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  2. That would imply the same correlation across the world at new moon and that is manifestly not the case. It is the geographical location of North West Europe that is especially prone to cloudy skies. Also, even when at full moon, it is bright enough to burn through the high haze that would otherwise obscure all but the brightest of stars. That erroneously makes you think that it would otherwise be an ideal imaging night if that blasted moon wasn't there. But the Moon has nothing to do with it and it would be rubbish even if the moon wasn't there.
  3. Have a Baader 2" Neodymium in good condition. Am looking to swap it for a Baader 2" Contrast Booster in good condition.
  4. I'm certain what ever this "amazing discovery" is, they could go ahead and tell us now! Why make us wait??
  5. Sounds like you should also remove all sgp installations and start fresh.... also probably need an internet connection to register the installation at the time of fresh install.
  6. these arrived this morning to make up a dew heater for the skycam and I thought yay looks dry so I can quickly solder up and fit into the dome. Quick play with the control module to set the light level trigger and then... oh no, only 6 resistors in the package, shoulda been 8 If I wing it with these 6 I'd be running them at 3.5W where they are rated at 3W, not good. Am wondering if I switch these across the USB 5v instead but I doubt the mini network-USB hub would be happy as well as being a very low W output. Will see how quick they can ship me the missing 2 resistors and decide what I do next as I don't think I've anything that'd suit in the spares I have.
  7. Sweet! It works! My wheel was on v1034 or something. Upgraded to 1049AR and all is well!
  8. Thinking back about 8 years, when I used my Celestron 127SLT, I seem to remember the instructions for the Nexstar controller suggested a 3 star alignment using stars as far apart as possible and in different areas of the sky. This may have had the calibration stars on it as well, I don't remember, but I know by the third star the alignment was about spot on. So I can only think that the 4 extra calibration stars on you CGX are just, like you say, to fine tune the calibration.
  9. Interesting... I haven’t updated mine in years “if it ain’t broke “. So, just back to USB for a sec. The quality of usb Components seems to vary considerably. I went through a few hubs & cable setups before I got things settled. Also using active and powered. I’m not sure powered are all equal and actively disconnect the feed from the computer port rather than just boost it. I know mine isolates it so I can remotely switch the 12v supply to the hub to simulate an unplug/plug of the usb. Works a treat. I think the Altair Pegasus powerbox can do this at a port level too. Be interesting to know if this SX update fixes your issue. For any remote setup the ability to simulate a plug/unplug is a must really otherwise you end up having to reboot/restart everything & bite nails hoping it comes back online!
  10. Honestly, something like a used RX 570 also offers very good value for money (though since it's an AMD offering, it will have no CUDA cores). A bit more expensive (as it's a general purpose GPU), but quite a bit more powerful for compute purposes. There are mining versions of these around as well.
  11. I use it for the UV/ IR cut, I+IR642,IR742,807 and a U filter. It's easier than swopping filters and just means refocusing.
  12. A low profile bracket with the 6x30 is a must really. The stock bracket is way to tall.
  13. When I had a 90mm mak recently I tried both the stock RDF and a 6x30 RACI optical finder (separately) on the scope. The optical finder was more effective (plus they are a more regular tool for me) but I felt that it didn't go with the very portable / compact scope package that I was after so I got on and used the RDF making sure that it was well aligned with the scope optics and managed OK with it. I don't actually have a straight through optical finder of any sort now because I much prefer RACI's.
  14. Do you find you need an RDF to go with it? I have trouble aligning my dob's RACI without the Telrad.
  15. A SW right angle finder is a good choice. https://www.harrisontelescopes.co.uk/acatalog/skywatcher-6x30-right-angled-erect-image-finder--bracket.html#SID=22 I’ve used one on a 100 mak but with a low profile bracket. Can be used as is or can remove the riser part with a minor mod. Replaced the stock screws with nylon ones to hold the finder. This pic shows it on another scope. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Yunir-Adjustable-Astronomical-Telescopes-Sky-watcher-default/dp/B088WRYFXT/ref=sxts_sxwds-bia-wc-p13n1_0?cv_ct_cx=laser+pointer+bracket&dchild=1&keywords=laser+pointer+bracket&pd_rd_i=B088WRYFXT&pd_rd_r=4ba2878e-2ea5-4959-a9ab-1b170e9b4a62&pd_rd_w=aIu7E&pd_rd_wg=uSVuY&pf_rd_p=01fd0f51-3837-49b3-b7d3-05520a5467f4&pf_rd_r=WD4Z2MMS3XNC86G39SD4&psc=1&qid=1603446827&sr=1-1-ac3a866f-801f-44fe-9e94-bb9a271cf6b8
  16. Hi i upgraded my bolts for my HEQ5 i did try the bolts with the ratchet like the one linked in this thread but they are to bulky and hit the polar scope So i got the upgrade bolt from 365astro they are made like the original but much higher grade metal so wont bend your need to ring Zoltan at 365astro he will get them in for you they are about £5 each
  17. Oh WOW really impressive! What Meteotux PI options did you use? Cheers!
  18. That's right. The plate solution will tell the mount where it's pointing and that's all it needs to know in order to find the target and return to it if necessary. The key thing is that Tracking and guiding have nothing to do with target finding. They are independent processes. BTW, my Mesu mounts only have a one star alignment option anyway. Olly
  19. Yes, when I was visually I was doing the 2 star + 4 calib all the way, by the 3rd or 4th Calibration it was bang on target and needed no adjustment. I just wondered as the default calibration star selections seem to be all over the sky, so just wondered if it was doing anything more than just fine tuning the perceived position.
  20. If your platesolving syncing on stars goes out the window, I use APT and use astap as the platesolving program , using go to++ is bang on target
  21. Hello, i am new in this topic. The question i have is : what is the best option for spectography? Only a filter or a spectograph? Can someone tell me the pro's and con's? Thank you. Kind regards Marcel
  22. I think it should do the trick - remember to select the AR option when you upload the firmware to your wheel. The download contains both versions!
  23. Cracking images! Must have taken some considerable effort and time to accomplish this set of images. Well done and thanks for taking the time and effort to post them all. Derek
  24. If I was doing visual observing without a PC then I would do a 2 or 3 star alignment so the mount is as accurate as possible with the on-board GoTo function for star hopping. I use a Skywatcher mount and I don't remember the Synscan handset asking for calibration stars after doing a 2 or 3 star alignment, so I'm not sure. Since starting back into astro imaging I've always had the mount connected to the laptop. When I first started I used CdC to do the alignment, only using the hand controller for fine adjustment. Now I use the EQDIR cable, so I don't have the hand controller connected at all.
  25. Asda sell their own brand of baking paper looks like tracing paper that’s good for dimming few layers as required
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