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  1. hi steve, im in cobham so i guess where neighbours almost the sky here aint as bad as it could be but if i had an old truck i think i would be doing just as you are! clear skys wes
  2. has anyone powered these from a 12v outlet? (cigarette lighter type) if so, advice would be welcome.
  3. hi all just a quick 1, i was given the dual axis drives for my eq5 mount for xmas and im wanting to power them from my car battery booster pack, but thats a 12v and the drives are 6v. so i was thinking if this would be the solution. Guide cameras - HitecAstro Power Supply for Skywatcher Synguider or is that just an expensive way of doing it? if anyone has any ideas that would be great.
  4. it gets a thumbs up from me, better to have a couple well known faces than not in my opinion
  5. hi just wondering if you have the William Optics SWAN 33mm 2" ep's instock atm
  6. thanks for the replies everyone, as long as it doesnt upset the scope, i dont mind aligning the telrad every now and then as it only takes 60 seconds or so. and as im always going to my friends house to use his scopes and he doesnt have a telrad i think maybe the mag strip is worth a punt. also i think it might be better than velcro as you dont have to leave anything on the scope. will update when ive tried it out.
  7. just a quick one, i need to remove the telrad from my scope and use it on another for a while, so i was wondering if i replaced the sticky adhesive that comes with the telrad for magnetic strip, would it upset the scopes in any way? i cant think of a reason why it would but thought i'd check just to be safe. thanks in advance for any replys.
  8. whatever you decide to buy stick a telrad on it, worth £40 of anyones money. just dont try it with your binos
  9. looking at all that lp i will never moan about the wife leaving the porch light on again. i hope the laser pointer works for you mike, if not just go for the old rocket launcher trick
  10. scope is out cooling and its friday night so no early morning tomoz. just need this cloud to clear, but its not going to is it.
  11. weso

    I am new too.

    hi p5272 thats the same scope that got me started good luck & clear sky to you
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