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  1. Sorry for all the meandering but it’s been a journey to get to what I think I want. Started out as what to get for kids and ends up what to get for adults but with kids in mind. David, your suggested short tube refractor is the way to go for me, (I think), as it is light and portable. But as I’ll never be photographing I’ll be looking for an equally portable tripod/mount. I’ve used photographic tripods for years and understand the need for rigidity but in the photographic world you could also keep things light with carbon fibre etc. Thinking of getting this - https://uk.telescope.com
  2. Good idea Heather! A nice scope for adults and oldest and a cheap one to see if the youngest gets into it.
  3. So...if I went for a small tube refractor like the Vixen or this - https://uk.telescope.com/Telescopes/Refractor-Telescopes/Refractor-Telescopes-for-Astrophotography/Orion-ED80T-CF-Triplet-Apochromatic-Refractor-Telescope/pc/1306/c/1314/sc/1342/p/109925.uts?refineByCategoryId=1342#tabs I’ll need an eyepiece and a sturdy tripod? regarding the tripod/mount, start off with a manual one and hence learn about the sky and then upgrade to GOTO or go straight for GOTO? what eyepieces? sorry for all the questions but at least defining what to go for now.
  4. A couple of questions- The dob like Nebula suggests - does that just sit on a table top? David, I’m intrigued by ‘decent glass’ smal tube refractor. Do you mean something like this, (I just googled small tube refractor) - https://www.harrisontelescopes.co.uk/acatalog/vixen-fluorite-55ss.html?gclid=CjwKCAiAm-2BBhANEiwAe7eyFIHLwqlVdxhePTg-i7kNONkJtJW1zaqYyZkZZAUM_FIJJFP7-b-A5xoCbQEQAvD_BwE Any other examples? Or specs that I can look for e.g. lens size, focal length, f ? appreciate every bodies advice
  5. Thanks Heather yes, I appreciate that now. Nothing is going to survive outside. I’m now going down the route of something fairly portable to move inside and out. Even considering astronomy binoculars to get the kids started. I know it’s a very general question but how long does it take to set up a compound scope. I mean bringing it outside from in and there must be some acclimatisation of temperature etc?
  6. Hi David, Thank you for the info, you have pitched it just right. I understand what you say about a long refractor eyepiece being all over the place now. Your suggested compound scope looks like it fits the bill nicely. Kiddies and adults would be able to use it with just a hight adjustment on the tripod. Let’s go shopping again thanks again for the patience with a newbie
  7. The children are 5 and 10, so 5 year old has the attention span of a grasshopper but the 10 year old I think would be amazed. We have a summer lodge out in the countryside on the edge of a lake so not much light pollution. A large patio area and lawn. I was asking about a scope I could leave outside as we don’t have much storage space inside. Also thought that leaving a scope set up would encourage use. The 8” dob is huge! Her indoor wouldn’t go for that. Is what I think of a traditional telescope, refraction, going to be of use if it’s more portable I could perhaps store it under
  8. Hi, We have a lodge on a lake and want to encourage our grandchildren to enjoy astronomy. what suggestions for a telescope that ideally I can leave outside throughout the summer so that they can go to whenever rather than having to set up every night. Reflection Vs Reflaction? GOTO or not? Budget around £1500 any advise welcome
  9. Welcome to the forum Michael, very nice scopes.
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    Hi and welcome, there will be loads of advise on your first scope, they do enjoy spending your money :-)
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    Hello All!

    Hi Photonboy, a big welcome from me too.
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