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M16 - The Eagle Nebula in HST palette


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This time last year I set about building my roll off roof obsy at the top of the garden. Although I was only moving my imaging setup a few metres to the north, it meant I could now get objects which were much lower in the southern skies, over the roof of my house.

During the time I gathered the data for this picture, (which was in June this year), I could hardly see a star visually in the area the telescope was pointing at. The way the telescope and camera with narrowband filters can see right through the murk to capture scenes like this never ceases to amaze me.

Captured with Skywatcher MN190, Starlight SXV-H9 camera, Baader Ha,O2,S2 filters. Processed in Pixinsight and finished in Photoshop.

11 hrs of Ha, 7.5hrs O3, 13 hrs S2, gathered between 3-28 June.

I have sat on this data for some time, as it looked nice, especially the Ha channel, and I wanted to find enough time to do it justice. Hopefully I have :icon_salut: Click the pic for Ha version.

Thanks for looking.



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Hey TJ,

Where are you located? How on earth can you collect that amount of data in June!?

Bang in the middle of the UK, hence the narrowband approach to most things :)

June was pretty good clear night wise. Gathering these subs wasn't easy given its low position, but having my roll off obsy means even if it is only clear for an hour or so, I can easily use that time to best advantage. On a good night I could squeeze about 2.5hrs out of M16, but had to start when it was really low and needed to cross some power lines in the way.

Thanks for the comments all, appreciated :o

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