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  1. If you are comming to Dorset soon, try to make time to vist the Norman Lockyer Observatory on any Friday night. This is our main club night with plenty of large telescopes to view. Do you fancy observing with a 10.5 inch refractor. You never know you may even have a clear night John
  2. you can publish pdf docs direct from word - save - save as -pdf
  3. totally unfair, the gap between what I want and can afford just got larger
  4. lovely drawing of the moon, fantastic darawings on you websie
  5. watchmakerjohn

    Hi all

    Hi Sharan, welcome from Devon
  6. sorry the link should have been www.equatorial-platforms-uk.co.uk
  7. keep the flexitube - have you seen the Dob equatoral platforms, checkout www.equatoral-platforms-uk.co.uk
  8. I have a 72 and find it very good for visual observing, have a camera tripod for mine which will all pack in a bag with my computer and will pass through Easyjets inspection for hand luggage for hols in portugal
  9. dont do it . I use red screen options on my stronomy programs and turn the contrast down
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