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  1. I heard the toon, Yeah Haaa! Got to get one of 'em zippity dang stools and learn to play the darn thing!
  2. Pleeeeease, can we see it folded - looks like magic!
  3. I was reading my Observers Book of course, but there was a knock at the door...............DHL from FLO. Even more unrecyclable exp poly nodules..............., but also well protected. Takahashi Extender Q 1.6X (50.8) and a 260mm dovetail bar, because the extra back focus is going to need more adjustment to the rear for balance. There are three versions of this extender on the Takahashi EU site with common optics of 5 elements as a focal extender, flatener and CA reduction. TKA 00595 - with M43 threads and a set of extension rings, TKA 00595L lens only (M43), TKA 36595- with 50.8
  4. I am beginning to think we could do with a dedicated Topic somewhere on the SGL site just for Books and other literature?
  5. From page 210 of 1965 edition, on " Man-Made Moons" ie satellites: "Ultimately of course our aim is to achieve true space travel and to send men to the moon and planets. Before the war such ideas were generally dismissed as science fiction, but there is nothing fantastic about them now." Sir Patrick Moore
  6. My cherished copy was given to me by my late brother who found a very clean revised 1965 edition (with it's paper sleeve showing price 5/- net) in a 2nd hand bookshop on my 60th birthday. Impossible to read without hearing the authors distinctive voice!
  7. I have a fair sized car but not sure this bag would fit across my back seat. The UNI28 leaves about 4 inches length spare inside the bag. Vicious spikes? try champagne (or other sparklers) corks which are nice and fat! It's a great excuse or you may know someone who indulges. If not i'll post you some as I have not thrown away a cork for 35 years . More mundane, put a square of plywood in the end of the bag.
  8. I would think so, but do you need to check for the length in your car or boot ? Only just goes in across mine where the golf clubs normally go in easy!
  9. You will find you can get quite a few other bits in with the tripod too, which is handy. Hope it works out for you, we must all do our bit to keep the economy going !
  10. Hello @johninderby is that with your Planet? I knew the mount can take loads and loads so it is more the UNI 28 that is being tested. However good things appear in daylight* you cant beat the 'standard tap test' and some tracking on a star with a healthy dose of magnification. (*will hopefully edit after tonight, is it the carbon fibre that makes the CC so heavy ? )
  11. Yes I posted stuff about case here: https://stargazerslounge.com/topic/351419-show-us-your-berlebach-product/?do=findComment&comment=4052835 Got it at WEX and thought it was better value than the Berlebach offering. You would need a shorter one of course, browse the lighting set cases.
  12. As well as the Tak FC100 the mount was bought for, I intended to try the Vixen VC200L. It seems stable in daylight even without counterweight, and should be clear tonight to see how steady it really is. This is on a UNI28 but the Vixen is quite light due to no front plate. Still in my transportable category but 1800mm focal length and 8". I doubt would mount both together but nice to know I could CONCLUSIONS have now got in several hours of good observation including galaxies the 4" can not quite grasp here. The combination is good, balance and vibrations are well within my limits
  13. In terms of carry out, put down and point at an object, there is not much time difference between the dob and a moderate refractor at the same magnification. For very brief grab and view nothing beats binocualars, so why not start with some 8 X 40 and see how it goes before spending more? Having said that a 3 " on a small mount would be a good companion to the 8" Newtonian.
  14. The 76 DCU complete kit please , how many Greenshield Stamps?
  15. Better fit castors to the seat so you can scope hop
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