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  1. Stealth

    Hello all

    Hello and welcome from Reading.
  2. Stealth

    Herts Noobie!

    Hello from Reading
  3. Hello, there certainly is plenty to see out there.
  4. Hello from Reading, nice pics.
  5. Stealth


    Hello from Reading.
  6. Stealth

    Hello to everyone

    Hello and welcome from Reading.
  7. Hello and welcome from Reading
  8. Stealth

    Hi all

    Hello and Welcome
  9. Well I cant seem to get Jupiter larger than 4-5mm in size in any eyepiece, i've tried using my 24mm through 8mm zoom eyepiece, even with a 3x barlow (which seems pretty useless) How can i get Jupiter to appear bigger ? BTW this is using my 300P DOB.
  10. Stealth


    Hello and Welcome
  11. Welcome from Reading mmmmm Cider.
  12. Hello All, I currently own the original Skyliner 300P push to DOB, last night i was showing my 5 year old daughter the moon and Jupiter, she told me it had 4 moons and was stripy, I was as they say over the moon, I am very happy that she is showing an interest at an early age. However... After I spent a small amount of time setting up, lining up the object into the eyepiece, she comes along stands on her stool and then head buts the eyepiece and grabs hold of the tube and swings it around saying it can't see anything. So I patiently line every thing back up only for her to lean on the eyepiece and push the scope. So coming to my question about the new Skywatcher Goto DOBs's, when my daughter has finished swinging on the tube and head butting the eyepiece will the DOB re align itself back on the chosen object time after time? Stealth
  13. Stealth

    hi all :)

    Hello and welcome from Reading
  14. Hello and welcome from Reading
  15. Stealth

    Hello SGL Gang

    Hello and welcome from Reading
  16. Hello and welcome from Reading
  17. Hello and welcome from Reading
  18. Hello and welcome from Reading
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