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  1. I have just started using Astro Pixel Processor and can not see my external hard drive on my Mac. At the moment I am loading all my subs, darks, flats and bias frames onto the Desktop to process it but this then swamps my iCloud ! Is there a way for APP to see the external hard drive? many thanks from a beginner
  2. Thanks discardedastro, I will have a food read through all the thread, spend some time learning and come back with questions later! The best thing I have bought is a red torch headlamp, lots of cables and a hand torch don’t work. As a friend of mine said “ if your outside fumbling about in the dark not sure which way is up you are an astronomer “
  3. Please can I join this group. To say I am a novice astrophotographer is an understatement ! I decided to have a go at astrophotography during the first lockdown. I have been photographing wildlife for a long time and had an interest in astronomy so it seemed a good fit. Having placed an order for some gear in July it has finally arrived and I am the proud owner of an EQ6-RPro and a SW Evostar 80 ED. So far I have managed to polar align the mount but have LOTS to learn
  4. Hi Sixela, I've never heard of these scopes, have you got one and if so how do you find it? Tom
  5. Dmahon, I see from your signature you also have the SW Equinox 80. How do you find it, do you do any imaging and how is it visually? Comments would be appreciated. Thanks Tom
  6. Woops, bad typing, yes I meant refractor. Too many telescope ideas in my head!
  7. After a lot of research and some very helpful comments from the imaging forum, I have decided on a refractor for my first telescope. My main interest is start imaging but will probably want to do some viewing as well. I had settled on the SW Equinox 80 PRO but after a visit to Altair Astro, have now seen and researched the Altair Astro 102mm F6.5 ED triplet. I appreciate its quite a bit more but it does come with a finder and diagonal, whereas the SW doesn,t. Mount wise I was always going for best I can get, probably EQ6, so that isn't an issue. I know lots of people have the SW80 ED but has anyone experience of the Altair astro and will I gain enough to make it worth the extra cash? Thanks in advance for any comments Tom
  8. Hi Daz, might one of these be organised "Up North", it sounds great ? Tom
  9. Tony, I think you have made your point. I am going to get an EQ6 and the SW 80ED and start the learning process. I appreciate all your comments which have helped enormously and know I have a lot to learn, as I've never owned a mount before, let alone a computer controlled one. I will discuss with the shop about an eyepiece or two and a guide scope, so at least I can have a look at what its supposed to be pointing at! I can then always upgrade at a later date. Found M31 from my back garden with my bins last night, virtually straight up, so light pollution not that bad. Thanks again for the help Tom
  10. Tony, I am picking these things up as I read Steve's excelent book but had the idea that whatever I bought I could use for viewing as well as imaging. Please excuse my stupidity if that is not the case. When I first looked at the Altair 8" f4 newtonian, I figured this might be quite good for both and at £485.00 its only a smidge dearer than the SW ED 80. I appreciate your comments on reflectors but I have this scenario of one of my sons coming to visit and saying " lets have a look then". As for carving my beloved canon 40d up, thats a non starter, though I have seen some good stuff without modifications. Besides if I want to modify one I'll buy one of e-bay. I hope you don't mind me rambling on but it helps me make my mind up. I notice you have a Dob in your signature, do you use that for viewing ? Tom
  11. Within reason budget is not a problem. I can run to an Eqinox ED80 on an EQ6 but am REALLY a complete novice at imaging. I've taken some half decent shots of the moon with my canon 40D and my 100-400L series lens and can process RAW images and use photoshop but thats about it. I'm reading Steve Richards book and trying to learn fast but thought I might treat myself to some gear before Christmas so I have time to play with it. That would also beat the VAT increase! I know I have a lot to learn and this forum will help. Does this sound a reasonable starting point or am I running before I can walk? Tom
  12. Thanks for the advice Tony, all I'm trying to do is spend my money wisely. May main aim is imaging but it occurs to me that i will still want to look through the scope. The Equinox ED80 (looks nice in the shop!) but comes without a diagonal and eyepieces and I haven't a clue, so any recommendations would be appreciated. I don't want to go mad with these as i intend to spend more time with the camera but as a the novice there's a mind blowing amount opf choice. Tom
  13. I aim to purchase a telescope mainly with a view to imaging and after some very useful suggestion in the imaging section, have decied to go for a SW PRO 80 ED as my first scope with the best mount I can afford. I would also like to use this for viewing and find I need to buy a diagonal and eyepieces / filters. Any advice on eyepieces & filters would be appreciated as the choice is a bit bewildering. Thanks Tom
  14. Taking everything inro account I am going to look at a SW 80ED on the best mount I can get and work up from revising my sky viewing onto imaging in the future. This seems the safest bet but I live near Rother Valley optics, so I am going to have a chat with them. Thanks again Tom
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