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Hello from Norfolk


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Thought best say hello before I crack on with asking lots of questions.

I come from Kings Lynn, Norfolk have passed the 40 year old mark, married and have 2 wonderful sons.

I have always been interested in our solar system and a couple of years ago my youngest son asked for a telescope for Christmas so father in law bought him a Celestron 76 az telescope :).

On clear nights we had many enjoyable hours looking at the moon and trying to focus on planets. Few months back managed to see Saturn and last week gazed at Jupiter and its 4 Galilean moons.

It was then I decided to upgrade the telescope .. Since half the time we spent outside was searching for the planets/stars I decided that I liked the look of these goto scopes so we could spend more time looking at the stars/planets and less time searching.

I decided on either a Celestron 4se or similar and then spotted a Celestron 130 SLT going for what i thought was a bargain on everyones favourite auction site :D

Shall be collecting the 130slt on saturday (not looking forward to the 350mile round trip though) so hoping for clear skies Saturday evening

The 130 slt comes with a 9mm and 25mm lense .... any suggestions as to what else would improve my viewing would be greatly appreciated.


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Hello Norfolk!

One of my favourite objects is the Orion Nebula - part of the sword dangling from the belt.

Sky at night magazine gives details of interesting things you ought to be able to see each month with bins, small scope etc. which can be handy.

Wishing you clear skies!

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Thanks for the welcome

I'm curious to see how much clearer things will be through the new telescope.

Been browsing lenses and filters already so any suggestions for future purchases would be appreciated

Hi Oldfruit ... often get to Boston as the inlaws live there.

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Hi Tink and welcome to the forum.

My only suggestion is to get hold of a decent book to help you decide what you might like to "dial" into the GOTO system.

"Turn Left at Orion" by Guy Consolmagno & Dan M Davis (ISBN 9778-0-521-78190-9) is a book designed to help people locate objects that are suited to your size of scope. Having GOTO will of course help you locate objects quicker than their directions but it is also a good read with lots of other information and details to read up on. Check the version as my copy has data valid only up to 2011. There maybe a new revised edition on the shelves and as this book isn't cheap, you want to make sure you get best value.

You could also choose a smaller book called "Astronomy" by Ian Ridpath (ISBN-10 1 4053 1291 2 £13) which in my view is a brilliant little book. Lots of background information, history, monthly sky guides and an Almanac detailing new and full moon dates along with planetary positions for viewing etc and the data is valid up to 2015. It provides details of constellation, galaxies, double stars, nebular etc and also highlights objects of interest including a guide as to what minimum gear you will need to see them. Maps is really to small to use to find exact location of objects but as you have GOTO it will help you decide what else there might be to look at per given area of sky.

Best of luck with the arrival of the new kit and let us all know how you get on with it.

Clear skies


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Thanks for all the welcomes and the information ... been reading lots and searching lots already .. seems the scope I'm getting has some good reviews.

Have already bought a celestron filter set (6 Kodak Wratten filters and a moon filter) , and an rs232 cable to run the goto controller to my sons laptopoff ebay today and narrowly missed out on a neximage ccd system !!!

Next on the list of things to get is a 4mm plossl , the old 76az scope had a x3 Barlow which will suffice at the moment but will buy an higher quality one at some point when done some more reading.

Son has also mentioned that he would like to look at the sun so a solar filter will be on the shopping list too

If anyone has any suggestions as to what 4mm plossl, barlow or sun filters I should purchase then fire away


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