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Hi from Germany!!


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Hi I'm Marty! I'm an keen 31 year old who proudly serves in the H.M. Forces. I'm currently posted in Germany for over 10 years and I'm been married for 5 years to my lovely wife Claudia.

I am a keen astronomer and always has been for 16 years!!!

I own a Meade ETX 125 for sometime now and provide many good nights of viewing pleasure. But Now I proudly own Skywatcher Skyliner 12" Auto Dob Telescope.

For reasons why I've joined the Dob users Group is because I would like to thank some of the members here at this forum (esspecially brantuk) for providing good advice and tips. Particularly I was in a situation when I first bought my telescope and realised that Skywatcher wasn't providing a GOTO system anymore. However 4 weeks ago I just found out NOW they finally decided to bring a GOTO system. [removed word]!!!!

Luckily I searched everywhere until I've found info in this forum and now finally I've bought the Synscan mount just for the Synscan AZ hand set and updated the firmware V3.07.

It seems quite crazy for me to do such a thing when I could have bought the whole GOTO telescope package, but I was never going to fork out another £1400 for just to have a GOTO, that's why I bought the AZ mount and saved a good £200 from the telescope I've already have.

And yes!!! it really does works very well for me esspecially when I have Stella cam fitted to it.

I'm so happy to be part of this community where I can talk to other fellow members on this great hobby we all have.

Astronomy in Gerrmany is not that big interest as compared in the UK, but numbers are creeping steadily.

And where I'm living at this moment I have really good clear dark skies!!!

And hopefully l would look forward to speak to all very soon!!!!! :)

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I'm having a Jegers myself actually at moment!!!

A very refined way of putting it, I'd better translate for the sake of other SGL members who haven't been to Germany;

"I'm having a Jegers myself actually at moment!!!" in english means, "I'm going to be sp###ed in half an hour" if I remember correctly.:p:D:D

Yup, Germany is the place, my crew and myself have been discussing a team building week at Octoberfest, however, the general feeling is that divorce papers would be the outcome of that plan.;) We were going to borrow money off the company for "go cart racing" he he he:evil4::):evil4:

Stay in touch and have a good time.

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