common phenomenon all over the Earth (Giant's Ca
  2. I believe the Bresser finder shoe on some 'scopes is not the usual fairly standard one, but replacement shoes can be bought which have slots rather than holes for fixing, so can fit a range of existing spaced holes. The Bresser dob might have a standard shoe and a Bresser/Explore Scientific type one as well, I'm not sure . I'm trying not to yearn for one too much .... the lead times are so very long .... The 102 mak has a focal length of 1300mm in a small body (not sure exactly how small , but my bigger 127 has a focal length of 1500 mm in a tube 320mm long) a refractor of that focal leng
  3. I have only used my AZ5 on my old Manfrotto 55 series photo tripod , and with a skymax 127 on top , which weighs ( I think, from memory) 3.5kg ish, I've a RACI, Rigel quickfinder and decent diagonal on it, so perhaps 4 to 4.5 kg including eyepiece (BST starguiders, not giant hand grenades !) It's the only decent AZ mount I've ever used, so the fact that the clutch knobs are tiny hadn't even crossed my mind until you said that , they are all I've ever known ... Yes they are small , but I've used the mount through the winter (I bought it last November) and twiddling the tiny clutches h
  4. It does. The lower 5kg rating is based on using the AZ5 on the aluminium tripod, where the tripod is the limiting factor. 9 kg with a decent tripod. Heather
  5. You may recall that I started with a heritage 150 dob, which I still use much of the time , if no Moon or planets are showing themselves, it is the 'scope I take out. Short cool down, decent light gathering, and the simplicity and stability of the base just works, no faff. Bad points : low alt objects can be unavailable to it because it has a low viewpoint, and my fence gets in the way. High magnification can mean a lot of precision nudging to keep targets in view too. As with any newt, you get stars which have diffraction spikes, which some folk dislike.. Would I buy a full sized dob ? Y
  6. The site says it is repeated 9pm next Monday, it might be available online for a while after that . Heather
  7. Just started on air (online at https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000wyzg ) 'The Blind Astronomer' about a Puerto Rican astrophysicist
  8. Just to get an idea of what 800 kg plus might need by way of wheels (and the not so far mentioned strength of supporting patio slabs and base material below them ... ) I just searched 'Ford KA in kg' and plenty of results came up ranging from 870kg to 120 kg.
  9. A 'scope this size needs a serious mount, a skytee at£300 ish and a tripod at about £100 more would be the kind of thing you'd need . If the price included them, I'd have snapped this up seconds after the ad. went up, and dozens of other folk would have tried for it too ...
  10. You start at the closest star you can see, and work from there. If the angular distances are greater than , say 3 or 4 hops of the greatest red finder circles diameter, then, for me, the RACI will be a better choice ... I don't want to be doing the equivalent of measuring a room with a 15cm ruler . That's why I have both RACI and Rigel, in some situations one is better than the other. In situations where I'm finding it really hard to locate an object with both finders, and there are few stars nearby to hop from, I use a small, cheap electronic level which gives me a precise alt readin
  11. The point is that you have circles of known size (two on the Rigel at 0.5 of a degree and 2 degrees , three on the Telrad, which has an additional outer circle, 4 degrees if I recall correctly ? ) Using a star map, or app , you can make a note (in advance on paper if you wish, which is often what I do, sometimes on a free printed out starmap ) of the angular distance between a bright star and an object you want to find, but which may be too faint for an optical finder. So, for instance , the Crescent Nebula , 3 deg. from Sadr, the centre star of the Cygnus cross. I got Sadr centred in
  12. I've a suspicion that in the case of that specific job, you have to pay FLO ....
  13. From the forum code of conduct: "Official Language English is the official language of our forums because it is the common language between our moderators and users. Because we can not moderate post/thread text in a foreign language, you may not post or have a signature in the forums in language other than English."
  14. Despite my interest in photography, I've never taken a pic before through a telescope ... because I have high standards which I couldn't afford to live up to ... but as I was occupying myself in the long waits between thin cloud patches by taking pic.s of birds & bees in the garden, I had a camera to hand, so ... first ever attempt at eyepiece projection ( F15rules, that 40mm plossl came in very handy for this, thanks !) and a couple of cloudy souvenir snaps : nearly finished ... very nearly finished ! Heather
  15. Cloud, cloud, cloud ... lighter cloud, slight brightening, try to line 'scope up, boo, thick cloud again But 8 mins around noon of thin cloud, and as I'd fetched the electronic level off my dob, and used it to set the alt for the ST80 from stellarium, I was already in the right area, quickly on it for a second view, not perfect, but better than nothing
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