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  1. Ordered last years one and was very pleased with it so have ordered 2012. For some reason a hat and sticker also appeared on the order , I wonder how that happened? solti
  2. I'll third that, a great day. Lots of info and help, cups of tea, no question unanswered, nice lunch, great presentations from all and more tea. I would like to thank Keith (Old Codger) who put up his solar scope and let us all have a look at the sun. Thanks to Daz, Steve, Linton, Phil and Eyvette, sorry if I missed any one, for making this a great day. Opps forgot Grant who was busy at the back burning the dvd,s
  3. THanks for the info update, TomTom updated
  4. Thanks Daz, Registration fee sent
  5. And we are under starters orders
  6. Hi Daz, Great news about the SGL Beginners Imaging Day Sunday 28th Nov Date in the diary Bedford School, Bedford Location now in the TomTom 10am-5pm nice amount of time to cover items Covering mounts, telescopes, afocal imaging, lunar/solar/planetary imaging, dslr imaging, basic ccd, simple processing great selection of topics Cost - likely to £15 including lunch and all refreshments childrens moneybox raided to raise funds Looking forward to the booking form so I can sign on the dotted line .................................... A big thanks for all you your work in the background to get this arranged Thank you solti
  7. Hi James and welcome to SGL.
  8. solti

    Yet another new boy

    Hello and welcome to the SGL.
  9. Hello and welcome to the SGL.
  10. solti

    Hi all

    Hello and welcome to the SGL.
  11. Good idea, KISS is always the best
  12. Any news on a date for this, I would be very interested, Bedford is OK for me. Voting has 59 people interested so far
  13. Well both daughters have just seen Saturn, Dad became the official little dob nudger for 30 mins. Both amazed that that little twinkle was a planet. I believe I could also see Titan and one of the girls said she could see a little dot as well. Earlier I had pointed out Venus, all I got was "its bright, is that it?"
  14. Whisky and seeing stars
  15. In Stellarium configuration / navigation tab have you tuned on th e flip buttons? This will allow you to turn the sky left/right up/down so you see it the same as through your scoop.
  16. Yep, I had it running on my pc no problems, loaded it onto my laptop, no go. Found the no openGL option and it runs on my laptop windows 7 with no problems.
  17. Hi Munchkjn, welcome to SGL
  18. I saw Saturn for the first time tonight and all I can say is WOW. I got my orientation correct, theres Venus,nice and bright, left a bit and up a bit should be Mars, so the last one must be Saturn, thanks to Stellarium. Finder zeroed in adjust EP WOW, solti then runs in doors like a loony and grabs wifey insisting she comes and has a look. Wifey said I could not wake the girls up, school night, I could show them tomorrow Its been said before and I will say it again you see pictures, print and TV, and read about the rings but it must be a big buzz for everyone the first time they see Saturn for real. It is the most recognizable plant, no mistake when you find it. Tried various EPs and barlow and settled for barlow x 2 and a 15mm EP. This gave a nice focused image and stayed in view without to many nudges of little dob. I did try barlow x 3 and a 9mm EP nice image but nudging and refocusing was a pain. Also watched the ISS going over, now that is moving fast, poor little dob couldn't keep up with it. Tonight going in the log as a great night
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