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  1. Thank you Andy Much appreciated mate!
  2. Thanks everyone Spot on Steve! 8'' of Rusky optic gold
  3. Thanks guys I think it's this one Jules:
  4. Great start to the weekend Sky @ Night mag delivered today. My Mars has been published in the hotshots section. Wahoooo !!!! Lets keep it going tomorrow. Leeds thrash Wolves 4-0..............
  5. Comparison pics: @LeighFletcher with orignal tweet ..........
  6. Will Gator re-tweeted this morning. Can't find it now. He might have deleted it??? Sent from my GT-I9100P using Tapatalk 2
  7. Roll on Autumn (what am I saying ! a bit of summer would be nice) I think it's going to be a bit higher in the sky this time round. The NEB looks very weird...
  8. Apologies if posted previously. (still getting to grips with the new forum layout) This was tweeted this morning: Despite Jupiter being close to Sun, we're tracking enormous disturbances in N.Eq Belt, 1st in a century, from D. Peach: http://www.damianpeach.com/jup1213/2012_06_19ir.jpg
  9. Very nice Neil. Can follow the Cassini all the way round
  10. Thanks for the comments!
  11. It's lovely imaging in the sunshine AR1476 The rig:
  12. Thanks for that Tim. Will certainly give it a try
  13. Great write up. Thanks for posting your findings. Cheers
  14. Can't really improve on what you managed I'm afraid... I have always used a webcam, so I'm not 100% familiar with how you are capturing the data. But as previously mentioned Focus. This is critical but certainly not easy. Check you are not over exposing. The image does seem a bit bright. The planet also needs to remain fairly steady in the view finder as you are capturing the data. Is it really jiggling about? (Just checked your sig. That CGEM should be doing the business) I always wait till the planet is at its highest point in the sky. A few hours can make a real difference. + Saturn is a real tricky target this time round .... Good luck!
  15. Definitely prefer the rework. You really have squeezed every ounce out of that cam. Well done Sent from my GT-I9100P using Tapatalk 2
  16. Looking forward to the verdict Neil Getting mixed results with Jupiter. Wavelets seem to be working better than Lucy Richardson. This one turned out quite nicely. From October 15th Last year. Jupiter and Io AS!2 + R6 wavelets
  17. After you have stacked it. Save the image as a 16bit TIF *RGB Then post it here. (will be bigger than the jpg) Might be some more detail to squeeze out using wavelets.... Are you on Registax 5 or 6?
  18. Have you applied wavelets in registax?
  19. Something else to try Thanks for the info Peter..
  20. I had better results with Saturn. Manually selected 6 alignment points around the rings....
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