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  1. Hello, it's been about 10 years but I've dusted off my scope and its time to start again.
  2. Here you go, a guide to collimnation plus plenty of advice, tips etc reference EQ% and 200P. Astro-Baby Telescope Help Collimnation guide is here. Astro Babys Guide to Collimation Enjoy your scope. :D
  3. That'll be nuclear then, something most of us realised a long time ago. All these green re-newables aren't much better than an expensive gizmo, they're just not reliable enough. I read in (I think it was) New Scientist that these tidal boom things actually cause such devestation to the estuaries where they plan putting them that they aren't considered viable.
  4. I think we can safely say that the guy in the video isn't the best. i think the moral here is not to believe everything you see on u-tube, but hell, if it works for him, who am I to critiscise
  5. Reading between the lines on this thread, I think 16" is about to 'become' possible The 'skies the limit' (groan)
  6. Don't thank me, thank Astro Baby. AB is responsible for me buying the 38mm Panaview and, it is the mutts nuts with the 200P
  7. As above, I'm going to keep watching this thread, I'm watching this space Michael, on the edge of my seat - good luck
  8. Yup, here you go, 200P on an EQ5 tube ring mod Rotating Rings for Reflector Telescopes There's loads of 200P eq5 stuff on the AB site. http://www.astro-baby.com/astro_baby_DIY_astronomy_articles.htm
  9. Brilliant, everyone has their own tried and trusted methods - it's a bit like making home brew isn't it. "Let it ferment for a week then p#@@ in it, that's what gives Ye Olde ****** it's unique flavour"
  10. Councilor Obi Wan Kenobi, head of planning?
  11. Yeah Rob, I can see the "feelgood value" of it, but, I just love taking the mick out of stuff like this. Not meaning to give anyone a hard time. If it's any consolation, my favourite targets are the young lads who work for me, they've all got apple laptops that they can't work. :D:D trust me, hours of cynical jokes, so much time on me hands with nothing better to do LOL
  12. Do you think that I could buy an "estate" on the moon and then use that address for driving violations.
  13. Deluxe Name A Star Package (Framed) Delivery UK wide £30 "framed" - You have been, £30 :D
  14. Seems so :D:D Not with standing the regular pleas I get from General Ombongo of Nigeria who wants me to help release $10,000,000 from an undisclosed bank account. Oooops, he did ask me to to keep this transaction confidential. Think I'll send him me mates details, he needs the money.
  15. As they say "fools and their money are easily parted" Although I'm sure the missus would tell you that Uranus was named after me :D never paid for it though, it was 'onorary
  16. nice one, I reaally like the colour you've got in NGC 2024 I have to admit, I had to look it up, but, I didn't want to sound like a complete philistine.
  17. Okey dokey, back on topic, if we have to! :D One thing, have you noticed how kids always hang around under street lights etc so they can see each other being stupid. I'm sure I saw something somewhere where they turned off street lights at certain known gathering points and they moved on. Kids play parks are lit late at night and that's where they head for underage drinking (I can think of one skate park at the Bridge of Don, there are often empty cans and broken glass there, oh, and sometimes syringes), turn off the lights and they'll have to go else where - worth a try anyway.
  18. Don't be sorry - that's exactly what they are. Actually I'd refer to them as ..... can't say that, family forum and all that.
  19. Now, that's a mans post - throw more meat on the fire for the meat eaters. Definately can't knock you on that mate, you know what you like and aren't afraid to say it. I'd still like it a bit darker where I live though
  20. You're right mate, just about anything is better than that - hang on, using bolt cutters is worse than that. Just go for it, you'll know if it's good when you look at it - enjoy
  21. using the bolt to re-cut the thread is well redneck
  22. Ohh yeah, very good point It's not quite kosher anyway's, I was waiting for a string of posts pointing out the dodgyness of using the flat of a cutting disc for grinding ... , officially a big HSE no no, unofficially - a great time saving method of getting a very nice smooth finish as practiced by every fab guy I know One thing I don't like about his method though is that it is pretty rough, see at the end, there is ample room for cross threading, much better to file a better lead onto it (with a finer file than he uses) and then whip round the thread form with a needle file - especially with stainless, rough stainless threads bind in an instant and you'll never get them apart without wrecking the bolt. Cheers
  23. Small angle grinder, cut bolt, run flat of disc quickly roung at about 45 degrees, quick run around threadform with needle file - game on
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