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Hello from Frankfort, Kentucky


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Hello Everyone!

Mike here from Frankfort kentucky and Ive been trying to understand imaging for almost a year now.

I own a G11 with Gemini, an SBIG ST2000XM w/cfw8, a SBIG remote guide head, and a Vixen R200ss.

I found this forum not long ago after spending most of my time at another astronomy website (not sure if I should mention it here), and found it friendly and inviting enough to join.

So...thanks for having me!

Now off to post my first plea for help!:rolleyes:

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You are very welcome Widow and you can mention your other forum here - no worries we are not sensitive at SGL!

You have a great collection of equipment so ask away - we never stop learning?


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Hi Mike,

A very warm welcome to SGL :)

You'll find loads of experienced imagers here on the forum, who'll willingly give you advice and happily share their tips 'n' tricks with you.

Nice set of kit you've got too :rolleyes:

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Thank you very much Everyone! The other forum I spent time at is Cloudynights and they, like you guys and gals here, have been nothing but inviting and helpful.

Through them, I was able to buy my first real scope, a 12" Dob, and later learn to build my very own roll-off roof observatory!

Now I'm trying my hand at imaging and hoping to get better at processing! Who knew taking the exposure was the easiest part?! :)

Here's a shot of the observatory when it was almost done-sorry havent taken any new pics since then!

And one showing my fold down south-wall with the 4ton concrete slab that now holds everything on top of it. :rolleyes:



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Hi Mike and welcome to the forum.:rolleyes:

I'm always envious of those who have their setup at home - makes life a tad bit easier.:)

Look forward to seeing some of your pictures generated from that kit of yours. Also lets see the finished observatory!!!!

Clear skies


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