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  1. I wanted to try out where would be best for my RACI finder on my little heritage dob. , so before drilling holes I thought I'd try mounting the shoe in a likely spot in a temporary way with some sticky pads (which I'd read various folk say were not up to the task, so I expected the RACI to peel off at some point ) to see if it was the best location. That was early November, and the shoe is still stuck fast , even with me swapping the RACI back and forth from dob to mak. I used "Unibond No More Nails Permanent Strips, Adhesive Strips for Fast & Easy Mounting, Double Sided Sticky Tape
  2. To be honest, when I saw them in Asda and understood that the projectors would have to be positioned away from people's houses so that they threw their images on the front wall , presumably from near to the path/road, I thought they would be easy targets for thieves . Lone Ninja Light Rectification Crusader , there's a Marvel superhero who deserves their own comic ...
  3. They actually had these things in an asda superstore near to me a few years ago , on the shelves with the other cheap xmas lights. I didn't see any actually in action though, I suspect they were too shoddily made to last long in the rain !
  4. Yes, the RDF is fine for things that are bright, but it is a pain when you are trying to get a 'scope lined up with a feint object, I recounted my frustration here : Heather
  5. Good grief, I never even thought of using my rocket blower for that thanks ! I'll add it to my low budget mak warming strategy of reuseable gel handwarmer and elastic strap borrowed off a foam mat ... Heather
  6. OK, deleted the blah I was mid-typing about 'scope cooling factors ! You have zero set up time, so check a weather site to see if rhere are clouds heading towards (or away from ) you, then have a look before heading out of the door at your favourite app or site which gives a local sky map , and see what will be there to see. If you are hoping to see faint objects, delay until the Moon is set .. I expect the baby will oblige with a wake up call
  7. If it turns out to be beyond (cheap and easy) help, I'd ask nicely on here if anyone has a spare: RDFs tend to be included with most 'scopes, and a lot of folk will have upgraded a 'scope (or several) to more expensive finders, so may have a small stock tucked away somewhere . Just check that your 'scope has the standard shoe something like this https://www.firstlightoptics.com/finders/finder-mounting-shoe.html the old Celestron 114 I inherited does not have that, but (without looking, as I recall ...) some bolts that go through holes in the RDF base, which is not the same as the mo
  8. PDFs open fine for me, have not tried the other file types. Heather
  9. Hello and welcome ! You've obviously started properly ,there's not a telescope owner in the UK who doesn't have a wry smile at the 'May contain clouds' sticker a certain company adds to the boxes of telescopes it ships ... Is there a better alternative to a red dot finder ? 'Course there is However, these things are never cheap .Search for 'RDF' on here and some recent discussions on the subject have plenty of information about the options. here's a recent one to get you started: RDF I'm sure you guessed is shorthand for red dot finder, RACI is right angled corrected image (
  10. Click the 3 dots, top right which gives the edit option. I make so many typing mistakes I had to find that asap Heather
  11. No, mine were switched off and brought in as tradition suggests on the 6th. I'm too mean to spend money on my power bill adding to light pollution beyond the confines of the festive season. No neighbour has theirs still on either, I've had no valid reason to go checking the wider area during lockdown, so it is only a vary small sample. Heather
  12. You have run into some of the things the shiny telescope adverts fail to mention! It's not just the telescope , the mount and tripod have a vital job to do keeping steady yet moving smoothly, not an easy thing to engineer at a low price point, More magnification doesn't just mean things look bigger: it also means those wobbles will be magnified, and the less precise small movements of the mount will be annoying .Not only that, but the magnification that is possible is often further limited by the atmospheric conditions To build a telescope package at a competitive low price poin
  13. Despair not ! Last night (and with a little luck with clouds, tonight as well ...) it was easy to locate: having had a good study of it last night I tried with the 10x50binoculars,and found it easily , so came indoors and contacted friends who are interested in astronomy in a casual way, I'd shared my scope with them on the clear night before the conjunction and enjoyed their delighted reaction to seeing Jupiter. rings, Saturn, / + moons, then Mars, the Pleiades and some double stars ,all for the first time in a telescope. I know they have some good binoculars, and wondered if they wou
  14. Their front page says "AstroBoot UK is currently closed. AstroBoot orders ship from the EU. The procedures set out in the trade agreement between the UK and the EU for supplying goods to the UK are, in their initial form, excessively burdensome and complex for small businesses such as AstroBoot. As such, we are disinclined to comply with these procedures until things settle down and become less punitive (on the European side) and less driven by restrictive convenience for HMRC (on the UK side). We are confident that with time, the practical implementation of the agreement will become
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