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  1. Hi and welcome Bob to SGL
  2. Having read the comments above on this, I think that they should stick with the system where you can book for the Autumn party when you arrive for the spring party, this is what I did this year, that way the ones that do arrive for a longer stay, do get the better pitches as they are staying longer, I usually arrive for a week stay and find that, yes most of the best pitches have been booked, but still find a half decent one to go on. But I totally disagree with this "block booking of pitches " OK the organisers can book up in advance, but not 50 pitches, that's just not fair on everyone
  3. Hi All My name is Neil and I make the all the covers for Cygnus Astro Covers I have just seen a review by James Screech and I would like to put to put the record straight as it were. 1. Yes it did take me a few weeks to reply to James, this is because if I remember correctly, I did not have internet for a few weeks and was unable to reply to anyone. 2. Once I did reply, James placed an order with me for 2 scope covers and it took 11 days from him placing the order to me posting them to him, I do state on my website, please allow up to 10 days for a cover to be made, the del
  4. Hi all I know there most be someone out there who help me, I need to know what the circumference is of the base plate of a 10" solid tube skywatcher Dob. Thanks for any help Neil Cygnus Astro Covers
  5. Hi and Welcome to SGL, lots of people here to help, so just ask away....enjoy
  6. Hi and welcome, looking forward to seeing some nice shots in the future. Neil
  7. Hi and welcome to a great group of folks. Neil Walton On Thames
  8. Hi and welcome to a great group of folks. Neil Walton On Thames
  9. skywatcher1701


    Hi and welcome to a great group of folks. Neil Walton On Thames
  10. Hi Jason Welcome to SGL and I to am in Walton on Thames, also walton astro is a great group of people...
  11. not sure if there is a thread already, but whos going to the star party at kelling
  12. Hi and welcome back, I to have not been on here in a while..
  13. Not sure if you found the right guy Carole but if not I have his number
  14. hope to see you all later, leaving when picked kids up so arriving late...
  15. Hi Guys Could someone tell me where I could get some of the red film that goes over my laptop screen as the current piece is starting to get a little grubby, any help on this would be great.
  16. Me and the family will be there but not after the main weekend, I know there are a few that do stay after the main weekend.
  17. That's a shame, hope all is well, see you later in the year.
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