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  1. I ordered from the lego store online.
  2. Theres 1969 peices all together to pick up if it did but it's really solid and designed to be rock solid.
  3. If anyone likes Lego or the mighty Saturn V then lego have released a saturn V that when built is 1 meter tall. I have spent 5 -6 hours building it and it looks awesome. It comes in three stages and also has the moon lander that goes inside the rocket. hope you like as it is a really cool idea
  4. That's stunning image you have there, I also have the same set up, did you use a reducer ? What processing software did you use
  5. The image does have a blue hue to it but when it was Pixinsight it did not have this blue hue and only changed after i saved it. when i load the jpeg back into Pixinsight its normal again.
  6. Well after a full day on this i have got to this point of NGC 6946
  7. Thanks for that Hicks, I have just looked at the light vortex tutorials and they are brilliant by the looks of it thank you
  8. Hello I took the plunge and bought Pixinsight. Does anyone know of any guides on the internet and workflows to follow as there is so much going on in the software its a maze. Also for calibration and stacking to users of pixinsight use the batch processing for stacking or do you go the manual route in Pixinsight. Ian
  9. +1 for Sgpro stunning bit of kit once you get used to all it's features.
  10. lovely image Olly,I hope to get this with the RC8 if I can get the optics sorted before this beauty goes.
  11. well said, and that is awesome and I really hope I get to catch that light before it goes.
  12. wow, you're images are simply stunning.
  13. +1 for platesolve 2. It's solves and places my scope in the same place as before in seconds
  14. I know my imaging scale at 2x2 bin is around 1.86 so i just put in 1.8 and 1x1 is around 0.8 and I have put in 1 and still been good
  15. I had this problem until I figured it out and like frugal has said you need to give it a accurate or very close pixel scale for PS2 to work.
  16. Agreed it would have to be at the same image scale to even notice I think but I'm no expert on these things.
  17. I have got a trial version of pixinsight which I have fell in love with and will be buying after or near the end of the trial. I have also have Warren Kellers book on processing and been following his guide on the mono work flow, but I have been practicing on a work flow I also found on the internet, on the free guide on the internet he mentions about drizzling of the frames once stacked, question is what is the advantage of drizzle and do people who use pixinsight for stacking use drizzle. Ian
  18. Here is a 20 minute sub in HA on a different night M51_1200sec_1x1_Ha_frame2.fit
  19. Yes they was all shot over the same night over a 4 hour stint
  20. The guiding that night was not too bad, but there was nearly a full moon but away from the target, if that affects anything. One thing I did not do was refocus after each filter change over the coarse of the night as the filters are the baader LRGB filter set. I have added a blue sub and green sub. M51_300sec_2x2__frame2-2 B.fit M51_300sec_2x2__frame4-2 G.fit
  21. Thanks Olly I have used a Howie Glatter laser for this but I did not do a final star test, I think I will a star test on the next clear night to finish it off.
  22. Thanks Olly, when you say about tweaking the optics do you mean collimation ? I have included a single sub in the red channel and i was sure the collimation was bang on do you mind in having a quick look and seeing what you think. M51_300sec_red 12.fit
  23. Here is a image that i did the other night of M51 using an GSO RC8 scope with a Trius 694 camera. 5 min subs of each channel LRGB with 12 subs in each channel. This is the first time I have been playing with Pixinsight and loving the software but my results are still not brilliant, i think i need more data for this one and when the devils lightbulb is not in the sky Any feedback and tips or help would be much appreciated Ian Updated with Ollys suggestion of SCNR
  24. Just started a trial version of pixinsight and my god is it good. But question is how much it totals pounds will it cost with VAT on top. Anyone here from the UK know who has bought it in the past.

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      You're better off asking on the boards, rather than via a status update! :)

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