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  1. Looks great Jim, lots of progress. I wish I had your woodworking skills.
  2. Wow, looks great Francois. Lots of cutout work to save weight, did you do all that by hand with router or on a CNC machine? Can't wait to see the finished product.
  3. Quite if a bit of chatter about night vision goggles and night vision monoculars on another forum. They are pricey but according to some an excellent way to observe. Lots of Night vision videos on YouTube.....search "night vision astronomy".
  4. Hi John, I've enjoyed your journey through the build, and appreciate you documenting it here, lots to learn for all of us. Just a note to try and save you some headaches...I too built a scope using the K&B book as a guide and also found my secondary was too low according to their method. After much cursing, and head scratching I posted here for help and well, you can read it yourself. There is also another thread here that might be of some interest. Sorry to hear about your mirror mishap, that is discouraging but hopefully the views won't be affected.
  5. Thanks for the video and update Pete, I enjoyed watching and reading.
  6. Beautiful telescope coming together there! Thanks for all those pictures, it looks like you have a lot of experience judging from the workmanship. I am envious of your workshop and all those neat tools.
  7. Great stuff Simon! I'm envious of that John Nichol mirror, did you settle on a secondary mirror size yet?
  8. Rick, I can't imagine pushing that 20" lap, I find my 10" hard enough. Just curious, you didn't mention warm pressing after the lap was channeled, I found I had to do that to get in good contact, maybe my pitch is harder or my work room is cooler. If I ever do another mirror (if i ever get done with this one) I think I might try those polishing pads, it sounds like it gives you quite a head start on polishing.
  9. Crash, don't let it get you down, I'm doing a 10" and I've made and re-made my lap at least 10 times probably closer to 15. I learn something each time I do it. I used a cheap short hand saw to cut channels, I tried with my longer hand saw but it seemed to flex too easily, each time it flexed I would get pitch chip-out. The short saw seems to work much better. I can only make two or three strokes then have to stop, clean the teeth and let the saw cool down or it will clog up and start chipping. Gordon Waite has a great YouTube channel with lots of mirror making videos. This one: shows how
  10. It looks really nice Dave, I like those spider end connectors you built. It looks like you have a natural talent as a builder. Keep the pictures coming, I'll be watching this thread with interest.
  11. Right you are, I was comparing my 3.1 rather than your 3.5", still, I think your holder would suffice, maybe someone with a similar setup will chime in.
  12. I can't help with any measurements but I do have a Protostar 3.1" mirror, holder and spider, I'm assuming you are using the shroud? I just siliconed my 3.1 to the holder, wouldn't that be a cheaper route for you to take? Even with the smaller 2.6" holder I don't think that would be any problem, maybe 1/4" or so of the mirror would be protruding beyond the holder.
  13. Hi David, You can look here https://www.willbell.com/TM/dobtel.htm I do know they ship pretty much worldwide but not sure about cost, something you could check out on their site.
  14. Nigel, I think you hit the nail squarely on the head with that sentence. I am doing my first mirror at the moment, its a 10" pyrex that I would like to finish out to a f 6.4. I haven't seen a mirror made, just going by videos on YouTube( and they can be confusing, everyone seems to have their own particular stroke that they like) I have bought several books on mirror making, including Texereau, Ingalls and a couple of lesser known books. The are full of great information but it seems they all have their own way of doing the job. I read on another forum it might be best to just pick one book an
  15. Nice job MIke, a lot of thought went into that I'm sure. Is the spider something you built? Using LP record pieces for base bearings is something I hadn't heard of before, I learn something new every day here! Does the scope balance well?
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