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  1. Dumbell wgts would do the job I'm sure,I used an old Lathe chuck, being adjustable(Chuck Key)it will fit almost any size of shaft, just a thought Cheers Frank
  2. We used to go camping for six weeks at a time, until only a year or two ago,buy the biggest tent you can get into the car, we had a shower unit run from the car, kitchen sink, with running water, and a toilet tent, I've done small, but believe me bigger is better ,my criteria was ,can I walk to a bookshelf get something to read, and sit with a cup of coffee, in a comfortable chair,Rita always slept better in the tent than she did in the caravan! unless you want to scar the children for life, GO BIG!!! Cheers Frank PS A big tent makes life a whole lot easier for the lady of the h
  3. Oh. Oh. are you telling me that those rilles, and craters are not really there?and I was about to comment on the resolution, Cheers Frank
  4. Welcome, welcome, welcome, Cheers Frank
  5. Steelrat, I knew I could rely on you to bring an erudite, and succinct observation to bear on the flimsy wisps of fervid imagations,may the light of Valhalla forever lighten your path Cheers Frank
  6. I stopped eating hamburgers when I realised it was an anagram of Shergars bum ! Let's all lighten up a bit Cheers Frank
  7. I should like to second that, hope a good time is had by all ! Cheers FRANK
  8. Perhaps we should enter into the spirit of the thing, Is Shergar being held at 'Area 51 ? Is the ' Bermuda Triangle' really just a tax Haven ? What is the Truth behind Sir Patrick Moore wearing a monocle ? This could be fun ! Cheers Frankl Alll entries must be prefixed with' It's common knowledge that........'
  9. what would be the point (Of faking)? some body would go back at some time, ask the doubting Thomas's if all the other flights, space walks, etc., were faked too, better still don't get involved, just shake your head, Tut a little, and Smile ! Cheers Frank
  10. It seems to me -at the risk of repeating myself-that the pevailing view is , In the beginning there was nothing, and then it exploded! you know if clever goldfish found out all there was to know about their fishbowl, they would still be living in a fishbowl! what could they know about Telecopes, motor cars, birds,or even the Hokey Kokey? Cheers Frank P.S. Rita thinks the whole idea a total waste of money! Just off for a stroll around our goldfish bowl!
  11. You just keep on doing it Don'tcha! Hehehehehe!! Cheers Frank
  12. My Meade ETX 90EC has done a bit of travelling,and it's a Lovveerrlly colour! Cheers Frank
  13. The next time I take my pet rock for a walk, I shall ask him all about it, Cheers Frank
  14. Super picture Pete, but I could see the 'Daily Nonsense' publishing it with the following story: WORLD SCIENTISTS BAFFLED Astronomers world-wide were no nearer to explaining Who, Or What , made these clearly visible Tracks on the surface of the moon, A spokesman today said "This could be a Technology far beyond us at the moment It looks like a very large vehicle,,possibly searching for valuable ores, and minerals" Does this mean WE ARE NOT ALONE ? Cheers Frank
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