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  2. simmo39


    Last one is brilliant!
  3. Hi Tom, Thank you, The starless version was done i PI using starnet. Vert good process that is good also for making star masks.
  4. Thanks Adam - it's been a great camera and I'm considering getting another but just wanted to check I wasn't missing something. Graham
  5. A bit of fun just Orion it's 50% binned and massive crop as it's just a 85mm lens.
  6. Rosette Nebula ,first time i have imaged it ,more data required soon hopefully ,3 hrs data 240 sec subs ,Tecnosky 70Q Nikon D5300, stacked in Siril processed in Startools 1,6 Alpha .
  7. A few hours ago I was actually thinking of selling it to fund a canon 6d. Emil
  8. I have 45 g300 300s bin3x3 Simeis 147 Ha subs and 21 g300 459s bin3x3. So 100 x 300s and 50 x 450s darks will suffice.
  9. Myself and a couple of friends went last year and it was excellent. Far better than astro fest IMO. We didn't go to any talks, but spent the day oggling some beautiful kit. I really wanted to play jenga with Rother Valley 's Tak stack, but my mates talked me out of it. There were some great displays and getting to fiddle around with stuff I can't afford was great fun. We drove down from Lancashire, so no small trek, but it was well worth the effort. I also got to meet a few guys from SGL which made things even better. It was so enjoyable in fact, that were almost certain to make the journey a second time for the 2020 event.
  10. This has three settings rapid slow and constant.
  11. Now taking darks for Simeis 147 g300 300s bin3x3. There are also some lights of 450s so I'll take matching darks for that next. That should give my rig something to do for a day or two!!
  12. Mike / Martin That's a mighty haul of galaxies. Mike - what are you using to identify the PGCs in your shot?
  13. Good luck! I look forward to seeing your first NB image Adrian
  14. Rodd


    I know what you mean...when I started out--only a few years ago I did not understand anything. I used CCDops (for a while--its basic software that came with the SBIG camera--it is not even meant for acquisition--just testing and diagnostics! I finally got Maxim for acquisition though I own SGL too--never have used it though because at the time I was using a self guiding camera and interfacing with pHD2, while possible, was complex. With my set up now I have used PHD2--but to really learn it I need to take time away from data collection...and I cant bring myself to do that...that's why I do not know how to plate solve, auto focus, and those types of things. But at least I was able to start collecting decent data. Your right about processing--it is so much of what we do. I feel as if there is an unseen world just out of my reach that I can't access. I will give some data to a real pro and the image they come up with using my data and the same processing software makes me say..."what am I missing! What can't I see?" PI has many layers, from basic to extremely complex. Not only the tools themselves, but the order of operations, and the combination of various steps with various tools. Some of the light vortex tutorials are difficult and really take a lot of effort to master. I am sure PS is the same--easy to expert...it has to be. I attended a week long PI seminar given by the writers of PI--it was when I didn't even know what linear state meant! I regret not having known more when I went--I was the dunce of the class for sure. But it helped, and is today the foundation of my processing. I would highly recommend one if its possible for you. I will post a SHO image if I ever get the clear sky to capture it! Rodd
  15. Can't find price on the Eos 700..? Edit: Ahh sorry, thought the camera was on sale too.
  16. Just take your wife to one side, and calmly and politely tell her that if a room ends in "-servatory", its for telescopes. Then stand clear!
  17. Hi all,has anybody ever put the Synscan Goto Upgrade (With motor drives) on a Vixen GPDX ? My one has never had drives on it. I use an Orion Optics Europa 10" on it (8kg/17.5lbs) The goal is to use this set-up for astrophotography. Thanks in advance.
  18. I have a very similar one, only mine flashes which drives me nuts.
  19. Today
  20. Well you could have fooled me. But I am still at the start of a big learning curve regarding processing anyway and learning Pixinsight and PhotoShop. but slowly I am getting there. I am beginning to love PI as I now kind of understand the logic behind it and find it really well written and now fairly easy to follow, in parallel I am also trying to learn PS but still not got to grips with that yet. When I started this I was amazed to see how some people can get so much out of so little with good processing and realised that getting the data was probably not even half the story and there was a lot more to this before you get some of these wonderful images seen on this forum. I look forward to seeing what the SII does for the image Steve
  21. Got this great little bike light from wlikinsons today £5.00 clamps on leg of tripod and gives a nice illumination for tray.
  22. Can quite relate to that storage arrangement Piero. I have both dobsonian's, Berlebach tripod bunched together in a corner of our back room. To minimise dust, they are each draped in a polythene cover, the dobs a couple of old complementary airport ski bags. That is good that your girlfriend is OK with this and even expressing positive comments. I am also quite fortunate in that my wife will tolerate, but certainly no positive comments. However occasionally I do cross the line, discreetly bring in one of my bicycles, that is definitely not tolerated and is promptly back in the shed.
  23. Yes indeed a nice one. I see that Wikipedia says it's the most distant object of the New General Catalogue. So another good reason to have a look at it.
  24. Pete, I use a BF15 on my set-up, no issues with vignetting. I also regularly use a x2.5 Powermate, again no issues.
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