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  1. Nice Image . Had a few views through the Binos of Orion when I have been out at silly am learning the night sky.
  2. Hi all. Was Hoping for a few more to report on I.E M34 poss a few double clusters. But a high thin cloud bank just rolled over . After having M31 pointed out to me through OASI's high powered Binos I thought I would try and get my own through my 20x80s. Will admit that I was looking in the wrong area for the first 10 mins, I went and got a reclining chair(better viewing position) and a quick stellarium check and went back out. Not as bright as the Binos at OASI but there she was in all her glory . Went and got the better half and tried to point it out to her but the size of
  3. What they said Breathing taking image to look at.
  4. Fantastic Image Kevin love the detail:hello2:
  5. Just a quick update. I did give them a quick email to ask about the 10" model. Due to shipping/carrying charges due to its weight, they will not import anything bigger than the 8". So I will have to think a few things over esp now Iam thinking about sitting on my hands for a bit longer and maybe get a set up that allows expansion in the future. Again like many other people its all down to the budget lol.
  6. SCTs say the LX200s or Celestron Edge HD Series are slow. As stated they run at F10. But add a HyperStar and these run at about an F1.8 to an F2. But this will eat £500+(depending on size) of the budget. Thing about AP is that it just keeps increasing the budget maximum:icon_eek: As others have said get the best mount you can. Then you should know what you have left for scopes,CCD,guiding equipment etc. I personal feel its a work in progress. People start with a decent starting kit then build it as funds allow. Won't say what scope mount CCD I was looking at when I thought I had £15k incom
  7. Posting images like that you need not say sorry. Crisp image and I love the detail , job well done
  8. Nice clean Image. Just hope my M31 will be as good(time and money permitting:D). Interesting to see how this shapes up with more data added.
  9. What he said. Amazing image/images . (Quietly praying for that Lotto winning ticket tomorrow)
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