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  1. It's a long while since I used mine, but I don't recall it losing location info. The problem with an in-built clock is that it might not be accurate enough and you'd need to keep resetting it. Without the GPS module I used to use https://time.is/ and use that to give me the accurate time. I've got the impression that accurate timing is important if you want accurate alignment. Ian
  2. A little. I bought mine at the beginning of summer so it hasn't been out much so far. The kit for guiding has just been delivered, so that'll be the next step when the weather obliges and I have some time (and I'll report on it then). Meanwhile, this may be of some help:- Generally impressed with it's quality, I'm sure that you'll enjoy using it. Ian
  3. Oh Göran, please stop doing this! . Yet another lovely image you've produced there, it's frustrating to know that I'll never get anything that good! Seriously though, they are a joy to behold. There's something about images which reveal dark nebulæ in all their glory. Ian
  4. Could it have got any better? Yes, clearly it can! I like the result too . Ian
  5. That RASA is certainly delivering Göran, when in capable hands of course . The revealed striations in the dust are incredible. I wonder if such depth of detail could ever be revealed in less than dark skies? Ian
  6. Groan! I'd rather not think about what is happening to this country. My blood pressure is raised enough already . Ian
  7. Absolutely stunning! There's no doubt that photon count is king (so long as they're not from light pollution of course ) Ian
  8. Thanks for the clarification and the added information. I'm not a planetry imager but I'd be very pleased to get something like your latest image. I guess the quality of seeing is going to be critical in determining final image quality, lucky imaging or not. Ian
  9. I can't offer any thoughts on whether it's possible to get a better image, but it's pretty good to my eye. I'm a little confused though, there are two images, one showing apparently more detail than the other. What is the difference in processing? It would be nice to know for each how many subs you gathered, what percentage of those that you stacked, and what you used to process? Ian
  10. Well that would explain what I was getting too, even having set 'cordwrap' to off. Why on earth would it do that, other than bad programming? Mind you, I've now got rid of StarSense as I'm using an iOptron mount. Ian
  11. Sumptuous image. A wall-hanger for sure! Ian
  12. I have no experience of doing this, but just a thought, if you use a much larger target like the Moon, you might be able to get a feel as to what the issue is, i.e. are you not achieving focus and/or whether your object centring is awry? Ian
  13. Ermm, sorry, my mistake, 1/4" UNC is nearest to M6 not M4. Ignore that post then. Ah, I see you already have ☺ Ian
  14. The Admiral

    CEM40 or GEM45

    Ha-ha, it should see me out, and I hope that isn't just yet! I visited Zagreb on business many years ago, beautiful cathedral, and I was much charmed by your native art by the likes of Ivan Lackovic. I bought one of his prints while I was there and have it hanging in our hallway. Ian PS. Ah, I hadn't spotted you'd posted in the wanted section!
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