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  1. Wish I could say the same! Well, actually, no I don't 'cos it was fun. Remember, these were the days of Radios Caroline and Atlanta, such role models . "House of the Rising Sun" through a 6V6 audio output valve, IIRC, on medium wave. Range was pretty minimal. Wouldn't have done it these days, far too much big brother about, and of course the wavebands are so much more crowded. Ian
  2. I don't know how long it's been on the stocks, but it must be a huge and expensive undertaking. Our local airfield frequency has changed. Bureaucracy moves slowly! Ian
  3. I must admit this seemed a bit draconian to me, so I had to check it out. Hmm, seems that it is illegal unless you are licensed to do so. Wouldn't have believed it . Ian
  4. You do seem to be well back in the SWL mould! I presume that you are aware that last year there was a shift to 8.33kHz channel separation for aviation use, and allocated frequencies are changed. You might want to check out the current frequencies. Ian
  5. It would, presumably as it's designed for astro. Are there any astro reviews of it around yet? Mind you, it comes at a price and I can't imagine there are many 2nd hand examples around as it's just been launched. Ian
  6. Sorry, I don't understand why a clip-in filter would not be a consideration, that is, assuming you can get dual/triple band as clip filters? Surely, even if you have a 2" filter already, it's going to be cheaper to purchase a clip-in filter than either of the options you suggest. That's not to say an astro camera wouldn't be a useful development for your set-up. If you can stand the financial hit then to my mind it would be the right way to go, rather than another DSLR/Mirrorless. Also, do we know what sort of performance the new Canon mirrorless cameras have for astro (I take it that your camera hasn't been astro modded), and can BYEOS work with it? An astro cam would at least bring a good Ha response to the game. Then again, I do understand the advantages of having a self-contained unit. Not an easy question to answer! Ian
  7. From what I have read the EF mount lenses can be used on the (APS) EF-S bodies, but not the other way around. So it shouldn't be a problem I guess. It just means that the full frame image will be cropped so that the field of view with the APS camera will be the same as a 320mm lens on a full-frame camera. Ian
  8. First question, what filter are you talking about? Astro or conventional photography? For astro, it strikes me you have two choices: find a solution to a large filter on the front, or a clip-in filter. I've no experience of clip-in filters, but can't you simply remove it when you want to do conventional photography? This is the cheapest solution I would have thought, if you can get the filter you need as a clip-in filter. Then again, can you get astro filters in the size you need (72mm)? Plenty of conventional filters of that size though. I can only think that if you want an astro filter on the front, you'll need to somehow use an existing filter ring and insert the astro filter into that. Perhaps a step up ring might give more options re. sizing. The only way you'd be able to use a drop-in filter between the camera and lens with an extension tube is to use a mirrorless camera which has a much shorter lens flange-sensor distance. You can't add an extension between the camera and lens with your DSLR otherwise you'll turn the 200mm lens into a macro lens! Fine if that's what you want to do, but not for astro . My 2d worth anyway. By the way, what do you mean by 'legs'? Ian
  9. I've just ordered one from Amazon . I shall be interested to see how the Innovantennas 3 element LFA-Q quad Yagi in my loft that I use for meteor scatter is behaving. Ian
  10. Hmm, didn't know such a cheap antenna analyser existed! I might investigate purchasing one. I too was a SWL as a lad in short trousers, many centuries ago when proper electronics had valves and HTs that could kill, but could afford very little then. Visiting the field of meteor detection as rekindled a mildly renewed interest. Thanks for the post. Ian
  11. Nik Szymanek has articles in Astronomy Now called Imaging Masterclass. He's just started a series using Affinity Photo, but has covered Gimp and Photoshop in previous series, IIRC. If you can get hold of back copies that may help. Ian
  12. Nice detail and colour. Curious about the diffraction spikes though, any idea where they could have come for. Ian
  13. My point is, if the contents fall into the above category, then you won't be able to take out loss insurance. Or have I missed the point? Ian
  14. But presumably your contract with them is on the understanding that the content is neither covered for damage nor loss? Ian
  15. This is what I take exception to. I can understand them not wanting to insure for damage, but surely a loss is a loss, whatever is in the package. Wanting their cake if you ask me! Ian
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