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Bright screen

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My laptop has a brightness up/down using a combination of

two buttons on the keyboard.

Other than that there is a bit of software which alters the desktop

to dark friendly colours.

Also, you could get some red cellophane sheet and tape it over the screen...

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it should. OR, see how dim you can get it with the brightness controls. Either have a good search of the buttons on your keyboard. On my Tosh, it's Fn+F6 or F7 for up and down respectively.

Otherwise, go into Control panel and find the controls specific to your make of laptop (there shoudl be a number of icons in CP to control particular aspects of the laptop's hardware (brightness e.g))

hope that helps


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Not sure if this would help but try changing the windows theme:

Right click on a blank area of your desktop and click 'Properties'.

A screen will open called 'Display Properties'

Click on the 'Appearance' tab

In the 'Windows and buttons' drop down choose 'Windows Classic Style'

In the 'Colour Scheme' drop down, choose one of the darker colour schemes, I've not tried it but 'Plum (high colour)' looks quite good, espcially if you darkened your screen slightly.

You can change it back to your normal windows theme just as easily...

Hope that helps,


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I use a piece of transparent, NOT translucent red plastic cut from an A4 document folder,(W H Smiths) stuck to the corners of laptop lid with small bits of Velcro ,these were punched out of the self-adhesive velcro tape using a hole punch ,four plain on the lid, four"hooks" on the plastic.

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