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  1. Hi and welcome to the forum! I too have the 200p skyliner and it's an excellent place to start. My first object was the Orion Nebula and I havent been able to stop going back since - glad to see Orion back ) On the finder scope front, I think that the one provided is more than adequate and I can find most objects without issue. I'd suggest you have a go and make your own judgement!
  2. I'd be more in favour is the UK becoming a dark skies site.....
  3. Is that a can of worms being opened??? Some good advice above but ultimately the range is massive and what you will need will depend on what you want to observe. I spent a bit of time observing the planets initially and bought a 5mm eyepiece to zoom in a little more, but recently started looking at some dso's and am now thinking to buy a 32mm SWA. All the above is even before you start looking at brands!!! Ultimately most people work on a certain budget, but there are some great bargains to be had in the for sale section here!
  4. Hey rob, welcome to the lounge! I'm also from norwich and also fairly new to star gazing, also bought a 200p although with the standard dob mount. I've been blown away already by the scope and I'm sure you'll enjoy it too.
  5. Hey and welcome. I was in your situation a couple of months ago but decided against the goto option and to learn the skies with a dob. You also get a lot more aperture and therefore light, especially if you go for a dob, as all your money goes into the kit and not into the mount. I had a stonking night last night - really impressed by what I can see through my Skywatcher Skyliner 200p.
  6. Maybe your best bet would be to allow Saturn to play catch up - this is what I do with my Dob. Basically, you know in what direction the planets (or any other body) is moving, so move your scope ahead to allow enough time for the vibrations to settle down - then your object will drift into the eyepiece.
  7. Sorry to hear your news - makes me wonder about "popping indoors" to grab something. Might also consider re-housing the scope seomwhere a bit more secure - although I'd love to see someone try to "hop" over a 6ft fence with a 200mm Skyliner!
  8. Hey Nick, I was working with x60. I did swap the eyepiece to move mag up to x130 but, as Olly said, it's a tad soft.
  9. Just come in myself, got my first sight of the Andromeda galaxy but couldn't find it's near neighbour. Even came back in for another look at Stellarium, still without luck on my return to the garden! Next time...
  10. I've been out there myself tonight. It's not the brightest thing in the sky by a long long way, but if you're used to spotting "smudges" you've got a chance! I waited until later into the night - around midnight in the NW sky just to the side of Cassiopeia just as Paul said.
  11. Spring Star Party Haven't been yet myself but usually some decent feedback! Excellent skies - saw them myself whilst camping in autumn last year.
  12. Hey - welcome to SGL! I was in your situation a few months back and finally took the plunge and bought an 8" Dobsonian scope (Skyliner 200p). My main site for observing is my back garden but even a dob that size isn't awful to transport (weight-wise), and is VERY easy to setup once you get to your dark site! Probably the one thing I would mention from Stargazing Live is that the DSO pictures they show have been created using long exposure photography and a lot of image processing. When you loook through a scope, you won't see the colours or details on the images shown on TV - they will simply
  13. Great report - virtually identical to my session that just finished. My first views of both Saturn and Venus - definetely worth getting up so early and sitting out in the snow for an hour or so. Now for some breakfast...
  14. The 8" dob is quality - don't worry about the whole nudging business! That worried me but within 5 minutes of first light I had it sorted, and now im a nudging pro!
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