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  1. Another thought Paul, it would be worth contacting Avalon to see what they say. If you haven't seen the latest manual, it is here: MGEN-3_Manual_EN v1-05.pdf though I'm not sure it will add much to what you need to know. Ian
  2. Hi Paul, I've just started to use guiding with my iOptron GEM45, and for that I bought the MGEN-lll and used the ST-4 guide port. With my limited experience I'm happy with its performance. It doesn't directly help you with the Avalon, but I'd have thought if your mount has an ST-4 port it should be OK. Still, I can appreciate that with its high cost you'd want to be sure it works. The problem I have is that there doesn't seem to be a way of contacting Lacerta directly to ask such questions, the MGEN site just directs you to the supplier for advice, even when you've registered your de
  3. That's a good start on this small target. With a lot more subs it should be much better. Give it an hour or two exposure time if you can. Mind you, it will take a long time to stack . Ian
  4. That's the best reason as any! But methinks you are too modest Ian
  5. Sorry to persist Gorann, but what I meant was how did you arrive at 85 subs for the total exposure i.e. nearly 6 hours? Did you calculate it, or did you see what sort of total exposure time other imagers had used and adjusted it for your scope/camera combination? Thanks, Ian
  6. Thanks for that Gorann, but what I would really like to know is how you judge what the total exposure time should be, particularly for these feint objects? Ian
  7. And it's in Technicolor too! Out of interest, how do you judge the level of exposure needed? Ian
  8. Interestingly, the ZWO spec for the ASIAir only mentions the RAM requirement for Android, not Apple. Good to know though. Ian
  9. Thanks for posting that. Personally, I think your images with the RASA are really raising the bar for quality. And, showing objects with which we (or at least, I) am not familiar with. Ian
  10. But that is a gorgeous image Goran, one much to be envied. I don't recall seeing it before in the Lounge. Congratulations! Ian
  11. Thanks Dave. Are you powering your 2600 with 12v via the ASIAir 12v outlets, or are you using a separate supply? Presumably it works OK. I assume that the 2600 hub isn't a powered one? Edit. I've just checked the specs for a RPi4 and the total USB current draw is 1200mA. The ASI2600, for example, is rated at 1150mA, so that is within spec. Ian
  12. Advice please. I was looking at the specs for the ASIAir Pro on the ZWO website, and saw this statement: "Note:ASIAIR PRO’s USB power supply is not enough for ASI6200/ASI2600/ASI533//ASI071MC cameras to work normally, so please use an external 12V power supply, which can be connected to the ASIAIR PRO’s power management as well." I don't understand, what has the USB supply got to do with the 12v supply? The ASIAir would be provided with a 12v supply anyway, so are they saying that the camera cooler should have its own 12v supply rather than take the 12v supply from the 12v controlled
  13. I think that's come out rather well. Has the DSLR been modded? Indeed, I would have thought that achros are perfectly suitable for NB, though I would expect a need to re-focus between different bands to allow for the different focal points at different wavelengths. Ian
  14. The Admiral

    The Admiral

    All these images are taken using short duration subs with the refractor on an ALT-AZ mount.
  15. On Wednesday I took advantage of the very dry and clear conditions to set up for some imaging. But boy, was it cold . Given the time since I was last able to image it seemed like starting over again! Plus - This is only my third serious attempt at imaging with my new iOptron GEM45 acquired in April last year. This is only my second attempt at guiding, using my new MGEN-3 guider, and my first attempt at dithering. My first attempt at using Astro Pixel Processor (trial version) on new data. Anyhow, I thought I'd post the image with all its faults! On the whole, I'm pretty
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