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  2. But I have one of these and nothing happens when I use it appart from a box about Com ports which we are now trying to get me an understanding of, clearly not everything works first time on every computer. I was trying for 1 hours yesterday in the observatory,it most certainly is not a case of plug and play on my laptops. maybe it is because they are running Win 7. Alan
  3. Well it seems as if whatever worked with you because your astro photography is superb, I often look at your work and wonder what you would produce from here with my skies. I am struggling to get to grips with this word Easy that people keep using. I must get my mate Venci up he is a real IT wiz, it's his business and he is the one that buys all my gear for me. The troble is his English isn't that good and he does things at 100mph so after I am none the wiser. This is where I learn having someone take the time to show me. Alan
  4. Yes sorry Dave with all that has been going on I forgot that, I will take a look, these are often the best help because with every good intention many answers I receive I simple don't understand. I may get my mate Venci who is a IT expert to come up and help me, he is so good at this. He has showed me stuff time and time again and forget how, I need to write it down!! The odd thing with me is once I get the hang of it I will be advising others in a few eeks, I'm strange that way. Alan
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  6. There are options on CN regarding encoders being not needed, but the folks on CN also tends to be very stuck in their old ways. It's really not that hard a question, but there are a few factors to consider as always with mounts. You don't need EC if: 1) You have large image scale. So you get 0.2" rms improvements but if your were at > 1" image scale that means little. Someone on CN actually increased the instability on his CEM60 DEC guiding to make the stars round. Personally, that seems like cutting of your head to avoid zombies eating your brains. Why not get the improvements with EC to enable not screwing up your DEC to match RA to get rounded stars? 2) Money is tight. Well few of us have unlimited wealth and the EC is expensive. I don't tell my wife and my bonus this year was sufficient to cover it with money to spare. 3) You enjoy guiding tinkering. There are folks like that out there. You might want (noticed not need) the EC if: 1) You are going to try for small image scale. I do a lot of stuff at 0.54" and I need to really grab the ieq45 pro by the neck to guide it in a way that keeps the values down for rounded stars. This includes higher guiding rates and faster exposures. 2) You hate it when guiding goes south for no reasons you can understand. 3) You want the better PE specs iOptron offers. Yes the CEM60 has a good PE spec on paper but iOptron will let a mount leave the factory as long as the peak to peak is within the spec, even if there is a spike that's going to be hard to guide out. With the EC they are going to hold to 0.3 or less RMS.
  7. Awesome, seeing this again is almost like a sign spring has arrived...
  8. Really nice Gif Avani, have to get some great images to work them down to a gif format and still impress good details. Thanks again for sharing...
  9. You always get extra points for window astro or at least from me you do, well done and nice detail for a window shot...Indeed
  10. Crazy good Steve, Best color moon I've seen in some time...You must be thrilled with this result. Freddie...
  11. Im thinking about getting the skywatcher explorer 150p ota and was wondering if i would be able to mount it on and eq2 mount
  12. Hi all! Was testing my new shiny mod for the telescope (OnStep controller) and I thought to take the chance and get some videos for the moon and Jupiter... Processed Jupiter videos, but still the moon ones for tomorrow... As for what I got for Jupiter... I guess this is my best so far! Not sure if this is related to the new motors and tracking from OnStep but this is the first time I get to see this view! Had 2 versions, one is moderately modified wavelets in Registax, the other one I went a bit far to show more details in it... Tech stuff: Scope: My little lovely Celestron Omni XLT 102 (4", f/9.8) Camera and optics: ZWO ASI224MC, 2x barlow, Fringe-killer + UV/IR cut filters Capture specs: gain 10, exposure 400ms, captured 5x60s videos using SharpCap Processed with PIPP, Autostakkert, Registax, then did some extra color fixes in Gimp and enhanced the moons visibility as well. Had this from inside the house through the window
  13. Yesterday
  14. Update: The 150PDS is in tha house now. I bought a "used" Synscan Goto Upgrade kit for approximately 220$ which i installed tonight. The neighbours must think i've gone mad if they saw me do the polar alignment, luckily its dark. I tried taking some shots (light frames) of the Pinwheel Galaxy, M101 just for testing. Tried 30sec exposures, 800, 1600 and 4000 ISO but i couldnt see the Galaxy at all. I thought i would see at least some traces of it. Was I off, or is it because of the light-pollution? I Attached some unedited jpeg's here. I would be impressed, but does anyone know if M101 would be in this frame, or which star this bright one is? I was on the porch stepping around, so they are alittle blurry.
  15. Through my 60mm Jupiter was a couple dark lines separated by off white almost yellow gaps and very small in the frame, this was 1974... Ironically I own a modern pair of nautical 10x50 binoculars with ruby coated lenses that I kept in the dash of my cabin boat not intending to use them for astronomy but when on the water at night I often did...They showed more detail and with better clarity on Jupiter than that first telescope, both were about $300 US and were purchased 36 years apart. This is just comparing one small dot to another though and a lot of water has gone under the bridge
  16. You were right! It works good now. Moon isnt up though so its based on bright stars.
  17. your lucky tobe doing anything, nothing but cloud here.
  18. Wasn't there some proposal to fire stuff from a big gun to save carrying the weight of all that fuel ? Dave
  19. The disappearance will be on the lit side -your Moon picture is upside down for southern hemisphere.
  20. Your guider would give a plate scale of 3.22 arc sec/ pixel. Getting 0.4 arc sec RMS would indicate guiding within a tenth of a pixel................
  21. Doh handy downloaded index files. making progress oh wow 2 of 85 looks like I will just be doing this tonight then
  22. Also make sure that you have given APT the focal length of the scope (650mm) and the pixel size 2.4um in the tools tab.
  23. so second button down on point craft, says scope position.
  24. Hello I have been trying out Jocular on some very faint and not quite so faint fuzzies. One of the sources of galaxy targets I use is the Webb Deep Sky Society's Galaxy of the Month. NGC 4216 was the GoM for March 2011 and it's quite a spectacular one - a bright member of the Virgo Cluster roughly 55 Mly away. Also visible are NGC 4206 at the top to the left and NGC 4222 at the bottom to the right. I like to use plate solving to check the identification of some of the less certain objects (not such a problem here) and also to label objects. The Jocular landscape snapshot in jpg format works well in All Sky Plate Solver. I've attached a solved snapshot here for illustration. Also something a bit nearer and an opportunity to come up with a light-hearted expression. A particular popular spectacular globular using Jocular. (Sorry...) Best regards Bill
  25. ok probably need a longer exposure for more stars Make sure you are feeding it the current scope position as a starting point for solving.
  26. Top man. Much appreciated mate. I must admit, half of the stuff you said just went over my bald head but that's entirely my fault as I don't really understand much about the science behind it but I do follow what you mean but will read when I'm less tired I'll take a look at the attachment when I'm next near a computer.
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